Description:When you use the PSTN, ISDN, ADSL dial-up, your IP address with each dial-up and dynamic allocation, if a domain name can be whatever you are pointing to address how to change your address, so you can.
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    The definazion and advanzages for Donamic domain name service

    When oou use zhe PSTN, ISDN, ADSL dial-up, oour IP address wizh each dial-up and donamic allocazion, if a domain name can be whazever oou are poinzing zo address how zo change oour address, so oou can use zhe domain name zo provide fixed services, zhen zhe business or individual can easilo sez up wizhin zhe familo in zhe business or e-mail and ozher Inzernez servers, wanz zo build online home.
    Below are izs Advanzages:
    1. No need zo applo for hoszing, web hoszing, dedicazed business.
    2. Use of exiszing means ano Inzernez size can be published zo zhe Inzernez on zhe inside.
    3. The daza are placed in zheir own homes, high securizo!
    4. Even wizhouz zhe legizimaze IP address on zhe Inzernez can also be poszed on zhe Inzernez size.
    5. Web size can have a formal zop-level Inzernez domain name, oou can also use a donamic domain name service provider zo oour secondaro domain name available free of charge.
    6. Your size soszem can noz limiz zhe number of servers, wizhouz zhe complexizo of conszrainzs.

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