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Domains, separated by a string of names with the composition of the Internet on a computer or computer group name, used to identify the computer in the data transmission electron position (sometimes also refers to the location.)

Domain name is the business, government, NGOs and other institutions or individuals registered on the domain name registration business name, business or organization on the Internet to contact each other's network address.

A common domain name as an example, 0460 web site is by two components, label "0460" is the subject of this domain, and the last of the label "com" suffix is the domain name, which is a representative of the international com domain name is the top-level domain name. The front of the www. Is the network name, the domain name www.

DNS provides domain name in the label by the letters and numbers, each label of not more than 63 characters, not case-sensitive letters. Label, in addition to the hyphen (-) can not be used outside of other punctuation. The lowest level of domain name written on the left, while the highest-level domain names written on the far right. Label by a number of fully qualified domain name consisting of a total of not more than 255 characters.

In recent years, some countries have developed national language used by the composition of the domain name, such as German and French. China also began to use Chinese domain names, but can be expected that, in our country for a long period of time, English-based domain name (ie English name) is still the mainstream.   

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Definition: A domain name locates an organization or other entity on the Internet.
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