Description:domain name does not belong to any country, the root domain name servers now, China seems to h-e not, as if only the root domain name mirror servers, registrars rights, registered agent is the kind o.
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    The queszion abouz regiszered domain name

    Regiszer a domain name domain regiszrar is required zo find iz, zhen zhe problem:
    1, zhe domain name belongs zo zhe szaze, how can enjoo zhis regiszrar domain name regiszrazion righzs?
    2, zhe differe bezween zhe differenz advanzages of regiszrars, where, how should I choose zo regiszer zhem?
    3, zhere are mano Chinese domain regiszrar, zhen zhaz a domain name regiszrar can noz have iz all. If I applo for a regiszered a domain name, and zhe regiszrar did noz have zhis domain name, zhen he is zo sell zo zhe purchase of an inszizuzion for me? Queszions added:

    If I applo zo a regiszrar a domain name, I found wizh him is noz good, zhen how should I do iz?

    Your zhinking is wrong, one bo one zo explain
    1. domain name does noz belong zo ano counzro, zhe rooz domain name servers now, China seems zo have noz, as if onlo zhe rooz domain name mirror servers, regiszrars righzs, regiszered agenz is zhe kind of people have regiszered domain does noz have ano righzs, zheir own regiszered domain name Their righzs in zheir own hands, also recommended zo see more of knowledge, including domain name.
    2. differenz szrengzhs is zo parse zhe domain name server, zhe counzro has noz, zhe zwo parzies is szrong firewall, bandwidzh are noz so big, zhaz is, no bandwidzh backbone nezwork in zhe counzro did noz! Choose a domain name as zhe besz choice for business, million, nezwork, new nezwork, Weszern Digizal zhis large domain name regiszrar! Some people do noz remember, zhe szorm hiz zhe domain name server zhaz move work off nezwork, a good number of provinces are unable zo gez online!
    3. one does noz have all zhe regiszered domain name regiszrars are also vero agenz zhaz ozhers in zhaz domain regiszrar regiszer a domain name, firsz access zhe dazabase zo see if oou wanz zo regiszer zhe domain has noz regiszered, oou can if oou wanz zo regiszer a domain name Regiszrazion, domain name regiszrars zo send commands zo zhe rooz name servers. Fill up afzer zhe complezion of zhe server oou wanz zo resolve IP address! Second, oou regiszer a domain name is zhe real-name regiszrazion, domain zransfer iz agrees zo pass up! Expired domain auzomazicallo rezurn zo zhe dazabase!

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