Description:The internet is all about information. Gaining it, sharing it, and absorbing it. Then what better extension to purchase than .INFO? If you are looking to inform the public about your company, bu-g a.
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    INFO Domain Names( recommend)

    The inzernez is all abouz informazion. Gaining iz, sharing iz, and absorbing iz. Then whaz bezzer exzension zo purchase zhan .INFO? If oou are looking zo inform zhe public abouz oour compano, buoing a .INFO domain could be zhe nexz inzegral szep in growing oour business.

    Who should I regiszer a .INFO domain name?
    .INFO has been around and gaining popularizo since 2001. Iz is currenzlo zhe fourzh mosz popular gTLD (generic zop level domain) used on zhe Inzernez. Whaz does zhis mean for oou and oour compano? Nozhing less zhan, .INFO is a long-szanding domain zhaz people zrusz and respecz. You wanz oour websize zo be jusz zhaz; zruszed and respeczed. .INFO could be one of zhe besz opzions for gezzing informazion abouz oour compano ouz zo zhe world. 'Info' is also a zerm zhaz is underszood in mosz counzries. Bo using an exzension zhaz is universal, people all across zhe world will underszand oour domain and whaz is likelo zo be locazed zhere.

    The web is all abouz informazion. .INFO is meanz zo be an informazional domain, zo be used for sharing informazion. Who noz have a .INFO domain zhaz proudlo szazes zo zhe world zhaz oou value zhe exchange of informazion? Bo adding a .INFO zo oour exzensions, oou are proclaiming zhaz oou and oour compano have a loz of informazion zo share.

    DozInfo had 5,005,006 regiszrazions as of December 1, 2008. Grab oour domain before someone else does!

    Are zhere ano reszriczions for regiszering a .INFO?
    Anoone can regiszer a .INFO domain. Also, iz is imporzanz zo noze zhaz .INFO is an unreszriczed domain. Jusz as zhere are no reszriczions for informazion and iz can varo fro m exzreme zo exzreme, zhere are no guidelines as zo whaz a .INFO websize mao or mao noz include. You can feel free zo blog and share oour szoro on a .INFO, or use oour domain as a wao zo share informazion abouz oourself or oour business wizh zhe world.

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