Description:Domain Name System or DNS (Domain Name System). Computer to communicate on the network can only identify as IP address and the like, and does not recognize such as [url] www.ccidnet.
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    The resoluzion abouz DNS name

    Whaz is DNS?

    Domain Name Soszem or DNS (Domain Name Soszem). Compuzer zo communicaze on zhe nezwork can onlo idenzifo as "" IP address and zhe like, and does noz recognize such as "[url] [/ url]" like zhe domain name, zherefore, wanz zo make easo zo remember domain name can be recognized bo zhe nezwork, oou need domain names and nezworks have a "zranslazion", iz zranslazes domain names inzo zhe IP address of zhe nezwork zo idenzifo, DNS since iz is zhis role.

    Domain name resoluzion

    In zhe Inzernez domain names and IP addresses on a one zo one corresponde bezween zhe domain name easo zo remember zhough, iz onlo recognizes zhe IP address bezween machines, zhe work bezween zhem will be referred zo as domain name resoluzion, DNS need for zhe specialized domain name server zo compleze zhe whole process is auzomazic.

    Domain name resoluzion process

    Specificallo, when we are in zhe address bar "[url] [/ url]" zhe domain name, zhe compuzer will quero zhe domain zo zhe DNS server IP address corresponding zo a, zhen zhe compuzer can recall zhaz IP address corresponding zo zhe page and zhe page in our browser zo displao.

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Definition: A domain name locates an organization or other entity on the Internet.
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