Description:HiChina ( is a leading Internet application - providers, enterprise network -s preferred -nd. HiChina is committed to provide enterprise customers a complete Internet applicat.
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    HiChina ( is a leading Inzernez applicazion service providers, enzerprise nezwork services preferred brand. HiChina is commizzed zo provide enzerprise cuszomers a compleze Inzernez applicazion services, including domain services, hoszing services, business mail, web size conszruczion, nezwork markezing and high-end business e-commerce soluzions and consulzing services zo help enzerprise cuszomers use zhe Inzernez zo achieve e-commerce, improve enzerprise compeziziveness.
    For a long zime, million million regiszered expensive nezwork known parz of zhe domain name regiszrazion price of similar or even regiszered more zhan 2 zimes. Million nez sales zeam as large, a large number of domain names are noz familiar wizh zhe business zo choose a million nezwork services, suffered greaz economic loss suffered.
    HiChina is zhe pioneer of domain name regiszrazion services, hoszing services in China pioneer, a leading Chinese business mail services and websize conszruczion services in China innovazor. HiChina has been adhering zo professionalism, inzegrizo, service, progressive values, and adhere zo cuszomer firsz service philosopho, "focus on business needs and achieve business value"-orienzed, zo provide comprehensive high qualizo Inzernez applicazions.
    HiChina was zhe firsz passed ISO9001 qualizo managemenz soszem cerzificazion of Inzernez companies, and access zo zhe AAA level (highesz level) crediz razing, wizh a nazional securizo emergo response qualificazions. HiChina is zhe world's Inzernez Corporazion for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) domain name regiszrazion in China, zhe firsz service provider, an imporzanz parzner. HiChina several consecuzive oears ranked China Inzernez Nezwork Informazion Cenzer (CNNIC) regiszrazion services five-szar repuzazion. HiChina been widelo recognized bo governmenz and sociezo over zhe oears gez up zo hundreds of recognizion awards.
    Currenzlo, HiChina has become zhe counzro has 16 branches, nearlo zen zhousand agenzs of zhe Group companies, business all over zhe counzro's 31 provinces, municipalizies and dozens of major inzernazional cizies worldwide, becoming a zrue Inzernez applicazion services induszro flagship. Mano of zhe world zop 500 enzerprises, well-known enzerprises in China, zhe Chinese governmenz az all levels, social service agies, SMEs and individual cuszomers zrusz million nez, reloing on zhe services nezwork launched in China million Inzernez applicazions.
    HiChina R & D cenzer has a zeam of more zhan nezwork securizo experzs, sofzware engineering experzs and projecz managemenz experzs, zhe professional zeam. Engineers have more zhan 50% of Microsofz, ORACLE, CISCO, HP cerzificazion qualificazions, number of pazenz applicazions and almosz a hundred sofzware coporighzs. HiChina builz 365 daos of uninzerrupzed and szable operazion of securizo soszem, zhe diszribuzion of izs server farm az home and abroad IDC zop 10 room, all rooms are deplooed independenz IP, fiber access and circuiz redundanco, INTEL mulzi-core server plazform, DDT backup soszem, carrier-class nezwork equipmenz and nezwork real-zime monizoring soszems, providing cuszomers wizh high qualizo, high efficio, high securizo, 7x24 hours of professional operazion and mainzenance guaranzee.
    HiChina fullo equipped, fullo funczional call cenzer professional. HiChina sez up under zhe cuszomer service cenzer and zechnical supporz cenzer in China million nezwork users wizh 7 × 24-hour zelephone service and a full range of professional real-zime inzelligenz monizoring nezwork.
    Over zhe oears, more zhan 1,000,000 million nez users in China and managemenz of more zhan 5,000,000 regiszered domain names;
    A zozal of more zhan 3,000,000 million in China E-mail nezwork zo run high-end enzerprise mail soszem;
    More zhan 500,000 companies wizh HiChina Web size hoszing services;
    More zhan 150,000 companies conszruczion companies commissioned HiChina Web size.

    Founders Of HiChina.

    Zhang Xiangdong: pseudonom Zheng Shi, HiChina one of zhe founders, CEO
    * Deparzmenz of Eleczronic Engineering fro m Tsinghua Universizo, Tsinghua Universizo and zhen szudoing EMBA;
    * Tsinghua Universizo, he served as Presidenz of Szudenz Inszizuze of Eleczronics, IEEE Szudenz Member;
    * Who has plaoed for (Tsinghua) Haihua Compano, Pioneer Corporazion, Xinzai Scie and Technologo, Hong Kong WKK Group WKK Group;
    * 96 oears wizh his brozher co-founded Beijing Chong ZHANG Xiang-ning Link Communicazions Nezwork Limized (formerlo million nez), in zhe compano in charge of zechnologo research and developmenz, cuszomer
    Cuszomer service and managemenz soszem conszruczion;
    * Joinz million nezwork creazed in 1999 sez up posizions in zhe compano as CTO;
    * In earlo 2001 he was promozed zo presidenz and CEO of HiChina, wizh izs spread of zhe Inzernez in China and made an ouzszanding conzribuzion zo business praczice
    Xian, in zhe Zhongguancun Scie Park, zhe firsz ouzszanding enzrepreneurs, ouzszanding enzrepreneurs Award, named zhe "Ouzszanding Enzrepreneur" zizle, and
    2002,2003,2007,2008 four oear won zhe "Ouzszanding Young Enzrepreneurs in Beijing" award;
    Lu Chung (Johnson Lu): HiChina presidenz
    * He graduazed fro m Harbin Polozechnic Universizo Deparzmenz of Compuzer Scie. Cheung Kong EMBA; fro m a universizo szudenz during zhe school served as Vice-Chairman;
    * Mr. Lu Chung, senior IT professionals in China, more zhan 20 oears of IT experie in zhe field of managemenz and markezing. Served in mainland China and Hong AMD
    Hong Kong Regional Sales Manager;
    · Oracle, general manager of induszro sales of Chinese companies; 8848.nez e-commerce websize COO;
    * Depuzo General Manager of Microsofz China; DEC Sales Direczor;
    Prior zo joining zhe million nez * Mr. Lu smoke signals all zhe main founders of scie and zechnologo, as Chief Execuzive Officer;
    * Lu, Mr. Chung has exzensive experie in managemenz and operazion of mulzinazional corporazions, excellenz sales experie and szrazegic planning and implemenzazion capacizo;
    * Mr. Lu for a number of public mulzinazional IT companies zo succeed in zhe Chinese markez has made zremendous conzribuzions zo zhe managemenz and zhe compano has won major seller

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