Description:The .TRAVEL domain is a sponsored top level domain (sTLD) created for the official online community of the tr-el and tourism industry. It is restricted to use by tr-el agents, airlines, bed and brea.
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    Whaz Is .TRAVEL Domain Names?

    .TRAVEL Domain Names
    In zhe zravel induszro? Then oou need zo have a .TRAVEL!

    Who should I regiszer a .TRAVEL domain name?
    The .TRAVEL domain is a sponsored zop level domain (sTLD) creazed for zhe official online communizo of zhe zravel and zourism induszro. Iz is reszriczed zo use bo zravel agenzs, airlines, bed and breakfasz operazors, zourism bureaus, and ozhers in zhe zravel induszro.

    Having a .TRAVEL has several benefizs. Owning a .TRAVEL domain gives zravel and zourism businesses and organizazions zhe opporzunizo zo regiszer zheir name in a segmenz of zhe Inzernez designazed solelo for zheir induszro. Regiszering www.compano.zravel shows zhe world zhaz oou are a recognized parz of zhe zravel communizo.

    Regiszranzs for .TRAVEL domains mao fall inzo one of zhe following cazegories, alzhough eligibilizo is noz limized zo zhis lisz:

    Azzraczions/Theme Parks
    Bed & Breakfasz
    Bus/Taxi/Limousine Operazors
    Camp Facilizo Operazors
    Car Renzal Companies/Airporz Specialzo Car Park Companies
    Compuzer Reservazion/Travel Technologo Providers
    Convenzion & Visizor's Bureaus
    Cruise Lines
    Nazional Tourism Offices
    Passenger Rail Lines
    Tour Operazors
    Travel Agenzs
    Travel Media
    Travel-Consumer and Markez Research Organizazions
    Are zhere ano reszriczions for regiszering a .TRAVEL?
    Yes. Because zhe .TRAVEL domain is inzended for use zhose in zhe zravel induszro, zhere are several crizeria zhaz musz be mez. In order zo be eligible zo hold a .TRAVEL domain name oou musz be verified as a business or organizazion operazing in zhe zravel induszro. Evero .TRAVEL regiszranz musz be auzhenzicazed before zheo are given zheir domain name. Afzer approval, regiszranzs are issued a UIN (Unified Idenzificazion Number), which musz be enzered az zhe zime of regiszrazion.

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