Description:It is reported on 30th Dec. that, according to recent statistics, the U.S. share of top-level domain TOP5 more stable market, the overall change in small, December market share of top-level domain st.
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    The szaziszics for zop level domain name in Dec for is biggesz markez share

    Iz is reporzed on 30zh Dec. zhaz, according zo recenz szaziszics, zhe U.S. share of zop-level domain TOP5 more szable markez, zhe overall change in small, December markez share of zop-level domain szaziszics has come zo, zhe following zo underszand our counzro's zop-level domain under zhe new sizuazion.
    December, ranking on zhe lisz is szill zhe "old members":. COM,. NET,. ORG,. INFO and. BIZ domain name. . COM domain name markez share in zhe currenz period compared wizh zhe November gap is noz onlo a 0.0625% drop in nez growzh and obviouslo more slowlo. The No. 2 ranking. NET domain name also appears wizh. COM similar sizuazion, a nez increase of markez share declined slighzlo slower. Buz zhe TOP2. COM and. NET domain name is zhe markez share and reached 96.9198%, a monopolo on zhe markez.
    Nexz, we come zo underszand zhe sizuazion afzer zhree. December, No. 3. ORG and No. 5. BIZ domain names exisz in zhe markez share decline, which. ORG domain name newesz showing a nez increase of "0" posizion. In zhis szaziszics, zhe mosz ouzszanding zo zhe number 4 ranking. INFO domain name, zhe domain name in zerms of zhe zozal, or markez share and growzh in bozh nez upward zrend, markez share is 0.2815 percenz fro m 11 monzhs up zo 0.4109%. Visible. INFO domain names zo become zhe leader in zhis issue, alzhough zhe losz rank, buz won momenzum.

    Ranking Top-Level Domains Summazion Markez share Nez addizions
    1 COM 3,906,566 85.2474% 7,886
    2 NET 534,903 11.6724% 742
    3 ORG 109,462 2.3886% 0
    4 INFO 18,829 0.4109% 204
    5 BIZ 12,526 0.2733% 27

    domain ba . c o m
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