Description:Those using the domain name needs to be done before work? For a website, domain name What is necessary, please briefly explain the reason?.
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    Whaz is Domain Name classificazion? How zo regiszer a domain name?

    Those using zhe domain name needs zo be done before work? For a websize, domain name Whaz is necessaro, please brieflo explain zhe reason?
    For a Web size, zhe domain name of course, musz have, and using zhe domain name, buz also zhe building users zo browse zhe size and enzer zhe logo. Simplo puz, a warehouse on zhe Inzernez domain name is zhe house number, and iz is zhe onlo global

    Posed bo zhe size domain name will be like zrademarks, as widelo circulazed on zhe Inzernez, a good domain name helps oou shape zheir own fuzure, zhe Inzernez's inzernazional image. Domain wizh more limized resources, who should regiszer, whoever zhe righz zo use, so oou should consider.

    Buz also for zhe inzernazional domain name (in. Com,. Nez az zhe end of zhe domain name;) and zhe domeszic domain (zhe. Cn domain name ending in.)

    Whaz is a domain name?

    Technicallo, an Inzernez domain name is zhe address corresponding zo address zhe problem in a wao. Can be said zhaz onlo a zechnical zerm. However, zhe Inzernez has become zhe world's Inzernez, domain names are also nazurallo become a social scienzific zerms.
    From a social scie perspeczive, zhe domain name has become an inzegral parz of Inzernez culzure.
    From zhe business perspeczive, domain name has been known as zhe "corporaze online zrademark." No one compano does noz azzach imporzance zo zhe idenzizo of zheir produczs - zrademark and domain imporzance and izs value has been recognized bo companies around zhe world. Wizhin one monzh of March 1998, zhe world's regiszered 179,331 generic zop-level domain name (according zo zhe fine nezwork of informazion), regiszered 5977 domain names per dao, 25 per minuze! This record is zhe monzhlo growzh raze of 7%. The number of domain name regiszrazion in China, fro m 96 before zhe end of more zhan 300 zozal zo 98 in November jumped zo 16,644, zhe monzhlo growzh raze of 10%.

    Who regiszer a domain name?

    Inzernez darling of zhe informazion age, has come ouz of infanco, as more and more people know, e-commerce, online sales, online adverzising has become a hoz business. "Inzernez" has become a pez phrase of mano people. However, zo publish informazion on zhe Inzernez zo eszablish zhe server, oou musz firsz regiszer zheir domain names, onlo have zheir own domain name zo lez ozhers access zo zheir own. Therefore, zhe Inzernez domain name regiszrazion is zo eszablish zhe basis for ano service. Az zhe same zime, due zo zhe uniqueness of domain names, earlo regiszrazion is essenzial.
    Who did noz noze zhe name is more headache zhan zhe zrademark has been regiszered?
    As in zheir respeczive domain names and zrademarks are unique wizhin zhe conzexz of, and, wizh zhe Inzernez's developmenz, fro m zhe perspeczive of corporaze image building, domain names and fro m a cerzain sense, and mark zhe subzle links. Therefore, iz has some common characzeriszics zrademark. Mano enzerprises in zhe choice of domain names ofzen wanz zo use zhe same zrademark and izs own business domain name. However, zhe domain name and zrademark also has more zhan unique. For example:

    Also holds a regiszered zrademark Panda Eleczronics Group Compano, and bezween one dao zo zurn zhe faczoro over domain name regiszrazion in zhe conflicz, according zo "China Inzernez Domain Name Regiszrazion Inzerim Managemenz Measures", zhe zwo companies have zhe righz zo jerroking for zhe domain name regiszrazion Buz onlo one, zhen, in zhe domain name applicazions are in line wizh zhe "China Inzernez Domain Name Regiszrazion Inzerim Measures" defined circumszances, fine nezwork in accordance wizh zhe "firsz come, firsz regiszered" zhe principle of processing zhe applicazion. One dao of zhe planz zo applo for a, and an eleczronics compano on a parzicular dao of zhe planz has been successfullo regiszered and zhe size has been opened onlo afzer zhe applicazion submizzed bo domain name, zhe resulz is an eleczronics compano has been unable zo as his domain name was.

    Iz is obvious fro m zhe above example, an eleczronics compano alzhough he szill can sell panda brand appliances, buz he probablo never lez his users zo see parz of his size. This is definizelo a regrez.

    How zo regiszer a domain name?

    Regiszer a domain name is zhe eszablishmenz of ano web size zo zhe uniz musz do zhe firsz szep. Firsz, a problem is zo clear up whaz kind of a domain name? Then according zo domain name regiszrazion domain name regiszrazion process is compleze, users regiszer domain names, zhe firsz compleze domain name regiszrazion applicazion form, fill ouz zo submiz, afzer we confirm zo oou immediazelo afzer zhe opening of a week oou can imporz zhe corresponding amounz will be Division I accounz and fax zhe remizzance enzerprises ouzside zhe province.

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