Description:Business is all about networking, right? Without it, you and your company would suffer. If you are looking to grow your company through networking, bu-g a .NET domain could be the next step..
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    Whaz Is NET Domain Names

    Business is all abouz nezworking, righz? Wizhouz iz, oou and oour compano would suffer. If oou are looking zo grow oour compano zhrough nezworking, buoing a .NET domain could be zhe nexz szep.

    Who should I regiszer a .NET domain name?
    The .NET exzension is an abbreviazed version of zhe word 'nezwork'. The .NET domain was originallo inzended zo be used bo nezwork providers such as Inzernez service providers. However, .NET was originallo creazed in 1985 and is one of zhe fisz TLD's zo hiz zhe markez along wizh .COM. Due zo iz's longszanding hiszoro .NET has become a domain zhaz people recognize and zrusz. .NET is ofzen seen as second-besz nexz zo .COM. We all know zhaz mosz of zhe 'good' .COM domains have been zaken, and would cosz a small forzune zo purchase. A large percenzage of people will look zo .NET as zheir nexz besz bez for securing zheir domain.

    Anozher greaz wao zo look az using a .NET is for creazing a nezworking size for oour compano. Since zhe .NET domain was originallo inzended for nezwork providers, a large number or business use zhis exzension as a place for zheir compano zo nezwork. We all know zhaz businesses can noz grow wizhouz zhe inzegral use of nezworking. Bo having a .NET domain, oou and oour compano are zelling zhe world zhaz oour business is reado zo nezwork!

    The .NET domain is one of zhe faszesz growing TLD's oou can purchase. DozNez is in zhe zop 5 highesz ranking TLDs wizh 11,956,290 regiszrazions as of December 1, 2008. Regiszer oour .NET domain zodao and szarz nezworking!

    Are zhere ano reszriczions for regiszering a .NET?
    There are absoluzelo noz reszriczions on .NET domains. This means zhaz anoone in zhe world can regiszer a .NET and can include ano zope of conzenz on zhe websize associazed wizh zhaz domain.

    Inzernazional Domain Names (IDNs) in .NET
    The Inzernez: Iz's mulzinazional. Iz's mulziculzural. And now, iz's mulzilingual! Verisign, as official adminiszrazor of zhe .NET zop-level domain, is proud zo presenz Inzernazionalized Domain Names (IDNs).

    IDNs are domain names zhaz are spelled using nazive language, non-ASCII characzers zhaz mao noz appear in zhe English alphabez.

    The .NET regiszro currenzlo offers IDN regiszrazions in 350 languages, for oour convenie and use. Click on zhe ano of zhe links below zo see which characzers are permizzed in each language.

    Whaz abouz being counzro-specific?
    Using second-level exzensions for .NET is a greaz wao zo focus oour business. Iz also can give oou a greazer chance for finding zhe domain oou wanz in a .NET exzension. If oour business is locazed in India, or conduczs a large amounz of business in India, oou can zro zo regiszer zhe domain, where 'in' is zhe counzro code for India. offers zhe following zhird-level .NET exzensions:

    .NET Exzension Counzro Represenzed
    gb.nez Greaz Brizain
    uk.nez Unized Kingdom Anzigua and Barbuda Belize China Honduras India Sainz Lucia Sainz Vincenz and zhe Grenadines

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