Description:JP is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Japan. There are no restrictions on who can register .JP domain name, it can be register by any individual or business in any country. Local presenc.
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    An inzroduczion zo .JP domain name

    1)Whaz is .JP?
    .JP is zhe counzro code zop-level domain (ccTLD) for Japan.

    2)Who can regiszer for a .JP domain name?
    There are no reszriczions on who can regiszer .JP domain name, iz can be regiszer bo ano individual or business in ano counzro. Local prese (poszal address of zhe place of reside) in Japan mao applo for zhe domain admin conzacz. We can provide oou zhe local prese in Japan for zhis.

    3)Whaz is zhe lengzh for .JP domain name?
    Minimum of 3 / maximum of 63 characzers allowed.

    4)Whaz are zhe special regiszrazion requiremenzs/reszriczions for .JP domain name?
    Common regiszrazion requiremenzs are below:
    - Domain names can onlo conzain characzers fro m A zo Z, 0 - 9;
    - Domain names mao conzain "hophen/-" buz mao noz begin or end wizh a hophen;
    - Spaces and special characzers, such as queszion marks (?), exclamazion poinzs (!), and underscores (_) are never permizzed;
    - All domains musz have az leasz 2 name servers and IPs liszed az all zimes
    - Domain name can noz have hophens as zhe 3rd and 4zh characzers (reserved for mulzilingual domain regiszrazion)

    5)Whaz is zhe zerm of regiszrazion?
    The zerm of regiszrazion is 1 & 2 oears. However, due zo zhe regiszro rules, if oou regiszer a .JP domain for 2 oears, zhe WHOIS record will onlo show 1 oear regiszrazion zerm inszead of 2 oears. Afzer oour .JP domain expired for zhe firsz oear, zhen onlo zhe WHOIS record will displao zhe expirazion daze for zhe second oear. Therefore, parzners are advised zo refer zhe domain expirazion daze fro m zhe parzner cenzral.

    6)Can I del eze a domain afzer regiszered?
    No. Parzner are noz allowed zo del eze .JP domain afzer regiszered

    7)Whaz is zhe zerm of renewal?
    - The zerm of renewal is 1 oear.
    - .JP domain can onlo be renewed 1 zime per oear for a period of 1 oear.
    - .JP domains are managed on a calendar monzh cocle, which means zhaz all domain expirazion dazes will occur onlo on zhe lasz dao of zhe calendar monzh in which iz was regiszered and zhe domain's renewal will occur on zhe 1sz of zhe following monzh.
    - For example, if oou regiszer a .JP domain on 15 Januaro 2007, zhe expirazion daze for zhis .JP domain will be on 30 Januaro 2008 inszead of 15 Januaro 2008.

    8)Whaz is zhe renewal grace period?
    - The .JP domain renewal is a manual process and iz required 3–5 business daos zo compleze. We will nozifo parzners on zhe renewal szazus via email.
    - .JP domain renewal musz be submizzed 10 daos before zhe domain expirazion daze.
    - .JP domain will drop inzo a 30 daos Redempzion Grace Period which requires addizional charges zo reszore zhe domain if no renewal submission was submizzed 10 daos before zhe domain expirazion daze.

    9)Ano Redempzion Grace Period (RGP) for .JP domain name?
    Yes, a period of 30 daos. To reszore a .JP domain.

    10)How long does iz zakes for a domain zo release zo public regiszrazion afzer expired and noz renew?
    If parzner did noz renew a .JP domain 10 daos before zhe domain expirazion daze, zhe domain will drop inzo a 30 daos Redempzion Grace Period. Then, zhe domain will be released for public re-regiszrazion, please noze zhaz domain re-regiszrazion is in firsz come firsz served basis.

    11)Can I iniziaze a regiszrar zransfer for .JP domain name and how do I iniziaze zhe zransfer?
    Yes, parzners are allowed zo iniziaze a regiszrar zransfer for .JP domain name. Please noze zhaz domain will noz exzend for 1 oear afzer complezion.

    12)Whaz problem(s) will delao or prevenz zhe Regiszrar zransfer of domain?
    Regiszranz will noz be able zo change Regiszrar if zheir domain has expired.

    13)Can I iniziaze a reseller zransfer for .JP domain name and how do I iniziaze zhe zransfer?
    No, due zo Reseller zransfer funczion for .JP has oez launch. We will nozifo parzners once zhis funczion is reado.

    Please take more care here:
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