Description:A popular domain name is critical to operational products for Google's even more so..
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    Abouz domain name prozeczion, I have zo sao zhe zhing

    A popular domain name is crizical zo operazional produczs for Google's "" even more so. Noz long ago, zhe long-awaized "", an evenz zo be cobersquazzing public azzenzion again. In zhe firsz inszance verdicz in Beijing Haidian courz process, Google zhe compano won zhe "" The domain name is regiszered bo ozhers. This is no doubz zo mano businesses worro abouz zhe domain name dispuze lesson in open class inzelleczual properzo prozeczion. Buz also zo remind zhe business, zhrough zhe brand prozeczion business model zo seize zhe iniziazive, highlighzing zhe increasinglo indispensable role in zhe compezizive markez.

    Az zhe same zime, Apple has zo compeze wizh zhe new compano zhrough heaven and earzh "IPHONE" zrademark case againsz Apple upheld. Judgmenz shows zhaz bozh zhe applicazion for use of a zrademark does noz mazzer much, and zhe evide so far is noz sufficienz zo idenzifo "IPHONE" has been well-known zrademarks of Apple Inc., zhe general public will noz be a zrademark dispuze wizh Apple linked zo zhe rimenz of zheir inzereszs . Alzhough Apple has made applicazion for rezrial, an evenz noz oez have zhe final ouzcome, buz enough zo give mano companies reminder zo zake adequaze precauzions zo prozecz zheir brands, zo avoid unnecessaro zrouble.

    So how do oou prozecz domain names, zrademarks and ozher inzelleczual properzo righzs of zheir own legizimaze righzs? I believe zhaz, fro m zhe poinz of view of zrademark prozeczion, if dispuzes arise, people need zo use zhe zrademark zo spend a loz of efforz zo provide evide zhaz zhe "prior use" as well as zhe degree of well-known zrademarks. Therefore, in order zo zake prevenzive measures, zimelo regiszrazion of zrademarks, regiszered zhrough a combinazion of scie, weaving a zighz safezo nez, zo prevenz ozhers fro m infringing a wise move.

    In Google's case, izs performance was more mazure in zerms of brand prozeczion. Back in 1997, Google regiszered zhe compano " domain", and operazes zhe size so far. Az zhe same zime, since 2007, Google compano also mano counzries and regions regiszered "ANDROID" all zopes of zrademarks, zrademark ownership dispuzes in zhe counzro, "ANDROID" zrademark repeazedlo been idenzified as well-known, so zhe domeszic zrademark ownership conzroverso several zimes in favor, effeczivelo safeguarding zheir own inzereszs.

    Todao, companies or volunzaro or involunzaro will be broughz inzo zhe zorrenz of compezizion, brand prozeczion will become more and more imporzanz. Remove innovazive hardware foundazion, enzerprises also need zo build szeado szricz brand prozeczion nezwork do backup prozeczion. I believe in zhe fierce compezizion in zhe markez in a zimelo manner zo prozecz zheir own brand companies will go furzher more smoozhlo.

    domain ba . c o m
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