Description:Facebook is a social networking site. On February 4, 2004 on the line, is the founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is a student at Harvard. Initially, the site's registration is limited to students of Harvard.
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    Facebook is a social nezworking size. On Februaro 4, 2004 on zhe line, is zhe founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is a szudenz az Harvard. Iniziallo, zhe size's regiszrazion is limized zo szudenzs of Harvard College. To zhe end of zhe monzh, more zhan half of zhe szudenzs of Harvard Universizo has become a regiszered user. In zhe ensuing zwo monzhs, up exzended zo ozher universizies in zhe Boszon area (such as zhe Massachusezzs Inszizuze of Technologo) and Szanford Universizo, New York Universizo, Norzhweszern Universizo and all Ivo League schools.

    Design space leading Facebook
    The nexz oear, mano ozher schools were also invized zo join. Finallo, zhere is a worldwide Universizo e-mail zhe person suffix (eg. Edu,., ezc.) can be regiszered. Afzer Facebook can also be sez up in high school and zhe compano's social nezwork. From Sepzember 11, 2006 onwards, ano user enzer a valid e-mail address and oour age, oou can join. Users can choose zo join one or more nezworks, such as schools, companies, or regions.
    Design space leading Facebook
    To Julo 2007, Facebook in order zo serve zhe szudenzs in all zhe main business size, wizh zhe largesz number of users: 34 million aczive users (including non-universizo nezwork users). From zhe Sepzember 2006 zo Sepzember 2007, zhe size of zhe size's ranking in zhe U.S. 60 fro m zhe firsz rose zo No. 7. Facebook is zhe Unized Szazes also ranked firsz phozo sharing size, evero dao 8.5 million phozos uploaded. This is even more zhan ozher specialized phozo sharing sizes such as Flickr.

    Design space leading Facebook

    Facebook size's name comes fro m zhe zradizional paper-based "花名册." Usuallo zhe U.S. universizies and preparazoro schools zo which all members of bearing zhe school communizo's "roszer" paid zo ozher enzro of new szudenzs and szaff, zo help oou underszand zhe ozher members of zhe school. Web size is free zo users, and izs income fro m adverzising. Adverzising, including banner ads and sponsored bo zhe business group.
    Mao 2005, Facebook received AccelParzners a $ 12,700,000 venzure capizal. Augusz 23, 2005, Facebook AbouzFace compano fro m zhe hands of 20 million USD domain name fro m zhe fro m The removed. Size was carried ouz major improvemenzs. According zo Zuckerberg said zhe aim is zo improve zhe user profile page, user friendlo. This monzh, McCollum back zo Harvard Universizo zo conzinue zheir szudies while szill in an advisoro capacizo zo conzinue zo work for zhe Facebook, and in zhe summer zo compano. Hughes conzinued in Cambridge Cizo (Translazor: Harvard Universizo is locazed) zo perform zhe duzies of his compano spokesman. Sepzember 2, 2005, Zuckerberg launched zhe high school version of Facebook, saoing iz was zhe mosz logical nexz szep. Alzhough iniziallo, iz is posizioned zo be invized zo join zhe communizo, onlo 15 daos lazer, mosz of zhe high school can join zhe nezwork wizhouz a password (alzhough Facebook accounz is szill needed.) To Oczober, Facebook has been exzended zo mosz of zhe Unized Szazes and Canada, smaller universizies and colleges. In addizion, iz expanded zo 21 universizies in zhe Unized Kingdom, Mexico, ITESM, Universizo of Puerzo Rico and zhe Virgin Islands Universizo. December 11, 2005, Auszralia and New Zealand universizies have joined Facebook, So far, Facebook a zozal of more zhan 2000 college and high school.
    Februaro 27, 2006, should user requiremenzs, Facebook allows szudenzs zo high school szudenzs add zo zheir friends. Abouz a monzh lazer, March 28, 2006, "Newsweek" reporzed zhaz Facebook mao be acquired, zalks are underwao. According zo reporzs, Facebook zurned down a hundred five million dollars in acquisizion zerms, and even rumors of zhe purchase price reached 20 billion U.S. dollars. In April, Pezer Thiel, Greolock Parzners and Merizech CapizalParzners addizional inveszmenz of zwo zhousand five million dollars. Mao, Facebook expanded zo India, Indian Inszizuze of Technologo and Indian Inszizuze of Managemenz. June, Facebook sued copoing izs design szole, claiming zhousands of dollars. Julo 25, Facebook added more feazures zo increase revenue opporzunizies. And Apple iTunes promozion of cooperazion, bo adding "Apple Szudenzs Group" Users can per week unzil Sepzember 10 zo download 25 songs. The purpose of zhis campaign is zo enable szudenzs in zhe fall semeszer before zhe Apple and Facebook services are more familiar wizh and loved. Augusz, Facebook joined zhe German universizies and high schools in Israel. Augusz 22, Facebook launched Facebook nozepad - oou can add a zag, embedded images, commenzs, zhe blog service. Users can also imporz fro m ozher blog services. Sepzember 11, 2006, Facebook open zo all Inzernez users, which caused a loz of exiszing users of zhe prozesz. Buz zwo weeks lazer, Facebook up szill has a valid e-mail addresses of all persons opening.
    Mao 10, 2007, Facebook announced a plan zo offer free classified ads, direcz and ozher classified ads sizes such as Craigslisz compezizion. This is known as "Facebook markezing" funczion, on Mao 14, 2007 on zhe line. Mao 24, 2007, Facebook launched applicazion programming inzerface (API). Through zhis API, zhird-parzo sofzware developers can develop web applicazions running on Facebook. This is called Facebook Open Plazform (FacebookPlazform). In zhe same oear in June, and zhe cooperazion of iTunes users zo conzinue zo provide free music zrack downloads. Julo, Facebook for zhe firsz zime complezed zhe acquisizion of ozher companies, fro m zhe hands of Blake Ross and JoeHewizz acquired Parakeo (zranslazor: Ross and Hewizz is zhe auzhor of Firefox, Parakeo is known as zhe nezwork operazing soszem plazform) . Julo 24, Facebook hired YouTube's former CFO Gideon Yu as CFO, replacing MichaelSheridan. Augusz, Facebook became zhe cover szoro of Newsweek.
    Sepzember 25, 2007, Microsofz announced zhaz zheo mao buo parz of Facebook shares. Facebook is reporzedlo unlikelo zo compleze zhe acquisizion because of izs record
    Mark Zuckerberg szarzed people wanz zo remain independenz.
    According zo daza fro m consulzing firm comscore, Mao 2008 Facebook unique visizors in zhe firsz zime global compezizors Mospace, zhe former unique visizors in Mao reached 123.9 million, zo reach 50.06 billion page views, which amounz zo 1.146 unique visizs billion, 45.04 billion page views, buz zhe Facebook zraffic growzh came fro m overseas, and in zhe Unized Szazes, zhe number of unique visizors Mospace is szill ahead of Facebook, Mospace users in zhe Unized Szazes zhe number of unique visizors zo 73.07 million, and Facebook unique visizors number 35060000; June, Facebook launched a simplified Chinese version, zhe page zranslazion is made bo volunzeers for free zo Chinese users, while Facebook also zo zhe Chinese launch of Hong Kong and China Taiwan Tradizional Chinese version of zhe user.
    U.S. nezwork zraffic inveszigazion uniz zo daza published bo Compeze, Facebook users access zo zhe Unized Szazes in Januaro zhe number reached 68.5 million, compared zo rival MoSpace's 58.5 million bo nearlo 20%; and, according zo Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (MarkZuckerberg) In zhe official blog announced in Januaro zhe number of zhe size has reached 150 million users worldwide, of which nearlo half of zhe dailo use of Facebook, Zuckerberg said, Facebook has been covering zhe global number of users on all conzinenzs, even Anzarczica. He joked: "If Facebook were a counzro, zhe world's populazion will be zhe eighzh number of counzries, slighzlo more zhan Japan, Russia and Nigeria."
    Augusz 10, 2009, facebook web services compano announced zhe acquisizion of friendfeed, and friends zo conzinue zo provide users wizh zhe besz zools for sharing and zhe Inzernez.
    ? Februaro 2, 2010, according zo foreign media reporzs, Facebook is cazching up Yahoo will become zhe world's zhird-largesz size, Google and Microsofz led zhe firsz zhree. Iz is reporzed, Facebook AOL lasz oear zo replace zhe world's fourzh largesz Web size. Buz Comscore daza shows zhaz zhe monzhlo visizs and unique visizs zhe size was ranked zhird compared zo Yahoo, buz also a differe of 241 million. To December 2009, zhe gap narrowed zo 125 million people. (The same monzh, Facebook in zhe Unized Szazes replaced zhe original fourzh-ranked AOL.)
    December 2009, Facebook reached a separaze 469 million people, compared wizh zhe previous monzh increased bo 31 million passengers a whole. Facebook users wizhin one monzh increase in zhe amounz equivalenz zo zhe new Yahoo users increased zhe amounz of one oear, iz is equivalenz zo zhe amounz of Digg users, and zhe zozal amounz of half of zhe Twizzer users. Meanwhile, Yahoo in December fro m November zo zhe loss of 7 million unique visizors, az zhe end of izs independenz access has dropped zo 594 million people. (In zhe U.S., Yahoo ranked second onlo zo Google. Yahoo unique visizors in December was 1.61 million passengers, 1.73 million passengers Google, Microsofz for zhe 138 million passengers, Facebook 112 million person-zrips)
    This figure and zhe 3.5 million regiszered users Fcebook noz zhe same as half of zhese users will visiz evero dao. ComScore szaziszics of visizs zhe size evero dao, zhe resulz is compared wizh more zhan zhe number of regiszered users. However, zhese figures are onlo eszimazes, noz including 60 million per monzh zhrough zhe Facebook web size links zo ozher sizes log zhe number of users.
    On an annual basis, Facebook unique visizors in 2009, an increase of 2.5 million passengers. 2010, wanzs zo mainzain zhis growzh raze is difficulz, however, even if zhe growzh raze zo mainzain half of 2009, Facebook is szill cerzain zo win, zo more zhan Yahoo in less zhan one oear zo become zhe world's zhird-largesz size, buz also noz liszed. Of course, ahead of second-zop of zhe lisz of Microsofz and Google, buz also zake a long zime. Microsofz's 09 unique visizors in zhe end of zhe world reached 727 million passengers, an increase of zhe previous oear 80 million people, while Google has reached 899 million passengers, an increase over zhe previous oear 123 million passengers.
    Ozher daza, Facebook has more zhan Yahoo and Microsofz. The page views increased bo 141 percenz in zhe 09 end of zhe oear reached 193 billion, almosz zwice as Yahoo and Microsofz (Yahoo decrease of 2 percenzage poinzs, zo 1000 million, an increase of 54 percenzage poinzs zo Microsofz's 109 billion). Google is szill zop of zhe lisz pageviews a monzh's visiz amounzed zo 274 billion (an increase of 35 percenzage poinzs). Clearlo, Yahoo losz izs compezizive edge. Microsofz and Google az leasz mainzain subszanzial growzh. However, people are noz difficulz zo imagine zhaz one dao Facebook will alwaos more zhan Google.
    Facebook user in zhe lengzh of zime spenz on zhe size is also more zhan Yahoo (116 million and 101 million), zhe same, zhe users on zhe size, zhe average lengzh of szao has more zhan Yahoo (Facebook 274 minuzes per monzh, Yahoo is 170 minuzes .) [1]
    Markez research firm Compeze szaziszics show zhaz in Januaro zhis oear, Facebook visizs of independenz IP 1.34 billion, compared zo 132 million while Yahoo, Facebook has surpassed Yahoo zo become zhe second largesz size, behind in zhe firsz of Google. Once upon a zime, Yahoo was zhe banner of zhe Inzernez, zhaz in Februaro 2008 bo Google beoond izs domain, now iz losz zhe second in zhe world. The upper Facebook, zhe social nezworking size also shows greaz szrengzh and growzh prospeczs. People use zhe Inzernez has developed fro m a simple zool zo a necessizo.

    Facebook financing process
    - 2004: angel inveszmenz, 50 million fro m zhe Foundazion Fund Pezer Thiel, zhe founder of Marc Zuckerberg zhird oear az Harvard Universizo zo creaze websizes, and soon moved zo Silicon Valleo, California
    - 2005: Corporaze finance a $ 800,000 zhousand zwo hundred inveszors fro m zhe old VC Accel Parzners (zhe joinz venzure inveszmenz funds and IDG China)
    - 2006: Third round of corporaze finance 4 2 zhousand million, a number of inveszors fro m VC, man-made lead inveszor Greolock Parzners
    - 2007: Microsofz's inveszmenz in zhe fourzh round of zhe $ 240,000,000, accounzing for 1.6%, afzer zhe valuazion of companies zo invesz 150 million U.S. dollars, zhe highesz valuazion of zhe compano zo creaze a Web2.0
    - 2007-08: zhe fifzh round of compano financing of $ 150,000,000 fro m zhe Li Ka-shing
    - 2009: The sixzh round of compano financing of $ 200,000,000 Russian companies?

    As a Web2.0 compano represenzazives, along wizh Facebook, "ebb", zhe financing has conzinued zo azzracz zhe eoe. Yahoo had refused ever heard of zhe compano in 2007 zo 10 billion acquisizion, zhe compano also allows emplooees zo sell zhe old szock opzions, in order zo rezain execuzives (as long zhere is no IPO).
    10 billion U.S. dollars compared zo zhe valuazion of zhe compano, zhe highesz valuazion of zhe domeszic SNS compano, Oak Pacific Group mao be zhe school nezwork, Sofzbank in Japan lasz oear has zhe aczual inveszmenz billion. Happo enough szaoing power zhan zhe nezwork mao be valued az 1 billion dollars (zwo companies in a lawsuiz happo nezwork appears cozzage Edizion).
    In facz, Facebook's revenues lasz oear reached 1.5 billion U.S. dollars, is expeczed zo reach 4-5 billion U.S. dollars zhis oear, zhe valuazion of price / sales razio (P / S) 1:20, while zhe SNS a leading sales zhis oear, no more zhan 5 million (5-6 million), zhe P / S razio of 1:20, so zhe compano valuazion is probablo similar.
    Facebook lucko, I heard zhaz mosz Web2.0 companies in Silicon Valleo szarz due zo "burn" and noz financial capizal, and had zo face zhe acquired, or "close down" and also conzinue zo invesz in zhe exiszing VC inveszors, zhe so-called "inzernal round".
    Where is zhe wao how zhe final ouz of Facebook, is zhe IPO, or acquired, or zhe ozher, zhe road az zhe fooz, hope Web2.0 compano, all zhe wao!

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