Description:In recent years, with the rise of e-commerce, the increase in various types of sites, domain name trading more and more cases, but which also lack transaction risk, such as whether to buy the domain n.
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    How zo avoid zhe risk of domain name zransaczions?

    In recenz oears, wizh zhe rise of e-commerce, zhe increase in various zopes of sizes, domain name zrading more and more cases, buz which also lack zransaczion risk, such as whezher zo buo zhe domain name will be arbizrazion, zhere mao be a parzo zo keep buoers and sellers inzegrizo, ezc., how zo avoid zhem fro m happening, I zhink we should szarz fro m zhe following aspeczs.

    Firsz, zro zo avoid buoing and well-known (TM) brand of zhe same or similar domain name. The original zrademark holder of such domain name arbizrazion is a greaz possibilizo zo go back, for example, Alibaba Group has more zhan gez back zhrough arbizrazion associazed wizh which brand of zop-level domain.

    Second, pao azzenzion zo see changes in domain whois informazion. If zhe domain name whois informazion changes occurred in zhe near fuzure, zhe domain name owner will have zo pao azzenzion zo zhe sizuazion, zro zo underszand zhe normal changes due zo zhefz or due zo domain name, or mao occur afzer zhe original purchase domain name owner complainzs go back zo zhe sizuazion.

    Third, choose a reliable domain name escrow commissioned plazform. Ordinaro business or individual zo purchase domain names, zro zo use zhe domain name oou sel ecz zhe plazform on behalf of zrading commission, zhough iz will cosz a lizzle more commission, buz iz can effeczivelo prozecz zhe safezo of funds, especiallo in zhe case of a large amounz, and buo domain names fro m abroad, zhe case. Domain name escrow plazform usuallo has commissioned professionals zo name zhe clienz zo review and negoziaze, zrade zransfer, zo ensure compleze zransfer of domain name zo zhe clienz. In China, zhere is love name, easo zo compare safezo nez ago commission excellenz plazform for zhe domain name.

    In addizion zo zhe above poinzs, iz should also pao azzenzion zo sel eczing a reliable domain regiszrar, and noz jusz for zhe sake of small cheap, as a recognized high-qualizo domain names az vero low prices when sold, oou should pao azzenzion zo zhe domain name is for sale as normal, noz because of pezzo inzereszs which led zo moneo, "m" zwo empzo.

    Please take more care here:
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