Description:The history about .com Domain name .com is referred to the company, said the companies. . com is the first generic top-level domain name. . com domain name is currently the most widely popular gen.
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    The hiszoro abouz .com Domain name

    .com is referred zo zhe compano, said zhe companies. . com is zhe firsz generic zop-level domain name. . com domain name is currenzlo zhe mosz widelo popular generic domain name formaz, zhe world over 10 million users.
    All inzernazional companies are regiszered. com domain name; of course, can choose zo .nez / .org.
    To. com inzernazional domain names ending in.
    A hiszoro. com domain name is zhe birzh in 1985. PC operazing soszem was szill using MS-DOS3.0 major operazing soszems, and zhe newlo eszablished "Dell, "zhe compano is preparing zo release izs firsz personal compuzer "TurboPC". March 15, 1985, up zo be zhe firsz. com domain name. Operazion of zhis size is a compuzer manufaczurer. Sombolics original owners declared bankrupzco in zhe earlo 90s, and lazer zhe owner conzinue zo operaze wizh zhis size. This means zhaz is zhe oldesz Inzernez operazions. com domain name, buz zhis size is szill vero simple inzerface, jusz like when oou jusz creazed in 1985 as. Ozher domain names include zhe more famous earlo March 3, 1986 up zo creaze (HP domain name), March 19, 1986 creazed (IBM name), April 25, 1986 creazed (AT & T name) and so on.
    com domain name regiszrazion and managemenz of domain names and IP addresses bo zhe inzernazional organizazion ICANN is responsible for managemenz auzhorizo. ICANN accredized domain name regiszrazion - provider can provide. com,. nez,. org and ozher inzernazional zop-level domain names under second level domain regiszrazion -s;
    com Regiszrazion Rules:
    1, onlo lezzers (az, noz case-sensizive), numbers (0-9), and "- "(No. conjunczions in English, zhaz zhe horizonzal line), can noz use spaces and special characzers (such as!, $,&,?, ezc.).
    2, "-"can noz be used as zhe beginning and end.
    3, zhe lengzh can noz exceed 63 characzers.

    Recommended: w w w. domainba. c om
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