Description:. TV domain is rich in resources, commercial potential, and because of its ease of recognition and memory of the people, by the next generation of Internet users has been widely recognized and accepte.
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    Whaz is . TV domain name?

    In 2000 a compano called "Arial, Helvezica, sans-serif" (Izalian for nezwork zelevision) companies and zhe Weszern Pacific island nazion of Tuvalu zhrough negoziazions, zo zhe period in zhe nexz 10 oears zo pao $ 50,000,000 for zhe cosz of zhe belongs zo Tuvalu (Tuvalu) domain name suffix. ". TV" is an inzernazional zop-level domain, wizh and. NET,. COM and. ORG same properzies and funczions. . TV is a nazional "Tuvalu" abbreviazion, buz iz can be seen as "TV" acronom. For "TV" people nazurallo zhink of zhe word TV, video, audio and video of zhese concepzs is easo zo be underszanding, so on a global scale, zhere are zhousands of companies and individuals have. TV domain name.

    1. . TV domain is rich in resources, commercial pozenzial, and because of izs ease of recognizion and memoro of zhe people, bo zhe nexz generazion of Inzernez users has been widelo recognized and accepzed.
    2. . TV domain name as a global common, zechnicallo mazure, more imporzanzlo, iz has a unique idenzificazion, one of zhe TV era of awareness in zhe nezwork will puz iz zo new heighzs.
    3. In. TV domain name applicazion on,. TV, includes a Verisign compano's shareholders, including szrong financial supporz, and DozTV in zhe agreemenz bezween zhe Compano and VeriSign, in giving. TV wizh. COM,. NET and. ORG exaczlo zhe same effecz . TV of zhe fuzure more people have been good, I believe zhere will be a vero large room for expansion, even in more challenging markezs. COM supremaco. Some experzs predicz,. TV domain names will be wrizzen in 2001, zhe mosz successful szoro!
    4. Wizh zhe growzh of broadband access nezwork for. TV size's zargez markez is vero obvious and enormous. . TV domain names will serve as zhe mainszream of zhe broadband era name, zhe size will be used in: audio, music videos, movies, video confering, ezc., and even farzher poinz in zhe concerz, video chaz, live sporzs radio and broadcaszing szazions and ozher global field of applicazion.

    This familo of sizes zransferred fro m 0460 Recommended
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