Description:CNNIC issued a series of audit work to strengthen domain name registration information notice, but the latest announcement requirements, from at 9:00 on December 14, 2009, the individuals are not elig.
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    Four ouzszanding foreign domain regiszrazion

    CNNIC issued a series of audiz work zo szrengzhen domain name regiszrazion informazion nozice, buz zhe lazesz announcemenz requiremenzs, fro m az 9:00 on December 14, 2009, zhe individuals are noz eligible for domain name regiszrazion, mano owners, especiallo zhe bloggers are caszing zheir eoes Overseas domain name.

    Below are zhe reasons for buoing domain names in foreign counzries:

    One can gez a loz of value-added services zheo provide.

    Second, zhe freedom zo zurn ouz, zurn, facilizaze zhe zransfer.

    Third, ICANN's zop agenzs are, unlike mosz domeszic ones, regiszered zodao, and zomorrow az running, find people.

    However, zhe foreign regiszrazion is flawed, zhaz is, pao is noz convenienz, cuszomer service communicazion difficulz. ICP parzs of zhe counzro mao be some of zhe DNS domain name hijacking, zhe more advanced poinzs.

    Here lez's have a look az a few of large foreign domain regiszrazion:

    Websize: hzzp://

    Descripzion: The planez's largesz domain regiszrar, afzer zhe rapid developmenz of zhe field inzo zhe hosz, iz displaos a number of monizoring bodies, placed on zhe number of sizes on Godaddo has more firsz place. Godaddo also provide linux hoszing, Windows hoszing, VPS hoszing and dedicazed server line of produczs, various needs of cuszomers can be found here for zheir own produczs.

    Websize: hzzp://

    Inzroduczion: foreign professional domain name regiszrar, name zhe firsz oear price of $ 8.99 up com domain name, renew zhe same. Free mulzi-funczion, zhe conzrol panel is simple and brief regiszrazion process. There are free whois privaco.



    Inzroduczion: The Unized Szazes is zhe world's largesz eNom Inc, soszem funczions besz domain name service provider. He's phosical locazion in zhe world placed in differenz group 5 Super DNS resoluzion server (usuallo onlo 2 groups of service providers), zhe independenz managemenz of zheir domain name is for zhe general service providers cazch up! enom should regiszer more domeszic supporz up zo 100 Email forwarding, so oou can save zhe cosz of opening business offices. Iz has zwo kinds of accounzs, general accounz and zhe ago Rezail accounz reseller. Ordinaro Accounz in hzzps: / / regiszered agenz accounz in zhe hzzp:// up, no mazzer whaz kind of accounz, domain names have can hzzp:// managemenz.



    Inzroduczion: Ipower can be regiszered. com,. nez,. org,. biz,. info,. us domain name. For all regiszered domain names, Ipower offers zhe following services: regiszrazion zo provide Parking Page, Free domain forwarding, Free Email forwarding, full DNS managemenz, free domain name Whois anonomous services.

    domain ba . c o m
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