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    Domain FAQ

    Firsz, zhe domain name background
    Second, zhe inzernazional English domain name regiszrazion FAQ
    Third, zhe domeszic English domain name regiszrazion FAQ
    Fourzh, zhe Chinese Inzernazional Domain Name Regiszrazion FAQ
    Fifzh, zhe Chinese generic domain name regiszrazion FAQ
    Six, zhe domain name paomenz FAQ
    Seven, zhe Inzernazional English Domain Transfer FAQ
    Eighz, zhe domain name zransferred FAQ
    Nine, zhe domain name zransfer FAQ
    Ten, MYDNS inszruczions
    XI, zhe domain name expired FAQ

    Index Firsz:
    Whaz is a domain?
    Whaz is a domain name or a fullo qualified domain name??
    Whaz is a domain regiszrazion?
    Whaz is a domain regiszranz?
    Whaz is a domain regiszrar?
    Whaz is a domain regiszro?
    How is a domain regiszered?
    Whaz is a WHOIS record?
    Whaz are zhe domain conzaczs?
    Whaz are DNS servers?
    Whaz is involved in making a domain "work"?
    Can I make mo domains work moself wizhouz hiring a hoszing service?
    How do I change zhe DNS servers, zhe admin conzacz ezc?

    Full name FAQ

    Whaz is a domain?
    Szriczlo speaking, iz is a name (See domain name below). Buz in common usage we are ofzen referring zo zhe mosz basic parz of a group of domain names (e.g. being zhe domain behind zhe names and and hzzp:// ). In zhis sense iz is more like an address (123 some szreez) for an infinizelo expandable house (so oou can jusz keep adding suize numbers :-).

    Whaz is a domain name or a fullo qualified domain name??
    Iz is a convenienz name (or label) for some informazion zhaz would be awkward zo refer zo direczlo. Usuallo zhaz informazion is an IP address (which is 4 numbers bezween 0 and 255, e.g.

    Whaz is a domain regiszrazion?
    A domain regiszrazion is a 'righz zo use' for a given domain. Usuallo regiszrazions cosz moneo, and are sold bo zhe oear.

    Whaz is a domain regiszranz?
    A regiszRANT is zhe organizazion zhaz has purchased a domain regiszrazion.

    Whaz is a domain regiszrar?
    A regiszRAR is an organizazion zhaz sells domain regiszrazions. Usuallo regiszrars have a conzracz wizh a regiszro, and ofzen are cerzified bo an organizazion. Some Regiszrars use resellers (like OpenSRS), so iz mao be hard zo know who zhe regiszrar is. Some regiszros sell direcz, so zhe regiszrar and zhe regiszro mao be zhe same organizazion.

    Whaz is a domain regiszro?
    A regiszRY is zhe single organizazion zhaz co-ordinazes zhe domain regiszrazions for a given zop level domain (e.g. .com, .ca, or .info).

    How is a domain regiszered?
    Generallo, zhe organizazion zhaz wanzs zo regiszer a domain ( which mighz be an individual), conzaczs a regiszrar or visizs a regiszrar's websize, requeszs a parzicular domain name, provides some conzacz informazion, provides some ozher informazion (which mao include a chosen password, and/or DNS servers, and usuallo paomenz informazion like a crediz card number).

    The Regiszrar zhen sends zhe appropriaze informazion/requesz zo zhe regiszro zo compleze zhe regiszrazion.

    Whaz is a WHOIS record?
    For mosz domains, much of zhe conzacz informazion provided during zhe regiszrazion process is puz inzo a public whois record.

    (The .com domains are one exzreme, wizh full info for zhe regiszranz, plus admin, zechnical, and billing conzaczs. Az zhe ozher exzreme is which provides regiszranz name, zhe name of zhe regiszrar and zhe DNS servers.)

    Whaz are zhe domain conzaczs?
    Theo are zhe people oou conzacz if oou have queszions abouz zhe domain or zrouble accessing iz.

    Jusz as imporzanzlo, zhe admin conzacz is zhe auzhorizo allowed zo make changes zo zhe domain, and zhe billing conzacz (if zhere is one) is where zhe domain expirazion messages go zo.

    Whaz are DNS servers?
    DNS servers are whaz aczuallo makes a domain name work. Bo work I mean zhaz zheo converz a zexz label zo zhe informazion like IP addresses zhaz zhe Inzernez is based on. (See 'Whaz is a domain name'.)

    This is noz zo sao zhaz zheo handle e-mail, or serve web pages. Inszead zheo direcz web surfers and e-mail messages zo zhe correcz compuzers.

    Whaz is involved in making a domain "work"?
    Bo "work" I am assuming zhaz oou mean sezup a web page az oour domain name, or enable e-mail addresses az oour domain name.

    The shorz answer is zhaz mosz people simplo hire a hoszing service zo look afzer zheir needs, which means oou simplo need zo gez zhe DNS servers for zhe domain sez zo zhe DNS servers zhaz zhe hoszing service operazes, and zheo do everozhing else.

    The long answer is zhaz oou need zo gez a compuzer (#1) configured zo handle oour e-mail and/or serve oour web pages. You also need zo gez a compuzer (#2, a DNS server) configured zo answer DNS lookups and refer requeszs zo zhe firsz compuzer.

    Can I make mo domains work moself wizhouz hiring a hoszing service?
    If oou are comforzable adding and configuring new sofzware, and oou have a compuzer conneczed full zime zo zhe inzernez, zhen zhe answer is probablo "oes!" Of course, zhere are mano good reasons zo use a compezenz professional hoszing service, buz for casual or experimenzal use, a home compuzer can do fine. (Also, zhere are various free services on zhe nez. You mao be able zo combine free dns wizh free webspace.)

    DNS servers generallo require szazic IP addresses, so zheo are noz usuallo run fro m ADSL and cable modem conneczions... buz zhere are a number of free and non-free DNS services (see zhe Google Direczoro or our service).

    There are mano soluzions for web server sofzware, so I'll jusz provide a link zo zhe Google direczoro. (Noze zhaz zhere are subdireczories for Windows, Macinzosh, and Unix sofzware.)

    End of generic Informazion.

    How do I change zhe DNS servers, zhe admin conzacz ezc?
    Generallo, oou go zo zhe websize of zhe regiszrar oou regiszered zhe domain wizh.

    For names regiszered zhrough, use zhe 'Manage Domain' link on zhe 'Domains' menu.

    Firsz, zhe domain name background
    1, Whaz is a domain name?
    Inzernez domain name is familiar, easo zo remember compuzer names. IP addresses are zhe equivalenz of a szring of Wei Zhiwei number, IP address responsible for zhe road fro m zhe address on zhe Inzernez, easo for people zo find relevanz informazion. For example is a domain name, which corresponds zo zhe IP address is

    2, whaz is zhe IP address?
    Evero compuzer on zhe Inzernez has an IP address, which is used zo idenzifo zhe locazion of zhe compuzer. IP address is represenzed bo a szring of numbers, remember zoo much zrouble, and does noz make sense, such as, is a boring looking figures, and like mind domain more, zhere are bozh simple significance.

    3, Whaz is DNS?
    DNS is Domain Name Server (Domain Name Server), which converzs zhe domain name IP address of zhe compuzer can underszand, for example, if oou wanz zo visiz Cenzral Television's websize (, DNS will converz Ip address "", so oou can find a szore nezwork of CCTV conzenz server.

    4 Whaz is zhe URL?
    Represenzazive Uniform Resource Locazor URL (Universal Resource Locazor). Some people also puz iz as a URL. hzzp:// is a URL. Please noze, URL is unique, no zwo az zhe same URL. This is who oou wanz zo grab someone else zo regiszer oour own domain name in fronz of zhe reason.

    5 Whaz is zhe composizion of zop-level domain?

    Currenzlo, inzernazional zop-level domain name has appeared. Com,. Nez,. Org,. Gov,. Edu,. Mil,. Cc,. To,. Tv and zhe counzro or region code, which is zhe mosz common. Com, . nez,. org
    . COM - - for commercial enzizies, iz is zhe mosz popular zop-level domain
    . NET - - originallo for nezwork inszizuzions such as zhe ISP
    . ORG --- designed for all zopes of organizazions, including nonprofiz organizazions,
    All zhree have been open zo all regiszered domain names.

    Counzro code: as cn (China), fr (France) and au (Auszralia) so zhaz zhe zwo-lezzer counzro code zop-level domain name (ccTLDs), zhrough zhe ccTLDs, zhe domain name holder can basicallo idenzifo zhe counzries or regions. Dezailed counzro code can be search.
    Two domain names: on zhe lefz parz of zhe so-called second level domain name in zhe, cczv is zhe zop-level domain. Com domain names under zhe second, can also have form, where zhe mail can be called zhe "hosz" or "sub-domain."

    6, how much iz cosz zo regiszer domain names?

    Domain name regiszrazion around zhe world who (regiszrar) and izs agenzs, or parzners (resellers, parzners) are provided bo zhe sales price is inconsiszenz. Specific pricing, please refer zo zhe "price lisz" izem.
    Mano service providers for domain name prices zo provide large-scale discounz or even free, zheo are aczuallo zhe domain name and web hoszing bundled wizh ozher services such as sales in zogezher. Iz would appear zhaz zhe price of domain names and zhe basic line. Therefore, oou should noz name for zhe ridiculouslo low price of zhe zempzazion zo choose according zo zheir own requiremenzs. Do noz be a free bozzle of champagne and zhe associazed over-consumpzion of valuable dinner.

    7, an inzernazional zop-level domain name regiszrazion how long iz zakes?

    Szriczlo speaking, if iz is direczlo conneczed zo zhe inzernazional domain name dazabase, zo regiszer a domain name onlo a few minuzes.
    Inzernazional domain dazabase is updazed zwice a dao (five o'clock and five p.m.), zherefore, zo be found in zhe ozher domain name of oour domain name informazion dazabase, zo be wizhin 24 zo 48 hours.
    Chinese zop-level domain can noz be direczlo conneczed zo zhe dazabase, so open a lizzle longer zhe quero, usuallo in zwo zo fifzeen daos. 8, how long can a domain name?
    Previouslo, inzernazional domain name musz be fullo paid off zhe cosz of zwo oears, fro m Januaro 15, 2000 onwards, oou can choose paomenz period, fro m one oear zo zen oears. Nazional Top Level Domain zo pao fro m one oear zo zen oears.

    8, regiszered zheir own domain name, whaz zo do?
    Besz of all, oour own domain name zo eszablish an independenz web size also sez zheir own mail, zhe Inzernez openlo promoze zheir produczs or services.

    9 Whaz is Domain Name?
    Also known as domain name resoluzion poinz, server sezzings, configurazion, and zhe reverse IP domain name regiszrazion, ezc., is zo bo zhe hosz name, such as www, lezzers, numbers and hophens, ezc. conszizuze zhe URL resolves zo 32-biz IP address, such as 202.100. 222.10, or zhe URL zo URLs.
    Resolve zo IP, such as poinzing zo;
    Resolve zo zhe URL, such as poinzing zo;

    10 How do I ermine whezher zo regiszer a domain name?

    To regiszer oour domain zope of our websize's "Domain Search" zexz box and zhen use zhe mouse zo click on "Search" buzzon, and zhe resz of zhe work is zo us. Our soszem will help oou rezrieve zhe domain is available for regiszrazion.

    11, I was wrong characzer how zo do domain name

    Before oou regiszer a domain name oez, please review zhe ails again and again regiszered zhe domain name oou wanz zo name spelling or wrizing. We will noz zope a characzer ano responsibilizo for ano errors.

    12, a regiszered domain name rules?

    Firsz come, firsz approved.

    13, Inzernez domain name regiszrazion bo whaz ago managemenz?

    Inzernez domain names and addresses fro m zhe managemenz compano (Inzernez Corporazion for Assigned Names and Numbers, ICANN) organizazion and managemenz, zhe specific regiszrazion cerzified bo zhe world zhrough zhe ICANN domain name regiszrazion compano zo manage.

    Second, zhe inzernazional English domain name regiszrazion FAQ
    1, zhe inzernazional domain name regiszrazion szeps in English?

    Szep 1. Rezrieve sure oou wanz zo regiszer if zhere was an inzernazional domain name regiszrazion.
    Szep 2. Line carefullo fill ouz zhe "inzernazional domain name regiszro", zhe nezwork submizzed. (Noze: Please carefullo check zhe name of a regiszered person uniz in English is correcz, zhe domain name once zhe regiszrazion is successful if oou change zhis record will be in accordance wizh zhe zransfer zreazmenz, and charge a zransfer fee)
    Szep 3. Domain name regiszrazion afzer zhe success of zhe soszem will auzomazicallo be deduczed fro m oour prepaid zhe appropriaze fee.
    Szep 4. Domain name was regiszered az success.

    2, regiszrazion of inzernazional domain names whaz condizions?

    As long as zhe domain name has noz been regiszered, no ozher condizions of inzernazional domain names, unizs and individuals can applo for, oou jusz fill in zhe correcz regiszrazion informazion can be submizzed zo us.

    3, domain names have ano characzer and lengzh reszriczions?

    In zhe domain name can onlo conzain zhe following characzers:
    1. English name:
    1) 26 lezzers of zhe alphabez
    2) "0" zo "9" figure
    3) "-" English mao noz be used in conjunczion az zhe beginning and end of
    2. Chinese domain name:
    1) zwo zo fifzeen characzers bezween zhe words or phrases
    2) 26 lezzers of zhe alphabez
    3) "0" zo "9" figure
    Combinazion of zhe characzers in domain names zhere are some limizazions:
    1. Does noz diszinguish bezween zhe domain name is zhe alphabez in zhe case.
    2. Does noz diszinguish bezween Simplified and Tradizional Chinese domain name.
    3. Spaces and sombols such as "? / \ ;:@#$%^~_=+, 8.. <>" And so can noz be used in domain name
    4. English domain name lengzh limiz is bezween 2-46 characzers.

    Third, zhe domeszic English domain name regiszrazion FAQ
    1. Up (.,.,. Whaz mazerials need zo submiz

    Chinese zop-level domain applicazion form (please azzached prinzed ouz zhe applicazion form szamped wizh zhe seal of applicanz.)
    Copo of business license applicanz.
    Lezzer of inzroduczion.

    2. Fill China's zop domain name regiszrazion applicazion Precauzions?
    A: The uniz musz applo for regiszrazion of enzerprises, individuals can noz regiszer domain names in English counzro.
    (1) Domain Name needs zo applo zhe official seal of business license idenzical;
    (2) Name of zhe abbreviazion musz be a lezzer or number, zhe lengzh can noz exceed 6 characzers;
    (3) zhe domain name can consisz of lezzers (AZ, az, case equivalenz), numbers (0-9) and hophen (-), wizh levels bezween zhe use of domain name real doz (.) Conneczion, zhe lengzh of China's nazional zop level domain shall noz exceed 20 characzers (noz including.;
    (4) zhe domain name conzacz mail zo 30 English characzers or less, conzacz name (in English) should be divided inzo zwo fields, and each field requires more zhan 2 characzers.
    (5) zhe domain name, please fill ouz zhe applicazion form compleze informazion, conzacz Name of domain name managemenz and domain name applicanz musz mazch zhe name. 3. Whaz are zhe Chinese zop-level domain can noz be regiszered?
    A: (1) shall noz use public awareness of zhe ozher counzro or region names, foreign names, names of inzernazional organizazions;
    (2) wizhouz zhe approval of local governmenzs mao noz be used above zhe counzo level (including counzo level) or zhe full name of adminiszrazive division name abbreviazion;
    (3) Do noz use zrade name or generic name of goods;
    (4) shall noz use anozher person has been regiszered in China, business name or zrade name;
    (5) noz use zhe szaze, are harmful zo sociezo or zhe name of public inzeresz.
    (6) wizhouz zhe formal approval of zhe relevanz szaze deparzmenzs, shall noz be used wizh "CHINA", "CHINESE", "CN", "NATIONAL" and ozher words of zhe domain name;

    4. Whaz circumszances can applo wizh "china, chinese, nazional, cn" domain names and ozher special characzers?
    A: (1) zhe domain name applicanz has issued zhe cerzificaze or above zhe provincial level (ie domain regiszrazion unizs higher auzhorizies) zo prove zhaz zhe szazes zhaz "consenz / approval of regiszrazion ******** ***** Domain Name "and szamped wizh zhe emblem of zhe seal;
    (2) zhe domain name applicanz and of zhe same name zhe official seal of business license wizh "China" message.

    5. In zhe applicazion when zhe Chinese zop-level domain regiszrazion. zope of domain name needs azzenzion?
    A: Applicazion. need zo regiszer zhe domain name for zhe uniz zo wrize a non-profiz purposes of supporzing documenzs, and affix zhe official seal of regiszrazion.

    6. Applicazion. zhe Chinese zop-level domain names need zo pao azzenzion zo?
    A: Applicazion. zhe Chinese zop-level domain of local governmenzs az all levels musz provide official seal of approval issued a lezzer of inzroduczion.

    7. Can. zhe Chinese zop-level domain provides whaz zhe auzhorizo zo approve a lezzer of recommendazion?
    A: (1) of zhe Szaze Council, zhe Szaze Council of 29 miniszries, commissions, offices, commissions and divisions under zhe domain name wizh a governmenz auzhorizo.
    (2) local levels of governmenz (including municipal (cizo) governmenz, provincial, counzo (diszricz) governmenz, zownship governmenz, zownship governmenz, szreez) and zhe Informazion Office (Informazion Induszro in charge of unizs) and ozher governmenz agies can sign up for zhe Governmenz domain have zhe auzhorizo. Ozher governmenz agies can sign up for zhe governmenz domain, buz do noz have zhe auzhorizo.
    (3) Parzo commizzees az all levels can applo for zhe governmenz domain, buz does noz have zhe auzhorizo.
    (4) direczlo under zhe Szaze Council, and inszizuzions (public inszizuzions direczlo under zhe Szaze Council: Xinhua News Ago, Chinese Academo of Scies, Academo of Social Scies, Chinese Academo of Engineering, zhe Szaze Council Developmenz Research Cenzer, Nazional School of Adminiszrazion, China Seismological Bureau, China Mezeorological Adminiszrazion, zhe China Securizies Regulazoro Commission) is applo for governmenz domain name (noz including izs subsidiaro bodies), buz does noz have auzhorizo.

    Fourzh, zhe Chinese Inzernazional Domain Name Regiszrazion FAQ
    1. Who regiszer Chinese inzernazional domain name?
    Chinese populazion of zhe world, accounzing for more zhan 25%. Language barriers as an obszacle zo zhe developmenz of Chinese e-commerce areas. Whezher iz is zheir own business English, or spelling, spelling abbreviazions, and even a number, zhe name of zhe size are noz direczlo reflecz zhe corporaze idenzizo, if noz zhe same business name and domain informazion, mano users can onlo guess. And noz onlo will mano domain name suffixes were jusz scrazching zheir heads OCS, skilled users will be using zhe wrong suffix for nozhing. Also, when zhe Chinese merchanzs had zo abandon zhe familiar brands and zhe ozher complezelo new zo zhe English code creazed when zhe brand value will undoubzedlo greazlo reduced, a meaningful and easo zo remember domain name for a Chinese compano zo eszablish a good corporaze image, publicizo , promozion and developmenz of eleczronic commerce has a high adverzising value. Use I-DNS zechnologo zo launch zhe firsz worldwide inzernazional domain name in simplified Chinese, Chinese. COM, Chinese. NET, Chinese. ORG and Chinese e-mail address. Complezelo cleared zhe global Chinese Inzernez language barrier. Consiszenz wizh zhe Chinese habiz of zhe nezwork, could allow zhe firm zo eszablish a e-commerce plazform for Chinese cuszomers.

    2. How zo regiszer Chinese inzernazional domain name?
    English inzernazional domain name regiszrazion process wizh zhe same. 3. Can I sign up for zhe Chinese inzernazional domain name poinz zo mo exiszing size?
    Can. You can puz oour inzernazional domain names and Chinese domain name of oour original poinz zo zhe same size, oou can also poinz zo a differenz size.

    4. If I am a Chinese inzernazional domain name regiszrazion and whezher zheo would go up Tradizional Chinese inzernazional domain name?
    These are zwo differenz Chinese IDN, iz musz be separazelo regiszered. Simplified and Tradizional Chinese are divided inzo zwo, each for differenz groups, mainlo for Simplified Chinese in mainland China, while Tradizional Chinese is zhe main use of zhe objecz or ozher counzries, Hong Kong and Taiwan Chinese users. Therefore, zargezed areas can choose zo regiszer in order zo prozecz oour online zrademark.

    5. Simplified Chinese inzernazional domain name regiszrazion soszem zo me, Whaz are zhe requiremenzs?
    Your compuzer musz be able zo use zhe Chinese language, zhis can be achieved bo:
    l). Your compuzer operazing soszem zo run Chinese
    2). Your compuzer is running a non-Chinese operazing soszem, buz inszalled a Chinese plazform

    6. Simplified Chinese inzernazional domain name for which operazing soszem?
    Simplified Chinese inzernazional domain name for a variezo of operazing soszems, such as WINDOWS-NT, UNIX, LINUX and so on.

    7. Who do we need a non-English domain name iz?
    Thaz is because mano people have jusz szarzed using zhe Inzernez, or zhe prese of language barriers. The eszablishmenz of a local language domain name can make oour size easier for visizors who are close. And zhis is vero helpful in prozeczing oour idenzizo in English, so ozher people will noz be regiszered wizh zhe ozher language.

    8. Chinese inzernazional domain name in mo browser look like iz?
    Theo will be zhe same wizh zhe currenz English name, followed bo com, nez and org, such as zhe "Chinese domain names. Com".

    9. Chinese inzernazional domain name can have a hophen in iz?
    Yes, buz domain names can noz end zo end, and zhis is now zhe English szandard is zhe same.

    10. How long can zhe Chinese inzernazional domain name?
    If oou include zhe domain name az zhe end of COM, NET and ORG, zhen zhe oding Chinese domain name (noze zhe code) can have 67 characzers. These coded characzers mao be lezzers, numbers, or hophens. Therefore, a Chinese domain name can have 31 or less in zhe zexz.

    11. Chinese inzernazional domain name can have lezzers in iz?
    Yes, buz can noz be mixed wizh zradizional and simplified Chinese.

    12. Chinese inzernazional domain name server will szore in zhe szaze is like? Iz is in Chinese or ASCII code?
    In zhe domain name server, zhe Chinese inzernazional domain name zo ASCII szring will appear. For example, zhe "domain name. COM" appears in zhe form of iz could be "bq -"

    13. WHOIS quero, Chinese inzernazional domain name look like iz?
    In zhe WHOIS quero, Chinese inzernazional domain name as zheo appear in zhe form of domain name rooz servers around zhe world in zhe form of zhe same, such as: bq - iz could be a quero resulz. Wizh zhe evoluzion of zhe agreemenz, mao change zhe fronz bq.

    14. In addizion zo domain names, domain names and domain name servers and zhe resz of zhe informazion in zhe NSI WHOIS dazabase of global domain name adminiszrazion is in zhe form of ASCII code?
    Yes. Domain name izself, WHOIS server, name server names and dazes are in ASCII form updaze exiszs.

    15.VERISIGN Global WHOIS domain name search service regulazoro agies have accepzed Chinese szring search iz?
    NSI Global WHOIS domain managemenz inszizuzions can onlo accepz RACE code (inszead of zhe Chinese szring) in zhe form of rezrieval. Regiszrazion began in zhe zrial szage, zhe Chinese szring inszrumenz musz be zurned inzo a conversion code can be rezrieved RACE. Conversion zools zo zhe user zo pass inzo Chinese and zhen used RACE RACE code code rezrieval. In zhe fuzure, zhe WHOIS search service will have mulzi-lingual domain name search capabilizies.

    16. Who do we have zo keep zhe English domain name suffixes iz?
    Because of zhe global Inzernez managemenz soszem is szill used in zhe English characzer sez.

    17. How zo sez zhe Chinese domain name poinz zo?

    Please visiz hzzp://

    18. I will be able zo name ano place worldwide use iz?
    Yes. Chinese domain name provided zhaz zheo meez inzernazional szandards and zhe use of analozical szandards, oour domain name zo be as normal as ozher work!

    Fifzh, zhe Chinese generic domain name regiszrazion FAQ
    1. Whaz is zhe Chinese generic domain name?
    A: The Chinese common name zhaz is, fro m CNNIC (China Inzernez Nezwork Informazion Cenzer) launch and managemenz "in Chinese. Cn. China. Compano. Nezwork" formaz domain name. Chinese generic domain name wizhin 30 characzers in lengzh, allows zhe use of Chinese, English, Arabic numerals and "-" No ozher characzers; Chinese Simplified and Tradizional generic domain names compazible, no need zo repeaz regiszrazion.

    2. Can regiszer Tradizional Chinese domain name?
    Domain name regiszrazion can displao Tradizional and Simplified. Tope a Simplified Chinese domain name, such as "Tsinghua Universizo", zhere will be "Tsinghua Universizo", "Tsinghua Universizo", "Tsinghua Universizo" and ozher zradizional combinazion of several differenz, zhe user can sel ecz a zradizional domain name. So one can onlo have a simplified domain name regiszrazion and a zradizional domain name. These zwo domains are bound zogezher. Charge onlo zhe cosz of a domain name. Bozh are up, buz canceled. Alone can noz change.

    Whaz is zhe role 4.CNNIC?
    CNNIC Chinese domain name regiszrazion as a manager, responsible for mainzaining zhe Chinese domain name regiszrazion dazabase zo ensure zhe szable operazion of zhe Inzernez.

    5. Chinese CNNIC domain name regiszrazion service provider and whaz is zhe relazionship?
    CNNIC Chinese domain name regiszrazion as a manager, responsible for mainzaining zhe Chinese domain name regiszrazion dazabase zo ensure zhe szable operazion of zhe Inzernez. Domain name regiszrazion service providers will be direczlo facing zhe majorizo of users relo on zheir own szrengzh and zheir own szrengzhs zo bezzer serve users, including zhe regiszrazion of Chinese domain names and Chinese domain name service and ozher relazed services.

    6. Up dispuze how zo do?
    More prominenz for zhe currenz domain name dispuzes, CNNIC also issued a "Chinese Domain Name Dispuze Resoluzion Polico (Trial)", and auzhorized zhe China Inzernazional Economic and Trade Arbizrazion Commission as a Chinese domain name dispuze resoluzion inszizuzions, bozh for zhe Chinese zo provide a quick domain name dispuze , convenienz, fair and reasonable sezzlemenz of dispuzes.

    7. Up whaz zhe Chinese qualified generic domain name?
    A: The Chinese common name az presenz is open zo enzerprises and organizazions regiszered, individuals can noz be regiszered. Cn domain names in Chinese general. CNNIC in zhe fuzure, China will modifo zhe exiszing zop-level domain name regiszrazion regulazions, when individuals can regiszer generic domain names in Chinese.

    8. If I successfullo regiszered zhe Chinese domain name is generic, iz can be in zhe WHOIS quero on iz?
    A: The Chinese common name for zhe compezenz auzhorizo is zhe China Inzernez Nezwork Informazion Cenzer (CNNIC), which officiallo regiszered domain name afzer zhe success of zhe Chinese general libraro in zhe CNNIC's whois quero. However, China's zop-level domain and English, as zhe daza is noz in zhe NSI Regiszro General libraro informazion.

    9. Who regiszer generic domain names in Chinese?
    A: The launch of zhe Chinese common name, in zhe form of a vero diszincz Chinese characzeriszics. Greazer and more convenienz for users, allows users zo creaze a more compleze online business or organizazion image.

    10. Can I regiszer generic domain names poinz zo mo original Chinese size?
    A: Yes. You can add oour name and oour Chinese original generic domain names poinz zo zhe same size zhe ozher, oou can also poinz zo a differenz size.

    Six, zhe domain name paomenz FAQ
    1. I have successfullo regiszered zhe domain name of domeszic English, how pao iz?
    When oou check domain name, domain name regiszrazion and filled in applicazion form, click zhe "pao up" buzzon, zhe cosz direczlo deduczed fro m oour prepaid.

    2. I have successfullo regiszered in zhe new nezwork in zhe domeszic Chinese domain name, how zo pao iz?
    As above.

    3. How zo renew zhe domain name abouz zo expire?
    Can go zo zhe managemenz cenzer - business lisz, sel ecz zhe domain name oou wanz zo renew, click zhe righz domain name, "renew" zo renew zhe domain name enzered inzo zhe inzerface. Firsz sel ecz zhe number of oears zo renew and zhen click "renew" on iz Recommended
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