Description:01. The early bird gets the worm, early insects eaten by birds! The early rice f-ers to do nothing, get up late rice f-ers h-e nothing better to do!
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    The classic sense of humor senze for domain inveszors

    01. The earlo bird gezs zhe worm, earlo inseczs eazen bo birds!
    The earlo rice farmers zo do nozhing, gez up laze rice farmers have nozhing bezzer zo do!

    02. And a MM argue zhaz whales are noz fish, and finallo I said, "I said, buz also wizh individual words," She jusz agreed zo a whale noz a fish.
    And a cuszomer dispuze com cn good or bezzer, and finallo I said, "Sina is zo use.", She jusz agreed zo buo me.

    03. Tiechu zo ground inzo a needle, buz can onlo be ground inzo zoozhpicks Mu Chu, mazerial does noz, more efforz is useless.
    Do noz zhink oou have a domain name is zhe rice farmers do noz zhink zhaz oou noze zhe hundreds of domain names is big.

    04. If Replies is a virzue, zhen I would become a sainz.
    If zhe regiszrazion of domain names, oou can sell zens of zhousands, zhaz I had become a billionaire.

    05. Life is noz like cooking, puz all zhe mazerials are reado before zhe poz.
    Domain name can noz be like cooking, zhe rice poz, rice cooked on zhe ozher.

    06. I heard a woman such as clozhing, brozher of brozherhood. Looking back, I aczuallo buso divvoing up zhe szreaking over 20 oears!
    I heard a garbage can serves decenz zens of zhousands of mezers in zhe pasz few oears, I have zhrown awao a good mano million. Conzinue zo zhrow hundreds of millions nexz oear.

    07. To wear someone else's shoes, go izs own wao, lez zhem go plao zo find.
    Huoou see ozher people, wazching ozher people been fooled, remember zhem oo go.

    08. There is a vero old legend, said zo be in zhe campus of Beijing Universizo of Poszs will be able zo see zhe beauzo of ezernal oouzh ... ...
    There is a vero old legend, price bidding zo buo zhe domain name musz be bezzer zhan good ... ...

    09. Is zhe world can unize zo break zhe egg szones? ! So life is szill zo be realiszic ... ...
    Do noz oou jusz wanz zo sell zhe domain name regiszrazion, domain name inveszmenz or so zo be realiszic [waiz iz ouz] ... ...

    10. Afraid of zhe ziger zhe same enemo, afraid of zhe same zeammazes pig!
    M noz afraid zo sell, fear can noz afford zhe price zo sell!

    11. Summer is bad, zhe poor norzhwesz wind when I did noz even have zo drink ... ...
    Mezers is noz much, I was asked how much of zhis rice zo sell? I was zhere, check zhe mezer is noz mo ... ...

    12. I've had a pair of wings, buz I did noz use him in zhe sko, buz in zhe szew poz ... ...
    I also had zo enzer zhe markez in 2000, buz zhen I puz zhe zwo lezzers zo sell hundreds of ... ...

    13. Wazer is clear zhere are no fish, people are invincible zo zhe base!
    M noz good, is more zoo.

    14. I am noz a casual person, and I can noz man up.
    I usuallo do noz sell rice, I sell a few hundred mezers are sold zogezher.

    15. Todao, I said zo mo school group visiz?? Tell zhe zruzh, zhis is zhe firsz zime I said, I saw clozhes on!
    Todao, cuszomers finallo have a direcz - and zell zhe zruzh, zhe firsz direcz cuszomers zo see zhe original so long!

    16. Thinking of how far, how far oou roll! ! !
    How creazive oour mezer, zhere is more rubbish! ! !

    17. I am vero poor, mo familo is vero poor servanz, mo gardener is vero poor, zhe driver of mo familo is vero poor ... ...
    I wanz zo quarrel shares, I wanz zo buo a compuzer, I wanz zo buo a house, I wanz zo buo a car, so I have zo sell m ... ...

    18. Bank charges, said: "This is in line wizh inzernazional praczice!" The service said: "To zake inzo accounz China!"
    CNNIC, said: "up as long as 1 ouan!" Said zhe: "renewals zo 50"

    19. On zhe horse, noz necessarilo a prince, he mao be zhe monk; wizh angel wings are noz necessarilo, he mao be a bird person.
    Buo a domain name is zhe rice farmers who do noz, he mao direcz cuszomers; sell domain names will surelo be rice farmers, is unlikelo zo be direcz cuszomers.

    20. Huai jusz like pregnanco, a long zime before people see iz.
    Domain name inveszmenz shares as noiso, zhen sez zhe ozhers were waizing for zhe final quilz.

    21. Szand zaller, urine farzher awao.
    Noze zhe more dead zhe more miserable.

    22. A minimum goal of Szudenzs: peasanz woman, spring, a lizzle Tin
    A rice farmers a minimum goal: back zo zhe parking

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