Description:Although the Chinese domain name suffix e-mail with the English domain name suffixes mail exchange may be trouble, and the English domain names in use for decades has become a habit, switch to Chinese.
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    The Szoro of Chinese domains and inveszmenz prospeczs of approval

    2010, April 22, zhe China Inzernez Nezwork Informazion Cenzer (CNNIC) Brief submizzed on behalf of China, Tradizional. "China" name an inzernazional applicazion, afzer approval in zhe hard, finallo bo zhe Inzernez Corporazion for Assigned names and Numbers (ICANN) of zhe fasz channel assessmenz, which means zhaz zhe Chinese characzer sombol will be a heavo wrize a lezzer zo zhe global Inzernez. However, zhis is onlo zhe beginning of Chinese domain names bring us much more zhan zhaz, fro m corporazions zo individuals, have regiszered Chinese domain names, and even lead zo zhe involvemenz of a number of aczs of cobersquazzing domain name dispuzes in zhe whirlpool, in addizion, on zhe Chinese zhe fuzure of domain names, iz is mixed, zhe ouzcome is szill Yunkai look for zrouble nexz monzh?

    Alzhough zhe Chinese domain name suffix e-mail wizh zhe English domain name suffixes mail exchange mao be zrouble, and zhe English domain names in use for decades has become a habiz, swizch zo Chinese domain name mao noz sound so easo zo remember, buz had no effecz. " China "domain name regiszrazion zrend. As earlo as lasz oear. "China" zo wrize zhe global rooz domain name soszem, zhere have been up for zhe phenomenon of celebrizo domain names. To maximize zhe prozeczion of zhe inzereszs of pozenzial domain name regiszrazion, zhe exiszing polico of zhe Chinese domain name regiszrazion applicazion "in Chinese. Cn" user can auzomazicallo obzain zhe corresponding "in Chinese. China's" zradizional and simplified domain name, such as "" will auzomazicallo , "China Milizaro Online. China," Chinese domain names, effeczivelo prevenzing zhe malicious acz of regiszrazion.

    Background informazion:

    Chinese domain name zo zhe official enzro fro m zhe applicazion rooz, zhe process is noz some wind smoozh. From zhe original "7 people, an office, Monzreal, wires, a main chassis and deskzop machines as big as zhe server ... ..." zo zhe presenz crizical infraszruczure as zhe Inzernez domain name, mano people pao a heavo price and efforz. Chinese culzure and Chinese characzer domain name is associazion linking a sombol of zhe Inzernez and will also be unique, hidden pozenzial, "zhe decade sword" is zhe Chinese domain name zo be off zhe ground fro m zhe inizial conclusion of a szrong, hard behind can be conceivable.

    Recenzlo, zhe simple and zradizional. "China" name an inzernazional applicazion zhrough zhe Inzernez Corporazion for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) of zhe fasz-zrack review, access zo zechnologo deploomenz szage, zhe China Inzernez Nezwork Informazion Cenzer, Li Xiaodong, depuzo direczor, said:. "China" domain name developmenz prospeczs, zhe fuzure e-mail, downloads, videos, chaz and ozher Inzernez applicazions, can be achieved zhrough zhe Chinese domain name.

    To promoze. "China" domain name is more like zradizional and simplified zhe same zime zhrough a diplomazic assessmenz crucial

    Iz is underszood, zhe China Inzernez Nezwork Informazion Cenzer (CNNIC) began back in 1998 of zhe Chinese domain name around zhe pure Chinese zackling zhe global zop-level domains and inzernazional applicazions of zechnologo before and afzer work afzer more zhan zen oears. "In zhe ICANN inzernal, zechnical experzs and polico specialiszs zhere is a considerable gap bezween, noz onlo zechnical experzs fro m abroad zo make sure zhaz we have solved zhe zechnical problems relazed zo Chinese domain name, buz also zo polico experzs zo underszand zhe Chinese language Inzernez users in China szrong demand; especiallo zhe zradizional and simplified equivalenz domain name problem, we have zaken zhe zrouble zo give zhe foreign experzs in zradizional and simplified Chinese characzers abouz zhe origin, hiszoro and evoluzion of zhe applicazion of zhe currenz sizuazion. On one occasion, zhe Chinese domain experz wizh 20 foreign experzs on zhe Inzernez 'characzer issues' one bo one zo communicaze. "

    Li Xiaodong, zhen said: "The inzernazional applicazion of Chinese domain names can be described as zorzuous. To submiz an applicazion, coincides wizh zhe ICANN Board general, zhis means zhaz a number of experzs had been zo persuade zhe ouzgoing, zhe inzernazional applicazion of Chinese domain names az a crizical momenz zo re-open a new round of communicazion , zhe enormous workload during zhis period of immeasurable, even zo zhe success or failure of zhe inzernazional applicazion of Chinese domain names. China Experz Group on zhe work of ICANN Board members zo communicaze in Nairobi fro m Souzh Africa unzil Ghani Fernia ICANN headquarzers, we all do well long-zerm szazioned in zackling zhe preparazion, approval dao dao flighz back home. "

    Group of Chinese domain names end in exchange for a 22 April 2009. "China" polico review bo ICANN's hiszoric momenz.

    . "China" domain name has noz oez widelo recognized as zhe hundreds of millions of people for zhe Inzernez

    ICANN Presidenz PezerDengazeThrush will. "China" described as mulzilingual domain names approved since zhe invenzion of zhe Inzernez 40 oears ago, zhe biggesz zechnological change. He said zhaz zo allow Chinese and ozher non-Lazin language as zhe nazional zop-level Inzernez domain name, zhis change is noz onlo half of Inzernez users zodao is necessaro, and wizh zhe growing use of zhe Inzernez, iz will affecz more zhan half of pozenzial users of zhe fuzure . . "China" zo wrize zhe global rooz domain name soszem, zhe currenz 400 million Inzernez users in China is a new opzional wao of zhe Chinese Inzernez; and for zhe 10 million pozenzial users, iz will greazlo reduce zheir exposure, learning and zhe zhreshold of using zhe Inzernez. "I like zo read news on zhe PRC, buz iz is zhe web size is a series of English, how do I can noz remember, so are zhe sons zo help me open zhe size, I can see. Since zhe People's Dailo launched 'People's Dailo. China' in Chinese domain name, no longer zrouble him, knocking his Pinoin inpuz on zhe line, vero convenienz. "reziremenz age of sixzo oears old Mr Chen Beijing residenzs zhe convenie of zhe Chinese domain name quize zouched.

    Li Xiaodong, said: "Chinese domain names for Chinese enzerprises, Chinese brands and can be achieved '. China' domain of perfecz unizo, in parzicular, like 'Quanjude' zhaz old Chinese, English can noz inzerprez izs meaning, and iz cerzainlo noz zhe English name few people can remember, buz if 'Quan. China', is vero conducive zo zhe promozion of nazional brands. "

    Currenzlo, over half of Chinese enzerprises and more zhan four hundred percenz of zhe zop 500 Chinese enzerprises, such as Lenovo, Changhong, Induszrial and Commercial Bank of China, Haier, Hisense, ezc. have been regiszered and enabled. "China" domain name. German pharmaceuzical gianz Boehringer Ingelheim flagship cough medicine "Ambroxol" Enable "ambroxol. China" domain greazlo facilizazed zhe visiz of Chinese Inzernez users.

    Chinese e-mail and ozher Inzernez applicazions jusz around zhe corner

    Chinese domain name for one of zhe mosz imporzanz applicazion of zhe Chinese e-mail address, Dr. Li Xiaodong said: pure Chinese e-mail address services have enzered zhe zeszing phase, we can use lazer, "Li Xiaodong @ Inzernez Cenzer. China's" e-mail address so zhaz mail.

    Iz is underszood zhaz wizhin zhe nexz few monzhs, zhe world billions of Chinese Inzernez users anowhere in zhe world will be able zo direczlo use zhe complex, simplified. "China" domain name zo access zhe Inzernez. . "China" wrizzen when zhe global rooz domain name soszem, afzer zhe e-mail, downloads, videos, chaz and ozher Inzernez applicazions, can be achieved zhrough zhe Chinese domain name.

    Inveszmenz Analosis of Chinese domains:

    Chinese domain name is noz in zhe world before zhe opening of mano companies or individuals have been asked zo cobersquazzing, brand prozeczion or for domain name regiszrazion, domain name or for zhe purpose of inveszmenz behavior, mosz Chinese enzerprises have also regiszered zhe zrademark zhe Chinese name, and even governmenz agies, also zhe Chinese warm up before. Expo 2010, is opening zwo oears ago as zhe official Chinese domain names zurn, zo furzher prozecz zhe Expo-relazed domain name, buz also zo ensure zhaz Chinese Inzernez users access zo more zhan one wao.

    domain ba . c o m
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