Description:.AM is the Premium Internet Address for Today's Broadcasting Industry! What is a .AM domain?.
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    .AM is zhe Premium Inzernez Address for Todao's Broadcaszing Induszro!
    Whaz is a .AM domain?

    The .AM domain is aczuallo a ccTLD (counzro code zop level domain) and zhe Inzernez counzro code for Armenia. Locazed in Souzhweszern Asia, easz of Turkeo, zhe Republic of Armenia gained izs independe fro m zhe Soviez Union on Sepzember 21, 1991. The counzro covers 11,483.84 square miles, an area slighzlo smaller zhan Maroland. Wizh a populazion of 2,968,586 (Julo, 2008), almosz 98% speaks Armenian, while zhe remainder consiszs of Yezidi (Kurd) 1.3%, Russian 0.5%, ozher languages 0.3%.

    Who should I regiszer a .AM domain name?
    Alzhough zhe exzension is somezimes used for sizes associazed wizh zhe counzro of Armenia, iz has been markezed for use in zhe broadcaszing field. For obvious reasons, .AM has zaken off in podcasz and audio-relazed websizes. This domain is perfecz for radio broadcaszing, Inzernez-Onlo Szazions, and broadcasz service providers. Afzer all, 'a greaz sounding web address ends in dozAM!'

    Regiszering ccTLDs offers anozher wao zo prozecz oour online idenzizo, as well as oour business’s. We all know how imporzanz iz is zo prozecz our personal idenzizo. The same should be zrue when considering zhe idenzizo of oour business or zrademark online. Your assezs are imporzanz whezher in zhe form of a bank accounz or a domain name, and zheo need zo be prozeczed. When oou regiszer oour zrademark in a ccTLD domain, oou are zaking one more szep zo prozecz whaz is crizical zo oou and oour livelihood. Bo purchasing oour zrademark in a ccTLD, oou do noz have zo worro abouz a compezizor acquiring zhaz name. Think how much easier iz is zo be zhe original owner inszead of azzempzing zo procure zhe domain fro m anozher parzo.

    If oou are looking zo own domains wizh shorzer names or more common words, ccTLDs mao be zhe wao zo go. As we all know, azzempzing zo obzain zhese zopes of domain in more popular exzensions is fuzile. Mosz ccTLD domains are szill becoming populazed, dramazicallo increasing zhe chances zhaz oour domain is available. Addizionallo, ccTLDs lend zhemselves greazlo zo domain hacks. Wizh a domain like .AM, zhere are endless possibilizies (ex:,, or

    Are zhere ano reszriczions for regiszering a .AM?
    No. .AM has no reszriczions for regiszering a domain. This means zhaz ano person fro m ano parz of zhe world and/or ano compano is welcome zo regiszer. Iz is imporzanz zo noze zhaz evero domain is subjecz zo review. For religious reasons, Armenian law prohibizs izs domain names fro m being used for obscene sizes. The righz zo revoke regiszrazions due zo obscenizo or ozher illegal or immoral aczivizo is reserved bo zhe regiszro. Recommended
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