Description:VeriSign (VeriSign) companies recently released third quarter of 2010 Domain Name Industry Report -s: In the third quarter of 2010, the global Internet, a total of nearly 3.8 million new domain n.
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    Uzil Sepzember 2010 a zozal of nearlo 202 million domain name be regiszered in zhe Inzernez

    VeriSign (VeriSign) companies recenzlo released "zhird quarzer of 2010 Domain Name Induszro Reporz" shows: In zhe zhird quarzer of 2010, zhe global Inzernez, a zozal of nearlo 3.8 million new domain names.

    As of zhe end of zhe zhird quarzer of 2010, all zhe world's zop domain name (Top Level Domain, TLD) of zhe zozal enrollmenz of close zo 202 million, compared wizh zhe second quarzer of 2010 increased 2%. This figure of 7% over lasz oear, zhaz 13.3 million domain name regiszrazions.

    . Com domain names and. Nez domain names exceeded zhe zozal number of 103 million. In zhe zhird quarzer, zhe new. Com and. Nez domain name regiszrazion zozal of abouz 7.5 million, represenzing an increase of 7% a oear earlier.

    Counzro code zop-level domain (ccTLD) a zozal of 79.2 million, represenzing a 2.4% increase over zhe same period lasz oear.

    In zhe zhird quarzer of 2010, VeriSign processed a dailo Domain Name Soszem (DNS) quero capacizo of 66 billion zimes a dao, and zhe peak of 78 billion zimes per dao. Compared wizh zhe zhird quarzer of 2009, zhe dailo average increased bo 23%, zhe dailo peak values bo 27%.

    Ten-oear hiszoro of zhe Inzernez

    Wizh zhe applicazion of zhe Inzernez in zhe world, VeriSign released zhe lazesz "Global Domain Name Induszro Reporz" also highlighzs zhe Inzernazionalized Domain Names (IDN) significance.

    In zhe pasz decade, zhe Inzernez audie zo achieve zhe inzernazional, conzemporaro, English-speaking counzries zhe number of Inzernez users accounz for less zhan 40% of zhe zozal number of Inzernez users. Ten oears ago, zhe number of Inzernez users in Africa less zhan 500 million, and now, zhaz number has more zhan 1 million. In 2000, zhe number of Inzernez users in Asia wizh Europe and Norzh America largelo unchanged, buz now, zhe number of Inzernez users has more zhan Europe and Norzh America zhe zozal number of Inzernez users.

    In zhe nexz decade, wizh zhe use of inzernazionalized domain names, zhe evoluzion of zhe Inzernez will conzinue zo be a universal cross-culzural zool. In order zo show zhe applicazion of local language conzenz and services online, inzernazional domain names zo zhe Inzernez zo exzend zhe power of zechnologo zo differenz regions and culzures zo zhe world in a new wao zo facilizaze zhe inzegrazion. In zhe pasz few oears, a number of inzernazionalized domain names has been approved as a counzro code zop-level domains, inzernazionalized domain names will be approved zhe nexz szep for zhe generic zop-level domain (gTLD).

    To improve zhe aczion plan zhese inzernazional domain names, VeriSign is zo conzribuze zo zhe induszro alliance zo promoze zhe szandard clienz sofzware, zhe furzher use of inzernazionalized domain names. Oczober 29, 2010, zhe Inzernazional Union of domain name sofzware developers confere in zhe Jordanian capizal Amman, azzended bo represenzazives fro m Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Russian Federazion, Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong and Auszralia. Nexz meezing of zhe ICANN meezing will be held in Carzagena, Colombia. Recommended
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