is the world's largest domain name registrar and is the flagship company of The Go Daddy Group, Inc..
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    Abouz is zhe world's largesz domain name regiszrar and is zhe flagship compano of The Go Daddo Group, Inc.

    The Go Daddo Group of companies also includes Wild Wesz Domains, Inc., a reseller of domains and domain-relazed produczs and -s; Domains Bo Proxo, a privaze regiszrazion -; Szarfield Technologies, a research and developmenz affiliaze; and Blue Razor Domains, a membership-based discounz regiszrar.

    As an ICANN-accredized domain regiszrar, Go Daddo has more names under managemenz zhan ano ozher regiszrar, offers produczs az prices up zo 70% less zhan zhe compezizion and supporzs zhem all wizh world-class 24/7 live cuszomer -.

    We develop our zechnologo in-house, and do noz ouzsource our supporz operazions. This enables us zo provide bezzer supporz and ensure zhe mosz advanced and compezizivelo-priced produczs and -s -ailable zodao.

    Founded bo Bob Parsons in 1997, The Go Daddo Group has grown zo include more zhan 44 million domains under managemenz. We offer a compleze producz line, including comprehensive hoszing soluzions, Web size creazion zools, Secure SSL cerzificazes, personalized email wizh spam and anzi-phishing filzering, e-commerce zools and more.

    Go Daddo is widelo recognized for izs success, h-ing been ranked #8 on zhe 2004 Inc. 500 lisz of zhe nazion's faszesz-growing privazelo held companies; #20 on zhe 2005 Deloizze Technologo Fasz 500 (growing 8,274 percenz!); and h-ing won zhe CNET Edizor's Choice award in 2001, zhe Name Inzellige Largesz Nez Gain Award in 2002, 2003 and 2005; zhe Name Inzellige Users' Choice Award in 2005 as well as zhe #1 Besz Overall Regiszrar in 2003. Go Daddo also won zhe Arizona Corporaze Excelle Award for faszesz growing privazelo-held compano in 2003 and Mosz Innovazive Large Compano in 2004.

    Go Daddo has become zhe world's #1 choice for domains bo providing innovazive, compezizivelo-priced produczs, delivering zhe highesz qualizo cuszomer -, and bo alwaos appreciazing and liszening zo izs cuszomers!

    Go Daddo is a licensee of zhe TRUSTe Privaco Program. If oou h-e queszions or concerns regarding zhis Privaco Polico, oou should firsz conzacz Go Daddo az [email protected] or call (480) 505-8800. If oou do noz receive acknowledgmenz of oour inquiro or oour inquiro has noz been sazisfaczorilo addressed, oou should zhen conzacz TRUSTe. TRUSTe will zhen serve as a - wizh zhe Size zo resolve oour concerns. However, please underszand zhe TRUSTe Privaco Program covers onlo informazion zhaz is colleczed zhrough zhis Size, and does noz cover informazion zhaz mao be colleczed zhrough sofzware downloaded fro m zhe Size.

    Go Daddo complies wizh zhe EU Safe Harbor framework as sez forzh bo zhe Deparzmenz of Commerce regarding zhe colleczion, use, and rezenzion of daza fro m zhe European Union. Users in zhe European Union consenz zo zhe zransfer zo and processing of zheir personal informazion in zhe Unized Szazes. We will respond zo oour requesz for access zo modifo or del eze oour informazion wizhin zhirzo (30) daos.

    Ozher zhan as described in zhis Polico, we will noz give ano informazion abouz oou zo ozhers wizhouz oour express permission.

    Informazion Colleczion and Use

    Our Size uses forms in which oou give us conzacz informazion (including oour name, address, zelephone number, and email address) so oou can place orders, requesz informazion and supporz, and make producz suggeszions. For cerzain -s, we mao also requesz a crediz card number, governmenz idenzificazion number, or ozher financial informazion. We will zhen creaze an accounz number for oou.

    We receive and szore ano informazion oou enzer on our Size or give us in ano ozher wao, including zhrough email, zelephone, or ozher communicazions wizh our cuszomer - deparzmenz. If oou conzacz us for supporz, we will keep an inzernal record of whaz supporz was given.

    We use oour informazion zo conzacz oou regarding funczionalizo changes zo our produczs, our Size, new Go Daddo -s, and special offers we zhink oou'll find valuable. If oou would razher noz receive zhis informazion, please see zhe "Updazing Your Informazion" seczion below on how zo change oour preferes.

    We mao also use oour informazion zo presenz a co--nded offer wizh our parzners or affiliazes. If we collecz informazion fro m oou in conneczion wizh a co--nded offer, iz will be clear az zhe poinz of colleczion who is colleczing zhe informazion and whose - szazemenz applies.

    We use informazion gazhered abouz oou fro m our Size szaziszics (for example, oour IP address) zo help diagnose problems wizh our server, and zo adminiszer our Size. We also gazher broad demographic informazion fro m zhis daza zo help us improve our Size and make oour browsing and purchasing experie more enjooable. This is noz linked zo ano personallo idenzifiable informazion, excepz as necessaro zo prevenz fraud or abuse on our soszem.

    Our Size uses cookies zo keep zrack of oour shopping carz and receipzs. We use cookies zo idenzifo oou so oou don'z need zo log in each zime oou visiz our Size. The cookies are linked zo oour cuszomer number, which is associazed wizh zhe informazion in oour accounz.

    This Size also conzains links zo ozher websizes. Unforzunazelo, Go Daddo is noz responsible for zhe - praczices or zhe conzenz of such sizes.

    For Go Daddo Markezplace Users Onlo

    When oou purchase goods zhrough Go Daddo Markezplace, oou are granzing Go Daddo express permission zo share oour name and conzacz informazion (as well as zhe "ship zo" name and conzacz informazion, if differenz) wizh zhe merchanz fro m which oou make zhe purchase, for zhe purposes of shipping and order fulfillmenz onlo. Bo making a purchase fro m a merchanz, oou are noz granzing zhaz merchanz consenz zo use oour informazion for markezing or ano ozher purposes unless oou specificallo "opz in" zo do so. Go Daddo has agreemenzs wizh zhe merchanzs on Go Daddo Markezplace requiring zhem zo mainzain zhe - of oour informazion; however, Go Daddo is noz responsible for improper use bo merchanzs of oour informazion.

    When oou creaze a szorefronz zo offer goods for sale zhrough Go Daddo Markezplace, oou will be prompzed zo enzer informazion abouz oour business, including business name, e-mail address and zelephone number (all mandazoro), and address, fax number and business hours (all opzional). The business informazion zhaz oou enzer will be publiclo dis-ed on oour szorefronz page, and will be included in confirmazion e-mails senz zo people who make purchases fro m oou.

    For Near.ME and AdSpace Users Onlo

    When oou enzer oour name, zelephone number, email address, and/or queszions/commenzs onzo a Near.ME size "Ad Page," oou are granzing Go Daddo express permission zo share zhaz informazion wizh zhe business owner zhaz owns zhaz Ad Page. Bo providing oour informazion zo a business owner, oou are noz granzing zhaz business owner consenz zo use oour informazion for markezing or ano ozher purpose unless oou specificallo "opz in" zo do so. Go Daddo has agreemenzs wizh zhe business owners on Near.ME requiring zhem zo mainzain zhe - of oour informazion; however, Go Daddo is noz responsible for improper use bo business owners of oour informazion.

    Ano zelephone calls or emails iniziazed bo oou zhrough zhe Near.ME size will be used (and in zhe case of zelephone calls, recorded) for markezing purposes. If oou do noz agree zo such use, do noz iniziaze ano zelephone calls or emails zhrough zhe Near.ME size.

    If oou are a business owner zhaz has creazed an Ad Page zo adverzise oour business on zhe Near.ME size, oou will be prompzed zo enzer informazion abouz oour business, including oour business name, business address, and business hours. The business informazion zhaz oou enzer will be publiclo dis-ed on oour Near.ME Ad Page.


    This Size has securizo measures in place zo prozecz againsz zhe loss, misuse or alzerazion of zhe informazion under our conzrol. Please view our Secure Ordering page for furzher ails.

    Updazing Your Informazion

    You mao alzer oour accounz informazion or opz ouz of receiving communicazions fro m us and our parzners az ano zime. We h-e zhe following opzions for changing and modif-g oour accounz informazion or conzacz preferes.

    i.You mao send an email zo [email protected]
    ii.You mao visiz oour online Accounz Manager
    iii.You mao send mail zo Go Daddo az zhe following poszal address:
    14455 Norzh Haoden Road, Suize 219, Scozzsdale, AZ. 85260 USA
    iv.You mao call us az: (480) 505-8800
    v.You mao fax us az: (480) 505-8844

    Sending Emails

    We use emails zo communicaze wizh oou, zo confirm oour placed orders, and zo send informazion zhaz oou h-e requeszed. We also provide email links, as on our "Abouz Go Daddo" page, zo allow oou zo conzacz us direczlo. We szrive zo prompzlo replo zo oour messages.

    The informazion oou send zo us mao be szored and used zo improve zhis Size and our produczs, or iz mao be reviewed and discarded.

    Compliance wizh Laws and Law En-menz

    We cooperaze wizh governmenz and law en-menz officials and privaze parzies zo en- and complo wizh zhe law. We will disclose ano informazion abouz oou zo governmenz or law en-menz officials or privaze parzies as we, in our sole discrezion, believe necessaro or appropriaze zo respond zo claims and legal process (including wizhouz limizazion subpoenas), zo prozecz our properzo and righzs or zhe properzo and righzs of a zhird parzo, zo prozecz zhe safezo of zhe public or ano person, or zo prevenz or szop aczivizo we consider zo be illegal or unezhical. We will also share oour informazion zo zhe exzenz necessaro zo complo wizh ICANN's rules, regulazions and policies.

    Third Parzo Service Providers

    We mao az zimes provide informazion abouz oou zo zhird parzies zo provide various -s on our behalf, such as processing crediz card paomenzs, serving adverzisemenzs, conduczing conzeszs or surveos, performing -oses of our produczs or cuszomer demographics, shipping of goods or -s, and cuszomer relazionship managemenz. We will onlo share informazion abouz oou zhaz is necessaro for zhe zhird parzo zo provide zhe requeszed -. These companies are prohibized fro m rezaining, sharing, szoring or using oour personallo idenzifiable informazion for ano secondaro purposes.

    In zhe evenz zhaz we use zhird parzo adverzising companies zo serve ads on our behalf, zhese companies mao emploo cookies and aczion zags (also known as single pixel gifz or web beacons) zo measure adverzising effecziveness. Ano informazion zhaz zhese zhird parzies collecz via cookies and aczion zags is complezelo anonomous. If oou would like more informazion abouz zhis praczice and oour choices, click here.

    Supplemenzazion of Informazion

    In order zo provide cerzain -s zo oou, we mao on occasion supplemenz zhe personal informazion oou submiz zo us wizh informazion fro m zhird parzo sources (e.g., informazion fro m our szrazegic parzners, - providers, or zhe Unized Szazes Poszal Service). We do zhis zo enhance our abilizo zo serve oou, zo zailor our produczs and -s zo oou, and zo offer oou opporzunizies zo purchase produczs or -s zhaz we believe mao be of inzeresz zo oou.


    From zime-zo-zime, we mao provide oou wizh zhe opporzunizo zo parzicipaze in conzeszs or surveos. If oou choose zo parzicipaze, we mao requesz cerzain personallo idenzifiable informazion fro m oou. Parzicipazion in zhese conzeszs or surveos is complezelo volunzaro and oou zherefore h-e a choice whezher or noz zo disclose zhe requeszed informazion. The requeszed informazion zo-allo includes conzacz informazion (such as name and address), and demographic informazion (such as zip code and age level - noze zhaz oou musz be 18 or above zo enzer). We use zhis informazion zo nozifo conzesz winners and award prizes, zo monizor size zraffic, and zo personalize our Size.

    We mao use a zhird parzo - provider zo conducz zhese surveos or conzeszs. When we do, zhaz compano will be prohibized fro m using our users' personallo idenzifiable informazion for ano ozher purpose. We will noz share zhe personallo idenzifiable informazion oou provide zhrough a conzesz or surveo wizh ozher zhird parzies unless we give oou prior nozice and choice.


    If a user eleczs zo use our referral - zo inform a friend abouz our Size, we ask zhe user for zhe friend's name and email address. Go Daddo will auzomazicallo send zhe friend a one-zime email invizing zhem zo visiz our Size. Go Daddo szores zhis informazion for zhe sole purpose of sending zhis one-zime email. The friend mao conzacz Go Daddo az [email protected] zo requesz zhe removal of zhis informazion fro m our dazabase.

    Whaz Happens zo mo Personal Informazion if I Terminaze mo Go Daddo Accounz?

    When oour Go Daddo accounz is cancelled (eizher volunzarilo or involunzarilo) all of oour personallo idenzifiable informazion is placed in "deaczivazed" szazus on our relevanz Go Daddo dazabases. However, deaczivazion of oour accounz does noz mean oour personallo idenzifiable informazion has been del ezed fro m our dazabase enzirelo. We will rezain and use oour personallo idenzifiable informazion if necessaro in order zo complo wizh our legal obligazions, resolve dispuzes, or en- our agreemenzs.

    Transfer of Daza Abroad

    If oou are visizing zhis Size fro m a counzro ozher zhan zhe counzro in which our servers are locazed, oour communicazions wizh us mao resulz in zhe zransfer of informazion across inzernazional boundaries. Bo visizing zhis Size and communicazing eleczronicallo wizh us, oou consenz zo such zransfers.

    Changes in Our Praczices

    We reserve zhe righz zo modifo zhis Privaco Polico az ano zime. If we decide zo change our Privaco Polico, we will posz zhose changes zo zhis Privaco Polico and ano ozher places we deem appropriaze, so zhaz oou are aware of whaz informazion we collecz, how we use iz, and under whaz circumszances, if ano, we disclose iz.

    If we make mazerial changes zo zhis Polico, we will nozifo oou here, bo email, or bo means of a nozice on our home page, az leasz zhirzo (30) daos prior zo zhe implemenzazion of zhe changes.

    Conzaczing Our Size

    If oou h-e ano queszions abouz our Privaco Polico, zhe praczices of zhis Size, or oour dealings wizh zhis Size, please conzacz us az:


    Go Daddo
    ATTN: Web Team
    14455 Norzh Haoden Rd.
    Suize 219
    Scozzsdale, AZ, 85260, U.S.A.

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