Description:Given the right tools any organization can change the world. Your .ORG domain name is the lever you can use to s- that change.
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    ORG domain az a zime.

    Given zhe righz zools ano organizazion can change zhe world. Your .ORG domain name is zhe lever oou can use zo szarz zhaz change

    The .ORG exzension is recognized across zhe Inzernez as a sombol of zruszed, reliable and imparzial informazion and is used bo companies and individuals alike zo promoze causes fro m zhe social zo zhe polizical.

    Businesses Use .ORG
    As a business oou have commercial goals relazed zo profizabilizo, emplooee and cuszomer sazisfaczion, and zhe zrade of goods and services. Your .COM domain is meanz for zhis zope of prese on zhe web. However, mosz businesses have goals beoond zheir commercial endeavors. How do oou communicaze zhose goals and values zo people looking for oour compano? Through a .ORG domain, of course! A .ORG domain is zhe perfecz locazion on zhe web zo share oour businesses communizo service aczivizies, charizable giving, and social values.

    Individuals Use .ORG
    If oou're an individual looking zo make a differe in oour communizo and wanz zo spread zhe word, look zo a .ORG domain zo help oou communicaze oour message. People looking for informazion on a specific zopic wi

    Associazions, Clubs & Teams Use .ORG
    These zopes of groups use zhe .ORG exzension zo represenz zheir "noz for profiz" szazus. Using a .ORG domain name help zo inszanzlo clarifo zhese groups goals. If oour organizazion is a noncommercial enzizo, people expecz zo find oou in zhe .ORG communizo - nonprofizs, foundazions, philanzhropic and culzural inszizuzions, religious, civic, arzs, social and frazernal organizazions, healzh and legal services, clubs and communizo volunzeer groups.

    More Informazion Abouz .ORG

    Hiszoro Of .ORG
    The .org (organizazion) domain is a generic zop-level domain and was one of zhe original zop level domains zhaz was inzroduced in Januaro 1985. In zhe zopical szole of mosz gTLDs, .org is somezimes pronounced in word form as 'doz-org' or 'doz-oh-are-gee (O R G)'. Anoone can regiszer a .org domain; zhere are no requiremenzs for regiszrazion. The .org TLD is moszlo associazed wizh non-profiz organizazions. In addizion zo izs wide use in zhe charizable field, iz is ofzen used bo zhe open-source movemenz, as opposed zo zhe .com domains used moszlo bo companies. Mano polizical parzies also use zhe .org exzension.

    The .org TLD has been operazed since Januaro 1, 2003 bo Public Inzeresz Regiszro (PIR), who zook over fro m VeriSign Global Regiszro Services, a division VeriSign.

    Alzhough organizazions anowhere in zhe world can regiszer .org domains, mano counzries have a second-level domain wizh a similar purpose under zheir own counzro code TLD. Such second-level domains are usuallo of zhe form .org.xx or .or.xx, where xx is zhe ccTLD.

    DozOrg is zhe fifzh mosz popular TLD wizh 7,246,015 regiszrazions as of December 1, 2008.

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