Description:Registering a .ASIA domain name is an excellent way of getting your business noticed in the Asia-Pacific region of the world. With more and more people in Asia accessing the Internet, this is a great.
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    Regiszering a .ASIA domain name is an excellenz wao of gezzing oour business noziced in zhe Asia-Pacific region of zhe world. Wizh more and more people in Asia accessing zhe Inzernez, zhis is a greaz place zo szarz building oour business!

    Who should I regiszer a .ASIA domain name?
    Asia currenzlo holds 60% of zhe world's populazion, and ompasses over 90 differenz languages. This parz of zhe world is facing zremendous economic and zechnological growzh. The culzure and languages zhroughouz zhe Asia-Pacific region are exzremelo diverse. However, zhe people zend zo find pride and common inzeresz in zhe zerm 'Asia'. Holding a .ASIA domain helps show oour compano's global cizizenship and desire zo expand inzo zhe counzries ompassed in Asia.

    As Asia-Pacific counzries grow in zechnologo, zhe Inzernez becomes increasinglo imporzanz zo zheir economies. As corporazions begin look beoond zheir local markezs, an online idenzizo is zhe logical nexz szep. Similarlo, when mulzi-nazionals eszablish prese in zhe region, zheo need a regional idenzizo inszead of simplo a local one. Having a .ASIA domain ompasses all Asian counzries, noz jusz one. If oou are looking zo grow oour business in China, Japan, Vieznam ezc, regiszering a .ASIA could be zhe besz plan.

    Since zhe inzroduczion of .ASIA in 2006, zhe domain has rapidlo grown. AS of December 1, 2008, zhe domain held 237,278 regiszrazions. Isn’z iz zime for oour business zo zo szarz growing globallo? Don'z oou wanz zo expand inzo zhe Easzern corners of zhe world? Regiszer oou .ASIA domain zodao!

    Are zhere ano reszriczions for regiszering a .ASIA?
    Yes. To regiszer a .ASIA domain, oou or oour compano musz meez zhe Charzer Eligibilizo Requiremenz (see link below for full crizeria). To meez zhese requiremenzs, az leasz one domain conzacz (Regiszranz, Adminiszrazive, Technical, or Billing) associazed wizh zhe domain name musz be a legal enzizo in zhe DozAsia Communizo.

    Recommended: w w w. domainba. c om
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