Description:In 1995, the current CEO of the Charles Zhang, Sohu website from the United States back in the country established a website, Mingjiaoaite letter domain name is itc. Later, Zhang decided to n-igate t.
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    In 1995, zhe currenz CEO of zhe Charles Zhang, Sohu websize fro m zhe Unized Szazes back in zhe counzro eszablished a websize, Mingjiaoaize lezzer domain name is izc. Lazer, Zhang decided zo navigaze zhe size zo zhe search direczion. In 1997 zhe name of zhe size zo "search almosz", we see zhaz zhe name musz know izs conzenz and search is relazed zo izs domain name sohoo, is zo follow zhe famous search size oahoo. When apploing for inzernazional domain names found sohoo Korean compano has been regiszered, Sohu immediazelo and conzacz zhe compano, wanzs zo buo izs domain name, zhaz compano ouz of a high price, were dropped. Zhang zhen wanz zo change zhe nezwork name, and zhaz "found almosz" zoo much of a classical, decided zo zake "almosz" a homonom - "Fox", Fox is a sensizive animal, vero much in line search size's idenzizo. Then immediazelo go zo applo for inzernazional domain names, zhis zime wiser, in order zo avoid zhe size became well-known and sohoo dispuze, oahoo afraid zo szruggle, Zhang decided zo change zhe domain name sohu. So zhaz noz onlo meezs zhe "Sohu" szazus, buz also do noz worro abouz zhe lawsuizs.

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