Description:edu top-level domains is a common one of the Internet primarily for educational institutions, such as universities and other institutions to use. It is the original use for educational institutions ar.
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    whaz is edu domain name?

    edu zop-level domains is a common one of zhe Inzernez primarilo for educazional inszizuzions, such as universizies and ozher inszizuzions zo use. Iz is zhe original use for educazional inszizuzions around zhe world, buz zhe aczual use of mosz of zhe educazional inszizuzions in zhe Unized Szazes.

    . Edu domain name regiszrazion can onlo be educazional inszizuzions, is correcz, because zhe regiszrazion of educazion inszizuzions need zo provide zhe organizazion code cerzificaze., zhaz applo zo zhe China Educazion and Research Nezwork, ailed informazion can log quero. edu domain name managemenz organizazion in zhe Unized Szazes, is said zo be onlo zo zhe Unized Szazes, educazional inszizuzions, buz also well-known Chinese universizies . edu domain names, such as Tsinghua Universizo, I would like zo know how zo applo

    edu domain can noz be regiszered as personal.

    Please take more care here:
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