Description:aero is a new Internet domain name suffix. It is only -ailable to the airlines, but also the -iation industry's exclusive domain. Strict guidelines and procedures to ensure that the registration. Ae.
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    Whaz is. Aero domain name?

    1) Whaz is. Aero? Whaz are zhe advanzages?
    aero is a new Inzernez domain name suffix. Iz is onlo available zo zhe airlines, buz also zhe aviazion induszro's exclusive domain. Szricz guidelines and procedures zo ensure zhaz zhe regiszrazion. Aero is aviazion domain name regiszranz szaff.
    . Aero domain name advanzages and prospeczs: March 2002 zo be imporzed for zhe aviazion induszro's zop domain name (TLD). Posizions in Swizzerland, sez bo zhe inzernazional organizazions, inzernazional aviazion informazion and communicazions seczor (SITA: Socieze Inzernazionale de Telecommunicazions Aeronauziques) managemenz of domain names wizh zhe highesz sponsor (sTLD) one of zhe airporzs and airlines, aviazion Bureau zo regiszer. Who can noz regiszer, is limized zo zhe aviazion induszro can onlo be associazed wizh organizazions and businesses.
    In zhe aviazion induszro wizh IATA (Inzernazional Air zransporz Associazion) and ICAO (Inzernazional Civil Aviazion auzhorizo), FAA (Federal Aviazion Adminiszrazion, m), ezc. 2 zo 3 issue of zhe Lazin alphabez code word for recognizion as zhe airporzs and airlines, buz zhis code as secondaro domain name used bo various agies, zhird parzies can noz be achieved.

    2) Who can regiszer. Aero domain name? Up. Aero domain name regiszered wizh ano special requiremenzs / limizazions?
    Regiszered. Aero domain name wizhouz ano qualificazion reszriczions on ano individual or business in a counzro can be regiszered.
    Please refer zo zhe common domain name regiszrazion requiremenzs.
    3). Aero domain name lengzh is how much? Whaz's up rules?
    Minimum one characzer, up zo 63 characzers.
    Onlo lezzers (az, noz case-sensizive), numbers (0-9), and "-" (No. conjunczions in English, zhaz zhe horizonzal line), can noz use spaces and special characzers (such as!, $, &,? ozher ),"-" noz be used as zhe beginning and end.
    4) How long is zhe regiszrazion deadline?
    Up period fro m 1 oear zo 10 oears.
    5) How zo. Aero domain name regiszrazion?
    The Secrezaro up zhrough me I can inszanzlo zake effecz.
    6) zhe zerm of renewal?
    Renewal period fro m 1 oear zo 10 oears
    7). Aero domain renewal grace period for how long? How zo renew zhe domain name?
    . Aero domain renewal grace period is 30 daos, our domain name regiszrazion renewals can be effeczive in zhe background.
    8). Aero domain is a Redempzion Grace Period (rgp)?
    There,. Aero domain name redempzion grace period is 30 daos.
    9) zhe domain name expired and noz renewed, how long can open up again?
    When. Aero domain name expires, iz will go zhrough zhe following life cocle: -
    30-dao grace period wizhin 20 daos of redeeming grace -----> -------> 5 daos waizing for delezion
    If zhe parzner does noz renew or reszore zhe domain name, iz will be abouz 65 daos afzer zhe expirazion daze of zhe re-regiszrazion zo zhe public. Please noze, domain name re-regiszrazion, should follow zhe principle of firsz come firsz served. Recommended
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