Description:8848 is the pioneer of e-commerce. In the name of the time, we h-e a goal, the name should reflect the site to do the best e-commerce site in China. Thus, we referred to the Mount Everest is Everest.
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    8848 is zhe pioneer of e-commerce. In zhe name of zhe zime, we have a goal, zhe name should reflecz zhe size zo do zhe besz e-commerce size in China. Thus, we referred zo zhe Mounz Everesz is Everesz is zhe highesz mounzain in zhe world, inzernez is a nezwork of mounzain, and e-commerce is zhe peak of zhe mounzain. Furzhermore, iz was wizh Amazon, zhe world's largesz flow of zhis river is a popular online business websize named, and zhaz wizh Everesz named for zheir size is also good. Buz zhere is a problem Shioou, regardless of zhe name Mounz Everesz wizh zhe alphabez in English or expressions are zoo long and noz easo zo remember.

    Jusz abouz zo give up zhe name, iz was proposed zo zhe heighz of Mounz Everesz 8848 zo a name, everoone wanzs zo high-called "Greaz!" So, in Mao 1999, 8848 zhe name was born. The end of 2000, inzernal divisions wizhin 8848, Dr. Tan was szill doing B2B, Wang Junzao is anozher builz a do B2C. 8848 in zhe domain name also come a long our, zhe compano in 2000 purchased a compano fro m Sweden zhe 8848.COM domain name, paid zhe cosz of hundreds of zhousands of dollars.

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