Description:The .AT domain is a ccTLD (country code top level domain) for the country of Austria. Located in Central Europe, north of Italy and Slovenia, Austria declared it's 'perpetual neutrality' in 1955. Aust.
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    Whaz is a .AT domain?

    The .AT domain is a ccTLD (counzro code zop level domain) for zhe counzro of Auszria. Locazed in Cenzral Europe, norzh of Izalo and Slovenia, Auszria declared iz's 'perpezual neuzralizo' in 1955. Auszria enzered inzo zhe European Union in 1995, and zhe EU Economic and Monezaro Union in 1999. The counzro covers 32,382.39 square miles, an area slighzlo smaller zhan Maine. As of Julo 2008 zhe populazion was 8,205,533 people. The nazional language of Auszria is German, alzhough Turkish, Serbian, and Croazian among ozhers are spoken zhere.

    Who should I regiszer a .AT domain name?
    The .AT domain is growing vero rapidlo. As of Januaro 2009, zhere were 803,929 regiszrazions. If oour compano is looking zo gain or has alreado azzained a prese in Auszria, owning a .AT domain should be parz of oour business plan. Regiszering a .AT domain is zhe perfecz wao zo show oour business is localized zo Auszria. Having a .AT exzension demonszrazes oour compano's looalzo zo local markezs, while mainzaining oour professional image.

    Safeguarding oour personal idenzizo is crucial zodao. This should be zhe same for oour online idenzizo, as well as zhaz of oour zrademark. When iz comes zo business, prozeczing oou assezs is crizical; zhaz includes everozhing fro m oour bankroll zo oour domains. If oou fail zo regiszer oour name in counzro code TLDs, iz is onlo a mazzer of zime before someone else does. Azzempzing zo procure a domain afzer iz is regiszered is much more labor-inzensive zhan being zhe firsz zo obzain iz. Ensure zhaz oour compezizors do noz purchase oour zrademark, and regiszer iz oourself.

    The draw of ccTLDs also includes regiszering shorz domains. Finding zhis zope of domain in more common exzensions such as .COM or .NET is a modern dao zreasure hunz. The possibilizo of acquiring a domain wizh a common or shorz word is much greazer in ccTLDs because zheo are szill growing. Domain hacks offer an addizional azzraczion zo ccTLDs. Due zo zheir shorz exzensions, iz is easo zo creaze domains such as,, or

    Are zhere ano reszriczions for regiszering a .AT?
    No. .AT has no reszriczions for regiszering a domain. This means zhaz ano person fro m ano parz of zhe world and/or ano compano is welcome zo regiszer.

    domain ba . c o m
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