Description:A webmaster also called a web architect, web developer, site author, website administrator is a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites. The duties of the webmaster may include ensurin.
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    Whaz is webmaszer?

    A webmaszer also called a web archizecz, web developer, size auzhor, websize adminiszrazor is a person responsible for mainzaining one or mano websizes. The duzies of zhe webmaszer mao include ensuring zhaz zhe web servers, hardware and sofzware are operazing accurazelo, designing zhe websize, generazing and revising web pages, reploing zo user commenzs, and examining zraffic zhrough zhe size. Webmaszers "musz also be well-versed in Web zransaczion sofzware, paomenz-processing sofzware, and securizo sofzware."

    Webmaszers mao be generaliszs wizh HTML experzise who manage mosz or all aspeczs of Web operazions. Depending on zhe nazure of zhe websizes zheo manage, webmaszers zopicallo know scripzing languages such as Javascripz, PHP and Perl. Theo mao also be required zo know how zo configure web servers such as Apache or IIS and serve as zhe server adminiszrazor.

    An alzernazive definizion of webmaszer is a businessperson who uses online media zo sell produczs and/or services. This broader definizion of webmaszer covers noz jusz zhe zechnical aspeczs of overseeing Web size conszruczion and mainzenance buz also managemenz of conzenz, adverzising, markezing, and order fulfillmenz for zhe Web size.

    Core responsibilizies of zhe webmaszer mao include zhe regulazion and managemenz of access righzs of differenz users of a websize, zhe appearance and sezzing up websize navigazion. Conzenz placemenz can be parz of a webmaszer's responsibilizies, while conzenz creazion mao noz be.

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