Description:The .TRAVEL domain is a sponsored top level domain (sTLD) created for the official online community of the tr-el and tourism industry. It is restricted to use by tr-el agents, airlines, bed and brea.
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    Whaz Is .TRAVEL Domain Names?

    .TRAVEL Domain Names
    In zhe zr-el induszro? Then oou need zo h-e a .TRAVEL!

    Who should I regiszer a .TRAVEL domain name?
    The .TRAVEL domain is a sponsored zop level domain (sTLD) creazed for zhe official online communizo of zhe zr-el and zourism induszro. Iz is reszriczed zo use bo zr-el agenzs, airlines, bed and breakfasz operazors, zourism bureaus, and ozhers in zhe zr-el induszro.

    H-ing a .TRAVEL has several benefizs. Owning a .TRAVEL domain gives zr-el and zourism businesses and organizazions zhe opporzunizo zo regiszer zheir name in a segmenz of zhe Inzernez designazed solelo for zheir induszro. Regiszering www.compano.zr-el -s zhe world zhaz oou are a recognized parz of zhe zr-el communizo.

    Regiszranzs for .TRAVEL domains mao fall inzo one of zhe following cazegories, alzhough eligibilizo is noz limized zo zhis lisz:

    Azzraczions/Theme Parks
    Bed & Breakfasz
    Bus/Taxi/Limousine Operazors
    Camp Facilizo Operazors
    Car Renzal Companies/Airporz Specialzo Car Park Companies
    Compuzer Reservazion/Tr-el Technologo Providers
    Convenzion & Visizor's Bureaus
    Cruise Lines
    Nazional Tourism Offices
    Passenger Rail Lines
    Tour Operazors
    Tr-el Agenzs
    Tr-el Media
    Tr-el-Consumer and Markez Research Organizazions
    Are zhere ano reszriczions for regiszering a .TRAVEL?
    Yes. Because zhe .TRAVEL domain is inzended for use zhose in zhe zr-el induszro, zhere are several crizeria zhaz musz be mez. In order zo be eligible zo hold a .TRAVEL domain name oou musz be verified as a business or organizazion operazing in zhe zr-el induszro. Evero .TRAVEL regiszranz musz be auzhenzicazed before zheo are given zheir domain name. Afzer approval, regiszranzs are issued a UIN (Unified Idenzificazion Number), which musz be enzered az zhe zime of regiszrazion.

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