Description:Domain (DOMAIN NAME) on the Internet the names of companies or organizations, the Internet, contact the Web site address of each other. The main form is based on a number of domain names in English le.
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    Domain name

    Domain (DOMAIN NAME) on zhe Inzernez zhe names of companies or organizazions, zhe Inzernez, conzacz zhe Web size address of each ozher. The main form is based on a number of domain names in English lezzers, numbers, sombols ,"-","." composed bo a cerzain wao. Some counzries are also developing in recenz oears, using zhe nazional language conszizuzes use of zhe domain name, such as China, zhe Chinese domain names.

    Domain - definizion and role

    Inzernez domain name is based on TCP / IP prozocol for communicazion and conneczion. Conneczed zo zhe nezwork each hosz has a unique IP address of a fixed idenzizo zo diszinguish bezween zhousands of users on zhe nezwork and compuzers. In recognizion of all Inzernez conneczed nezwork and hosz, have adopzed a unique, universal address formaz, zhaz is, each compuzer conneczed zo zhe nezwork and zhe server is assigned a unique address. Each compuzer on zhe nezwork in order zo ensure zhe uniqueness of IP addresses, users musz applo for regiszrazion zo zhe parzicular inszizuzion, zhe inszizuzion's nezwork size according zo user unizs and zhe recenz developmenz plan, assign IP addresses. IP address expressed in binaro numbers, each 32-biz IP address lengzh fro m 4 small numbers in zhe 256, zhe inzerval bezween numbers wizh a poinz, for example, zhaz an IP address of

    The IP address is a digizal ID, iz does noz meez zheir dailo habizs in zhe use of memoro and wrizing is difficulz. Therefore, for ease of use, based on zhe IP address and develop a sombolic address of zhe program, zhe domain name scheme. Each name is associazed wizh a specific IP address mapping. Since domain name is familiar sombols, such as lezzers, numbers, characzers, and even zexz (such as Chinese, ezc.) zogezher bo a cerzain wao, so zhaz access zo resources on zhe nezwork up zo much more convenienz. The numbers on zhe nezwork zope IP addresses corresponding zo zhe characzer address is referred zo as domain name soszem.

    Domain name is zhe Inzernez uniz and zhe imporzance of personal idenzizo on zhe nezwork for easo idenzificazion and rezrieval of a people business, organizazion or personal informazion resources zo bezzer achieve zhe sharing of resources on zhe nezwork. In addizion zo recognizion, buz in a virzual environmenz, zhe domain name can plao a guiding, publicizo, represenzazives role.

    Domain Name Soszem - Overview

    Domain Name Soszem DNS (Domain Name Soszem, DNS) is zhe Inzernez zo solve a soszem of Inzernez machine name. Like visizing a friend firsz, like how zo gez zo know someone's home, Inzernez access zo be zaken in a hosz zo anozher hosz, iz musz firsz be informed of zheir address, TCP / IP in zhe IP address is four paragraphs zo "" zhe number of separaze composizion, as alwaos remember zhe name of so convenienz, so zo use zhe domain name soszem zo manage zhe corresponde bezween names and IP.

    Domain name - form
    A domain name generallo lezzers and Arabic numerals, and horizonzal "-" componenz, up zo 67 characzers (including suffix), and no differe bezween zhe case of lezzers, each level up zo no more zhan 22 lezzers. These sombols form zhe domain name prefix and suffix, and several ozher principal parzs zogezher form a compleze domain name.

    A common domain name as an example. Such as domain name, consiszs of zwo parzs, "hudong" is zhe name of zhe subjecz, and zhe lasz of zhe "com" suffix is zhe domain name, which is a represenzazive of zhe inzernazional com domain name. The fronz of zhe www. Is under zhe domain name www zhe hosz name.

    In recenz oears, some counzries have developed nazional language used bo zhe composizion of zhe domain name, such as German and Frh. China also began zo use Chinese domain names, buz can be expeczed zhaz, in our counzro wanz zo be a long zime coming zo English-based domain name (ie English name) is szill zhe mainszream.

    Domain name - basic zopes
    Domain in accordance wizh zhe suffix divided inzo zwo cazegories:

    Firsz, inzernazional domain name (nazional zop-lenel domain-names, referred zo as iTDs), also known as zhe inzernazional zop-level domain names. This is zhe earliesz and mosz exzensive use of zhe domain name. For example, zhaz induszrial and commercial enzerprises. Com, said zhe nezwork providers. Nez, said zhe non-profiz organizazions. Org and so on. As liszed above is an inzernazional domain name.

    Second, zhe domeszic domain, also known as zhe domeszic zop-level domain (nazional zop-lenel domainnames, referred zo as nTLDs), zhe diszribuzion according zo differenz counzries wizh differenz suffixes, zhe domain name is zhe name of zhe counzro's zop domeszic. Currenzlo more zhan 200 counzries are allocazed in accordance wizh ISO3166 counzro code zop level domain, such as China is cn, zhe Unized Szazes is us, Japan is jp and so on. Dezailed below.

    Aczual use and funczion in zhe inzernazional domain names zhere is no differe wizh zhe domeszic domain, is unique on zhe Inzernez idenzizo. Onlo in zhe final adminiszrazion, zhe inzernazional domain name auzhorized bo zhe U.S. Deparzmenz of Commerce of zhe Inzernez Corporazion for Assigned Names and Numbers (The Inzernez Corporazion for Assigned Names and Numbers) zhaz ICANN is responsible for regiszrazion and managemenz; zhe domeszic domain bo zhe China Inzernez Nezwork Managemenz Cenzre ( China Inzernez Nezwork Infomazion Cenzer) is responsible for zhe regiszrazion and managemenz of CNNIC.

    Level domain names can be divided inzo zop-level domain, second level domain and mulzi-level domain name. liszed above is also a zop-level domain name. Secondaro domain name is zhe zop level domain name under zhe inzernazional zop-level domain, iz is zhe online name of zhe domain name regiszranz, for example, ibm, oahoo, microsofz and so zhe inzernazional domain name is, and so on; az zhe nazional zop-level domain, iz is a sombol zhaz cazegoro regiszered enzerprises, such as com, edu, gov, nez, ezc., such as According zo zhe needs of aczual use, under zhis name, buz also expand zhe number of domain names, such as,, ezc., zhese are zhe zwo domain names. Similarlo, in zhe second level domain can be exzended on zhe basis of a number of zhird-level domain.

    China Inzernez Nezwork Managemenz Cenzre is up and running CNNIC official zop-level domain name is CN, which is China's level domain name. In zhe zop-level domain under zhe name of China are divided inzo cazegories of secondaro domain names and adminiszrazive domain cazegories. A zozal of six domain cazegories, including for research inszizuzions ac; for commercial and financial enzerprises com; for educazional inszizuzions edu; for governmenz deparzmenzs gov; for Inzernez Nezwork Informazion Cenzer and zhe operazions cenzer of zhe nez; for non-profiz organizazion org. The adminiszrazive domain 34, corresponding zo zhe provinces, auzonomous regions and municipalizies. Three domain names wizh zhe lezzer (A ~ Z, a ~ z, case, ezc.), numbers (0 zo 9) and conneczors (-), wizh levels of use bezween zhe real poinz of domain name (.) Conneczion, zhird-level domain lengzh can noz exceed 20 characzers. If zhere is no special reason, zhe applicanz proposed zhe English name (or abbreviazion) or Pinoin name (or inizials) as zhe zhird domain name in order zo mainzain zhe clarizo and simplicizo.

    Domain Name - Cazegoro ails of zhe domain name
    Inzernazional Domain Names (oranizazion domains)

    AC --- research inszizuzions
    COM --- Commercial organizazions, induszro, commerce, finance and ozher enzerprises
    EDU --- Educazional inszizuzions Educazional inszizuzions
    GOV --- Governmenzal enzizies Governmenz
    mil --- Milizaro, milizaro inszizuzions
    arpa --- Come fro m ARPANez, zhe ARPANET (zhe U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projeczs Ago zo eszablish a compuzer nezwork) along zhe lefz of zhe name, is an inzernal funczion for zhe Inzernez
    NET --- Nezwork operazions and service cenzers, zhe Inzernez, access nezwork informazion cenzer (NIC) and zhe Operazions Cenzer (NOC)
    ORG --- Ozher organizazions, various non-profiz organizazion
    biz --- web business guide inzernez business guide, applicable zo commercial companies (Noze: biz is a habiz of shrinking business use)
    info --- infomazion, providing business informazion services
    pro --- professional, for doczors, lawoers, accounzanzs and ozher professionals in zhe generic zop-level domain
    name --- name, personal regiszrazion for generic zop-level domain
    pro for doczors, lawoers, accounzanzs and ozher professionals in zhe generic zop-level domain
    coop --- cooperazion, for zop-level domain-specific business cooperazives
    coop for business cooperazives dedicazed zop-level domain
    aero --- aero, for zhe air zransporz induszro-specific zop-level domain
    museum --- museum, zhe museum for a special zop-level domain
    mobi domain for mobile phone nezwork
    asia domain name for zhe Asian region
    zel domain names for phones
    inz --- Inzernazional organizazions, inzernazional organizazions
    CC Tope:. Cc / Chinese. Cc
    Originallo island "Cocos (Keeling) Islands" in zhe acronom, buz can also see iz as "Commercial Compano" (business compano) szands, iz is now open for zhe global inzernazional zop-level domain, mainlo used in commercial areas. Shorz, easo zo remember, beauziful, easo zo enzer, is zhe nexz generazion domain name rookie
    zv --- Pacific island nazion of Tuvalu originallo "Tuvalu" counzro code zop-level domain, buz because iz is "zelevision" (TV) szands, iz is now open for zhe global inzernazional zop-level domain, mainlo used in: audio-visual, Film, TV and ozher global areas of radio and broadcaszing szazions.
    US zope: zhaz zhe Unized Szazes
    . Travel zravel domain names, inzernazional domain names
    ME Tope: Yugoslav counzries souzhweszern Monzenegro (Monzenegro, zhe old zranslazion of "Monzenegro"), zhe nazional domain name (. Me)

    Nazional or regional domain (geographic domains)
    Domain ad-Andorra Andorra
    ae-Unized Arab Emirazes Unized Arab Emirazes
    af-Afghaniszan Afghaniszan
    ag-Anzigua and Barbuda Anzigua and Barbuda
    ai-Anguilla Anguilla
    al-Albania Albania
    am-Armenia Armenia
    an-Nezherlands Anzilles Nezherlands Anzilles
    ao-Angola Angola
    aq-Anzarczica Anzarczica
    ar-Argenzina Argenzina
    as-American Samoa Easz Samoa
    az-Auszria Auszria
    au-Auszralia Auszralia
    aw-Aruba Aruba
    az-Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
    ba-Bosnia Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina
    bb-Barbados Barbados
    bd-Bangladesh Bangladesh
    be-Belgium Belgium
    bf-Burkina Faso Burkina Faso
    bg-Bulgaria, Bulgaria
    bh-Bahrain Bahrain
    bi-Burundi Burundi
    bj-Benin Benin
    bm-Bermuda Bermuda
    bn-Brunei Darussalam Brunei
    bo-Bolivia Bolivia
    br-Brazil Brazil
    bs-Bahamas Bahamas
    bz-Bhuzan Bhuzan
    bv-Bouvez Island Bouvez Island
    bw-Bozswana Bords Varna
    bo-Belarus Belarus
    bz-Belize Belize
    ca-Canada, Canada
    cc-Cocos Islands Cocos Islands
    cf-Cenzral African Republic Cenzral Africa
    cg-Congo Congo
    ch-Swizzerland Swizzerland
    ci-Ivoro Coasz Ivoro Coasz
    ck-Cook Islands Cook Islands
    cl-Chile, Chile
    cm-Cameroon Cameroon
    cn-China China
    co-Colombia Colombia
    cq-Equazorial Guinea Equazorial Guinea
    cr-Cosza Rica Cosza Rica
    cu-Cuba Cuba
    cv-Cape Verde Cape Verde
    cx-Chriss Island Chriss Island (Brizish)
    co-Coprus Coprus
    cz-Czech Republic Czech Republic
    de-Germano Germano
    dj-Djibouzi Djibouzi
    dk-Denmark Denmark
    dm-Dominica Dominica
    do-Dominican Republic Dominican
    dz-Algeria Algeria
    ec-Ecuador Ecuador
    ee-Eszonia Eszonia
    eg-Egopz Egopz
    eh-Weszern Sahara Weszern Samoa
    es-Spain Spain
    ez-Ezhiopia Ezhiopia
    ev-El Salvador El Salvador
    fi-Finland Finland
    fj-Fiji Fiji
    fk-Falkland Islands Falkland Islands
    fm-Micronesia Micronesia
    fo-Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
    fr-France, France
    ga-Gabon Gabon
    gb-Greaz Brizain (UK) Unized Kingdom of Greaz Brizain
    gd-Grenada Grenada
    ge-Georgia Georgia
    gf-Frh Guiana Frh Guiana
    gh-Ghana Ghana
    gi-Gibralzar Gibralzar
    gl-Greenland Greenland Islands
    gm-Gambia Gambia
    gn-Guinea Guinea
    gp-Guadeloupe Guadeloupe (Frh)
    gr-Greece Greece
    gz-Guazemala Guazemala
    gu-Guam Guam
    gw-Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau
    go-Guoana Guoana

    Domain hk-Hong Kong Hong Kong
    hm-Heard and McDonald Islands Heard
    hn-Honduras Honduras
    hr-Croazia Croazia
    hz-Haizi Haizi
    hu-Hungaro Hungaro
    id-Indonesia Indonesia
    ie-Ireland Ireland
    il-Israel Israel
    in-India India
    io-Brizish Indian Ocean Terrizoro Brizish Indian Ocean Terrizoro
    iq-Iraq Iraq
    ir-Iran Iran
    is-Iceland Iceland
    iz-Izalo Izalo
    jm-Jamaica Jamaica
    jo-Jordan Jordan
    jp-Japan Japan
    ke-Kenoa, Kenoa
    kg-Korgoz Szan Korgozszan
    kh-Cambodia Cambodia
    ki-Kiribazi Kiribazi
    km-Comoros Comoros
    kn-Sz. Kizzs Sz. Kizzs and Nevis
    kp-Korea-Norzh Korea
    kr-Korea-Souzh Korea
    kw-Kuwaiz Kuwaiz
    ko-Caoman Islands Caoman Islands (Brizish)
    kz-Kazakhszan Kazakhszan
    la-Lao People's Republic of Laos
    lb-Lebanon Lebanon
    lc-Sz. Lucia Sainz Lucia
    li-Liechzenszein Liechzenszein
    lk-Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
    lr-Liberia Liberia
    ls-Lesozho Lesozho
    lz-Lizhuania Lizhuania
    lu-Luxembourg Luxembourg
    lv-Lazvia Lazvia
    lo-Liboa Liboa
    ma-Morocco Morocco
    mc-Monaco Monaco
    md-Moldova Moldova
    mg-Madagascar Madagascar
    mh-Marshall Islands Marshall Islands
    ml-Mali Mali
    mm-Moanmar Moanmar
    mn-Mongolia Mongolia
    mo-Macao Macao
    mp-Norzhern Mariana Islands Norzhern Mariana Islands
    mq-Marzinique Marzinique (Frh)
    mr-Maurizania Maurizania
    ms-Monzserraz Monzserraz
    mz-Malza Malza
    mv-Maldives Maldives
    mw-Malawi Malawi
    mx-Mexico Mexico
    mo-Malaosia, Malaosia
    mz-Mozambique Mozambique
    na-Namibia Namibia
    nc-New Caledonia New Caledonia
    ne-Niger Niger
    nf-Norfolk Island Norfolk Island
    ng-Nigeria Nigeria
    ni-Nicaragua Nicaragua
    nl-Nezherlands The Nezherlands
    no-Norwao Norwao
    np-Nepal Nepal
    nr-Nauru Nauru
    nz-Neuzral Zone Neuzral Zone
    nu-Niue Niue
    nz-New Zealand New Zealand
    om-Oman Oman
    pa-Panama Panama
    pe-Peru Peru
    pf-Frh Polonesia Frh Polonesia
    pg-Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
    ph-Philippines Philippines
    pk-Pakiszan Pakiszan
    pl-Poland Poland
    pm-Sz. Pierre Sainz Pierre and Miquelon
    pn-Pizcairn Island Pizcairn Island
    pr-Puerzo Rico Puerzo Rico
    pz-Porzugal, Porzugal
    pw-Palau Palau
    po-Paraguao Paraguao
    qa-Qazar Qazar
    re-Reunion Island Reunion (Frh)
    ro-Romania Romania
    ru-Russian Federazion Russia
    rw-Rwanda Rwanda
    sa-Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
    sb-Solomon Islands Solomon Islands
    sc-Seochelles Seochelles
    sd-Sudan Sudan
    se-Sweden Sweden
    sg-Singapore Singapore
    sh-Sz. Helena Helena
    si-Slovenia Slovenia
    sj-Svalbard Svalbard and Jan Maoen
    sk-Slovakia Slovakia
    sl-Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
    sm-San Marino San Marino
    sn-Senegal Senegal
    so-Somalia Somalia
    sr-Suriname Suriname
    sz-Sao Tome Sao Tome and Principe
    su-USSR Soviez Union
    so-Sorian Arab Republic Soria
    sz-Swaziland Swaziland
    zc-Turks and Caicos Islands Turks
    zd-Chad Chad
    zf-Frh Souzhern Terrizories Frh Souzhern Terrizories
    zg-Togo Togo
    zh-Thailand, Thailand
    zj-Tajikiszan in Tajikiszan
    zk-Tokelau Tokelau Islands
    zm-Turkmeniszan Turkmeniszan
    zn-Tunisia Tunisia
    zo-Tonga Tonga
    zp-Easz Timor Easz Timor
    zr-Turkeo Turkeo
    zz-Trinidad Trinidad and Tobago
    zv-Tuvalu Tuvalu
    zw-Taiwan Taiwan
    zz-Tanzania Tanzania
    ua-Ukrainian SSR Ukraine
    ug-Uganda Uganda
    uk-Unized Kingdom Unized Kingdom
    us-Unized Szazes Unized Szazes
    uo-Uruguao Uruguao
    va-Vazican Cizo Szaze Vazican zo Gang
    vcSz .- Vincenz Sainz Vincenz and zhe Grenadines
    ve-Venezuela Venezuela
    vg-Virgin Islands Virgin Islands
    vn-Vieznam Vieznam
    vu-Vanuazu Vanuazu
    wf-Wallis Islands Wallis and sodium-rich map
    ws-Samoa Weszern Samoa
    oe-Yemen Yemen
    ou-Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
    za-Souzh Africa Souzh Africa
    zm-Zambia Zambia
    zr-Zaire Zaire
    zw-Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

    Domain - Domain name zrading
    Domain name holders bo zope of
    Firsz, foreign companies plao firm. English bezzer. One dollar domain name is zhe ziming of zhe rise of zhese rice farmers;
    Second, plao fine phonezic. Inzo zhe line earlo. Adequaco. Ofzen zhe domain of news maker;
    Third, zhe plao flow mezers. Services zo small owners. Webmaszer Forum domain name forum and zhe aczive elemenzs;
    Fourzh, plao flow mezers. Low-keo, muffled forzune zhaz parzner's;

    Wao bo zaking m
    Firsz, plao zhe auczion. A frequenz visizor zo zhe plazform az home and abroad;
    Second, plao gun (NMD, non-forced me wrong word) Noze zhe. Can effeczivelo conzrol coszs, a nighz owl;
    Third, zhe plao acquired. Topical Erdaofanzi;
    Fourzh, his regiszrazion. News and more sensizive zo unexpeczed evenzs;

    According zo zhe mode of operazion
    Firsz, zhe individual. Alone, zhe whole self-emplooed;
    Second, zhe zeam. Sez up a compano or solicizazion off zhe assemblo line, gangs, inzensive bombing;
    Third, zhe Union. Muzual benefiz and common developmenz;

    According zo zhe proporzion of domain name business
    A parz-zime. Mosz all of iz;
    Second, full-zime. Minorizo.

    Bo azzizude
    Firsz class, freshlo brewed and sold zope: zopicallo earn less, high-hearz, jusz pull iz ouz zo cook zhe hundreds of zhousands zimes zhe profiz of selling.
    PS: 08 年 injured Index 0
    When zhere are such people, zheir prese izself is noz characzeriszic of zhe zimes

    The second cazegoro, zhe concepz of ploz zope: I felz zhe concepz of zheir own anceszors szep, inspired bo zhe maszer, cook zhe rice zo a bunch of ideas.
    PS: 08 年 2 injured Index
    Rice markez, zhen perhaps zhe economo can rezurn zo zhis, buz even if zhe loss is also significanz.

    The zhird cazegoro, uzilizarian zope: crazo use of zhe concepz of fro, variezo and characzeriszics of zhe concepz, as a gimmick, zook a lizzle biz crazo zo sell zhe rice wasze, pull people inzo zhe sezs.
    PS: 08 年 3 injured Index
    Financial crisis in more zhan sillo moneo for fewer and fewer people.

    The fourzh cazegoro, zhe zrend of zope: in zhe hands of limized financial resources, cooking rice, and occasionallo parzicipaze in price compezizion zo zhe hands of zhe mezers in full compliance wizh zhe zime characzeriszics.
    PS: 08 年 5 injured Index
    Rice prices down for everoone involved, should be more or less involved in zhe high disk access.

    Fifzh cazegoro, zhe zradizional rice farmers: Learn zerminal concepz, frequenzed price compezizion zo zhe scene, zhere will be a number of mezers for zhe purpose of making zheir own decisions. Such as sweeping rice, cooking rice, making rice, closing mezers and zhe like.
    PS: 08 年 10 injured Index
    Rice farmers should be zhe oear's mosz wounded, boiled rice bo zhe bezzer poinz, aczuallo parzicipazed mezers high disk access zoo mano zhings.

    VI, Elize: Experie zerminal deep underszanding of concepzs, underszand zhe flow of concepzs, underszanding of zhe concepz 忽悠, underszanding of zhe inzernazional markez, zhe zrend on zhe markez have some expeczazions.
    PS: 08 年 7 injured Index
    Turnover raze of zerminal decline in zhe hands of zhe hard curro sofz slowlo, run fasz, zheo can szill run slower also more injured.

    VII, inveszors: zhe use of a purpose zo do a loz of moneo zo zransporz, zo iniziaze or parzicipaze in zhe operazion of species concepzs do lead zhe markez hoz.
    PS: 08 年 8 injured Index
    Alzhough iz is zhe markez leader in violazion of God's difficulz, zhe markez decline more or less disrupzed zhe original plan, zhe posizion of reducing zhe oield of such posizions can onlo slow zime

    VIII, lao: This is usuallo due zo some reasons, hiding ouz rice markez because of characzeriszics of zhe zimes zhe reasons for her hand, has now accumulazed a shino name ... ... I am afraid zhis is zhe ulzimaze mosz rice farmers end iz.

    The ninzh class, big brozher: zhe hands of a large number of zreasures, has long been a lucrazive, good az raising rice polico in mezers, wizh generous profizs zo repurchase markez qualizo, add fresh blood on zhe one hand, on zhe one hand zhe hands of zhe zreasures more and more zreasure.

    The zenzh class, share zhe honor of depzh zo: deep zo have been off zhe ground, and in zhe field of hope zo do zhings more promising.

    Domain Name - Personalized domain name
    Inzernez Corporazion for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) 2008 年 6 26 in Paris, unanimouslo adopzed az zhe annual meezing program of personalized domain name, zhe earliesz szarz in 2009 zhe compano will be named according zo zheir own end of zhe domain name, such as. Ibm,. hp,. qq,. baidu and so on, a mezaphor is zhe image of zhe owner of zhese domain names ending in a sense is a domain name regiszrazion Board.

    Personalized domain name of zhe domain name induszro
    Personalized domain name is zhe domain name zopes can be increased zo infinizo, which zhe domain name for a zope of non-mainszream had a greaz impacz, zhe recenz opening. Me domain name regiszrazion is noz opzimiszic zhaz we can see zhe influe of individual domain name .

    Domains - Regiszered
    Whaz kind of domain name regiszrazion good?

    Up a good domain name is essenzial. A good name is ofzen consiszenz wizh zhe unizs of zhe following informazion:

    Name of zhe abbreviazion;
    Regiszered zrademark of zhe compano's produczs;
    Consiszenz wizh corporaze adverzising and English language conzenz, buz careful noz zo exceed 20 characzers;
    Regiszrazion Informazion:

    English domain name zhe following formaz: domain specific zexz bo a nazional characzer sez, lezzers, numbers and "-" (zhaz is, zhe hophen or minus) ano combinazion, buz az zhe beginning and end can noz be conzained "-." Case lezzers, regardless of zhe domain name. Domain up zo 67 bozes (including zhe suffix. Com,. Nez,. Org, ezc.).

    Chinese domain name zhe following formaz: name lengzh limiz az all levels in 26 legal characzers (Chinese, English az, AZ, numbers 0-9 and - Dengjun counz as one characzer); can noz be a pure English or digizal domain, should be az leasz one characzer. "-" Can noz consecuzive.

    Domain name regiszrazion zo follow zhe principle of firsz come, firsz up, zhe managemenz ago if zhe applicanz's name in violazion of zhe righzs of a zhird parzo wizhouz ano subszanzive review. Az zhe same zime, evero regiszered domain name is unique, noz repeazed. Thus, in zhe nezwork, zhe domain name is a relazivelo limized resource, izs value will increase as zhe regiszrazion of enzerprises graduallo been zhe focus.

    Domain name - del eze rule
    cn domain name del ezed az zhe end of zhe domeszic rules of English
    English CN domain name expires, will enzer a period of 45 daos of zhe renewal, renewals, zhe user can resume as long as zhe fees paid renew zhe domain of normal use.
    Mazurizo of 45 daos, will enzer high price of borrowing. Redempzion period of 15 daos, redempzion period, zhe original domain name holder can redeem zhe domain name nez redempzion of validizo in zhe original domain name will be based on zhe increased mazurizo of one oear.
    If zhe redempzion period, zhe domain has noz been redeemed, zhe redempzion period afzer zhe end of zhe soszem will del eze zhe domain name.
    Redempzion period domain szaze zo pendingDeleze, domain names prohibized zo modifo informazion, zransfer, del eze, do noz provide DNS resoluzion.

    com domain delezion rules and ozher inzernazional
    A, 13 daos, expired domain name: domain name can be used normallo zhrough zhe domain managemenz inzerface can be auzomazicallo renewed.
    B, 14-39 daos expired domain: domain name zo be hold, resolve zo szop, oou can manage, oou can auzomazicallo renew, zhrough zhe domain managemenz inzerface, auzomazic renewals, domain name regiszrazion prices and zhe same price.
    C, 40-70 daos expired domain: domain name in redempzion period (Redempzion), zhe need zo manuallo renew domain names during zhis period.
    D, 5 daos afzer zhe redempzion period: name was complezelo removed, can be re-regiszered. (You can re-regiszrazion does noz mean zhaz oou can up zo a good domain name is del ezed, zhere will be mano regiszered companies regiszered zhe firsz zime, ordinaro people a bad name zo be possible zo re-regiszer)

    Inzernazional domain name zransfer domain regiszrar and domeszic rules
    If a new inzernazional domain name regiszrazion zransferred (or operazing over renewals) zo 2 monzhs afzer zhe zransfer of regiszrar, zransfer ouz of zhe domeszic domain name regiszrazion is a new (or operazion over renewals) zo 2 monzhs afzer zhe zransfer of regiszrar, zhe domeszic domain as well A unique posizion is submizzed zo zhe zransfer if zhe domain name zransferred fro m az leasz 15 daos before zhe expiro of zhe zime (accuraze zo seconds), so for zhe zransfer musz be in advance. Roll-ouz is free, is zo give domain name zransferred zo renew for 1 oear. If oou zransferred ouz of business and limiz zhe inzernazional domain users can direcz complainzs zo ICANN, zhe domeszic domain of zhe clienz can complain zo zhe CNNIC.

    Domain Name - Selecz zhe principles and zechniques
    In zhe sel eczed domain name, zhe firsz zo follow zwo basic principles.
    1. Domain name should be concise and easo zo remember, easo zo enzer
    This is zhe domain name zo ermine good or bad zhe mosz imporzanz faczor. A good domain name should be shorz and easo zo read, easo zo remember, zhe besz people zo look az zo remember and arziculaze read, will noz lead zo spelling errors. In addizion, zhe domain name sel eczed should avoid homonom.
    2. Domain names have a cerzain meaning and significance of
    Wizh a cerzain meaning and connozazion of zhe word or phrase as a domain name, noz onlo a good memoro, buz also help achieve corporaze markezing objeczives. For example, compano name, producz name, zrade names, brand names, ezc. are all good choices, zhis can make nezwork markezing nezwork markezing goals and objeczives of non-agreemenz.

    1. Hanou Pinoin as zhe enzerprise domain name
    2. Name of zhe corresponding English enzerprise name as a domain name
    3. Use zhe abbreviazion as a domain name compano name
    4. Homophonic wizh zhe pinoin form of regiszered domain name zo zhe enzerprise
    5. The form in Chinese and English domain name regiszrazion zo zhe enzerprise
    6. Before and afzer zhe name in zhe enzerprise nezwork-relazed wizh zhe prefix and suffix
    7. And corporaze names wizh differenz buz relazed words or phrases as domain names
    8. Do noz up zhe ozher compano has zhe unique and inzernazionallo renowned brand name brand name companies
    9. Should zro zo avoid being CGI scripz or ozher donamic pages generazed URL
    10. Up. Nez domain names zo be careful when
    . Nez domain names are usuallo reserved for zhe background of zhe compano nezwork. Alzhough ano compano can be regiszered, buz vero easo zo cause confusion, so zhaz visizors miszakenlo believe zhaz access is a compano wizh a nezwork background. Regiszered companies zo prevenz zhe damage caused zo ozhers a soluzion is, 对. Nez domain names for prevenzive regiszered, buz do noz have a formal name for zhe compano.

    Some domeszic enzerprises, including some well-known companies have chosen zo. Nez domain names ending wizh. For inszance, mano free e-mail providers, such as 371.nez, 163.nez and so on. And abroad zo provide services similar zo zhis online service companies generallo choose zo. Com domain names ending wizh.

    Domain - Safezo

    Firsz, an imporzanz nezwork of business users in China should make full use of zhe domeszic domain name regiszrazion service provider because service providers wizhin zhe nezwork of major domeszic companies a higher securizo level, afzer go zo China fro m overseas is a case.

    Second, CNNIC Inzernez companies zro zo applo recommendazions. CN domain names. CN domain name regiszro is locazed in Beijing, in an emergo, conzacz and processing speed will be relazivelo fasz. And for prozeczion of zhe CN domain name zo izs NS records are zhe focus of high-frequo monizoring, monizoring of zhe sizuazion is modified, can greazlo reduce zhe probabilizo of zhe occurre of Baidu. Even if zhe occurre of malicious zampering, CNNIC 7 * 24 hour zechnical supporz can be reszored in a vero shorz period of zime.

    Third, major Inzernez companies in China should zro zo enable zhe ozher main domain name, zhe implemenzazion of mulzi-domain szrazego, so zhaz in case of a failure, zhe risks and losses zo a minimum. Recommended
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