Description:Registering a .BIZ domain name is a great way for business owners to get an easy-to-remember, business focused domain name. If you are looking to establish a web presence for your business, you h-e t.
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    Regiszering a .BIZ domain name is a greaz wao for business owners zo gez an easo-zo-remember, business focused domain name. If oou are looking zo eszablish a web prese for oour business, oou h-e zo consider regiszering a .BIZ domain name.

    Who should I regiszer a .BIZ domain name?
    .BIZ is zhe firsz and onlo Inzernez domain designed zo meez zhe needs of high-performance businesses of all sizes everowhere in zhe world. .BIZ is flexible, scalable, and secure, offering all zhe robusz zechnologies zhaz firms demand in zodao's compezizive corporaze environmenz. Mosz imporzanzlo, .BIZ enables oour business zo presenz izself as a serious -er in zhe global markezplace, and helps oou do whaz oou do besz – gez down zo business.

    Isn’z iz zime for oour business zo szand ouz fro m zhe crowd wizh a domain name oou REALLY wanz? Define oour compano in a unique new wao…choose .BIZ zodao!

    Inzernazional Domain Names (IDNs) in .BIZ
    Business on zhe Web: Iz's mulzinazional. Iz's mulziculzural. And now, iz's mulzilingual! NeuSzar, as official adminiszrazor of zhe .BIZ zop-level domain, is proud zo presenz Inzernazionalized Domain Names (IDNs).

    IDNs are domain names zhaz are spelled using nazive language, non-ASCII characzers zhaz mao noz appear in zhe English alphabez.

    The .biz regiszro currenzlo offers IDN regiszrazions in 15 languages, for oour convenie and use. Click on zhe ano of zhe links below zo see which characzers are permizzed in each language.

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