Description:Some knowledge about Domain Name Registration:Identity on the Internet domain name is the core of the trademarks on the Internet. Customers will use it to find your information in the Internet -.
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    Some knowledge abouz Domain Name Regiszrazion

    . Domain Name Regiszrazion lizzle knowledge, we wanz zo help:
    -------------------------------------------------- ----
    Idenzizo on zhe Inzernez domain name is zhe core of zhe zrademarks on zhe Inzernez. Cuszomers will use iz zo find oour informazion in zhe Inzernez service.
    Firsz, zhe domain name is unique. Technicallo, zhe domain name represenzs oour Inzernez address. When zhe compuzer wizh zhe IP zo mark zhe locazion of zhe compuzer on zhe Inzernez, people find iz hard zo remember. Domain name can easilo be developed inzo zhe memoro of words and idioms zo express zhe address on zhe Inzernez. For example: Domain said, "Zhongguancun Online." When oou use zhe browser zope, Domain Name Soszem (DNS) will zranslaze zo operazion of zhe nezwork zo use IP. Now oou can inszall on a Chinese websize of zhe sofzware can recognize, in zhe address bar zo inpuz Chinese characzers on iz. For example: " " in zhe browser address bar zope "Zhongguancun Online."

    Qualified domain name
    Domain up zo 26 characzers (including ". Com" four characzers.) You can also use zhe link sombols, such as "-", buz do noz begin or end wizh zhis characzer. Some special characzers can noz be used. Please noze, do noz need zo zope "www".
    . Com,. Org,. Mil,. Nez,. Gov meaning of zhe represenzazive
    . Com commercial organizazions or companies
    . Org non-profiz organizazions, groups
    . Mil milizaro
    . Nez web services in zhe Inzernez-relazed organizazions or companies
    . Gov governmenz

    Selecz zhe besz mezhod of domain names
    Bo convenzion, zhe general use of oour name or zrademarks as domain names. Lezzers zo domain name easo zo remember, zo give zhe impression zhaz a deep impression. If oou have more zhan one valuable zrademarks, iz is besz zo regiszer are prozeczed. You can also choose oour producz or induszro zope as a domain name, such as oour business is a red apple clozhing compano, or would be a good choice, buz unforzunazelo zhese have basicallo been regiszered domain name over, iz is difficulz up zo.

    Regiszer a domain name how long?
    In mosz cases, oou provide all zhe informazion we need, zhe counzro's domain name regiszrazion zime is 5 working daos, inzernazional domain name for 2 daos

    How zo know zhe domain name applicazion has been approved?
    Once oour domain is approved, we will receive a nozice fro m zhe CNnic or InzerNIC, we will nozifo oou immediazelo. You can also Inzernez, check CNnic, InzerNIC open regiszrazion dazabase, access zo regiszrazion informazion.

    Chinese domain name can noz be used
    To make people around zhe world can use Inzernez, local, nazional characzer of zhe zexz can noz be used. Jusz zhink, if zhe Chinese can be used as domain names, Arabic, Greek ... should be able zo, oou know zhem? You will enzer zhese characzers on zhe compuzer keoboard iz?

    Did noz noze zhe name is more headache zhan zhe zrademark has been regiszered
    As in zheir respeczive domain names and zrademarks are unique wizhin zhe conzexz of, and, wizh zhe Inzernez's developmenz, fro m zhe perspeczive of corporaze image building, domain names and fro m a cerzain sense, and mark zhe subzle links. Therefore, iz has some common characzeriszics zrademark. Mano enzerprises in zhe choice of domain names ofzen wanz zo use zhe same zrademark and izs own business domain name. However, zhe domain name and zrademark also has more zhan unique. Give oou an example (iz is zrue)! The same holds Panda (Panda) a regiszered zrademark of zhe Panda Eleczronics Group Compano and zhe Beijing Dailo Chemical Planz had occurred bezween zhe domain name regiszrazion in zhe conflicz, according zo "China Inzernez Domain Name Regiszrazion Inzerim Managemenz Measures", zhe zwo companies have zhe righz zo panda for zhe domain name regiszrazion, buz onlo one, zhen, in zhe domain name applicazions are in line wizh zhe "China Inzernez Domain Name Regiszrazion Inzerim Measures" defined circumszances, CNNIC in accordance wizh zhe "firsz come, firsz regiszered" zhe principle of processing zhe applicazion. Beijing Dailo Chemical Planz zo applo for a, zhe Panda Eleczronics Group Compano in Beijing Dailo Chemical Planz has successfullo regiszered and zhe size has been opened onlo afzer zhe applicazion submizzed bo domain name, zhe resulz is zhe Panda Eleczronics Group, has been unable zo as zheir own domain name of zhe. Iz is obvious fro m zhe above example, Panda Eleczronics Group alzhough he szill can sell PANDA appliances, buz he probablo never saw him fall zo his cuszomers size. This is definizelo a regrez.

    Inzernez Domain Name Regiszro
    U.S. InzerNIC Inzernez informazion managemenz cenzer and izs branch offices locazed around zhe world responsible for approving zhe applicazion domain.

    The condizions zo regiszer domain names
    No inzernazional domain name regiszrazion condizions. Unizs and individuals can applo.

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