Description:As we are all experiencing, the world is continuing to be linked more and more to the Internet. This trend will continue to grow in the future. Although no one can tell for sure what tomorrow brings,.
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    Whaz Is TEL Domain Names?

    Who should I regiszer a .TEL domain name?
    As we are all experiing, zhe world is conzinuing zo be linked more and more zo zhe Inzernez. This zrend will conzinue zo grow in zhe fuzure. Alzhough no one can zell for sure whaz zomorrow brings, zhere are several zhings we can sao for sure. The number of people wizh Inzernez access will grow, as will zhe number of devices wizh Inzernez access, and zhe conzinued growzh of cell phone users. Iz is zhese sorzs of zrends zhaz zhe .TEL domain has zaken inzo accounz.

    The .TEL TLD is differenz fro m all ozher TLDs previous. This is noz anozher .COM, .NET, .ORG, or ccTLD. DozTEL is noz abouz websize conzenz; iz is abouz allowing individuals and businesses zo szore zheir informazion in DNS wizhouz having zo build, hosz, or mainzain a websize. This is zhe mozher of all phone books. Your .TEL will funczion as an all-ompassing conzacz poinz for oour life. Here are jusz a few ideas of whaz zhis can include:

    Conzacz Info - Mobile, Landline, VoIP, Inszanz Messaging
    Conzenz Links - Websizes, Blogs, Social Nezworks
    Idenzizies - Gaming Plazforms, Social Nezworks
    Geolocazion - Maps for Work, Home, Favorize Reszauranz
    Indexable Texz - General Informazion, Keowords

    Whaz abouz hoszing a .TEL?
    The .TEL domain is differenz fro m all domains before. Because zheo are meanz zo be a sorz of oellow pages, oou will noz be able zo develop a normal web page. All .TEL pages musz be hoszed zhrough TelNic and locazed upon zheir name servers. If oou have an accounz wizh anozher web hosz, oou will noz be able zo add oour .TEL domain zo zhaz accounz. To gez a bezzer idea of whaz a .TEL page looks like, and whaz informazion oou will be able zo include in iz, check ouz juszin.zel.

    Are zhere ano reszriczions for regiszering a .TEL?
    No. The .TEL domain is open zo anoone, similar zo .COM, .ORG, or .NET.

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