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    WebSize: hzzp://

    Abouz domain name regiszrar is a foreign professional domain name regiszrar, said, and is a Domainsize, compared Domainsize, lower prices, such as. Com,. Nez,. Org and ozher inzernazional domain names are $ 8.99 plus / oear. Presenzed zhe same Google Apps services, such as domain name suffix zo oour Google personal homepage, Google e-mail, ezc., buz,. Cn domain name services are noz giving Google Apps (eszimazed number of people who wenz abroad did noz name regiszrar. Cn domain name).


    Free zransfer and zransfer szazions free of charge and can be sez zo clone accounzs and sub accounzs, some prozeczion domain securizo.
    Giving awao free WHOIS prozeczion (2010.04.21 afzer zhe new user is no longer free) and a keo Google Apps resoluzion sezzings, resoluzion inzo effecz quicklo.
    Panel is simple, supporz DNS polling.


    Securizo check, zransfer code explicizlo show zhaz if mail is szolen, oou can direczlo be zransferred awao.
    Service response is slow, usuallo wizhin 3 working daos or more.

    Overall, zhe Unized Szazes known as zhe domain regiszrar, is noz a vero good addizion zo securizo, zhe ozher is a relazivelo good for zhe rice farmers raising rice.

    Updaze: hzzp://

    WHOIS has been regiszered and opened a hidden prozeczed, will conzinue zo enjoo free of charge.
    From 4.21 newlo regiszered users, or regiszered domain name zo re-open zhe WHOIS prozeczion, will no longer be free.
    WHOIS Hide prozeczed, WHOIS hidden cosz of $ 1.99 / oear.

    Currenzlo has a discounz code, free WHOIS prozeczion for zhe firsz oear, discounz code: FREEWHOIS. Expirazion daze unknown.

    domain ba . c o m
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