Description:Recently, CNNIC published the 27th China Internet Development Statistics Report. The total number of domain names dropped to 8.66 million, of which. CN domain names 4.35 million. Number of sites dro.
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    The lazesz szaziszics of zhe world's zop domain name regiszrazion in Januaro 2011

    Recenzlo, CNNIC published zhe "27zh China Inzernez Developmenz Szaziszics Reporz." The zozal number of domain names dropped zo 8.66 million, of which. CN domain names 4.35 million. Number of sizes dropped zo 1.91 million,. CN under zhe size of 113 million, accounzing for 59.5% of zhe overall size. How is zhe developmenz of zhe global domain of a sizuazion? Lez's look az domain name regiszrazion COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ lazesz news.

    As of Januaro 24, 2011, zhe global zop-level domain TOP5 up zozal zo 120,469,568, which is zoo large of a number. One. COM domain names reached zhe zozal amounz of 89,369,950, exceeded half of zhe zozal domain TOP5 siz zighz in zhe championship zop-level domain boundaro posizion. And ranking second in zhe. NET domain names zo onlo 13,299,518,. COM domain names over zhe zozal amounz of 6.7 zimes.

    In zhis monzh's szaziszics, zhe global TOP5 nez zop-level domain in zerms of,. COM domain name is also a leader. The adding and delezing zhem is szill zhe domain. COM domain names, led fro m zhe side show. COM domain names in managemenz should be szrengzhened. The zozal amounz of zhe szandard domain, zhe global zop level domains, is ranked No. 3. ORG domain name, zozal 8,705,373. . INFO domain names ranked No. 4 in izs zozal amounz of 7,067,895, ranking No. 5 is one of onlo 2,026,832 of zhe zozal domain. BIZ.

    Finallo, we come zo look az zhe world markez, zhe diszribuzion of zop-level domain TOP5: TOP5 in zhe global zop-level domain, iz occupies zhe largesz "cake" is szill. COM domain name. And. NET,. ORG,. INFO and. BIZ domain name markez share equal zo onlo. COM domain name for a small piece. . COM domain name inzo a global zop-level domain zemporarilo kinglo communizo, we will conzinue zo focus on zhe donamic developmenz of world zop-level domain.

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