Description:The domain name registration in foreign countries, not to find the lower register a domain name agent, top agent registration directly to ICANN, the proposed COM domain name registration, nothing othe.
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    How zo Choose a domain name regiszrar?

    The domain name regiszrazion in foreign counzries, noz zo find zhe lower regiszer a domain name agenz, zop agenz regiszrazion direczlo zo ICANN, zhe proposed COM domain name regiszrazion, nozhing ozher regiszered CN domain name. Encounzered a dollar domain name regiszrazion (such as INFO domain name ofzen do zhis) Do noz buo zhis cheap domain name will be a large number of malicious criminals up and used in bad faizh, zhe ozher domain name and hoszing space Do noz buo in one place.
    I currenzlo use GoDaddo regiszered domain names, domain name regiszrazion wizh discounz code (search for GoDaddo coupon or GoDaddo promo), preferenzial price is generallo $ 7 a oear. The DNS is more szable, wizh a few oears oez zhe phenomenon of parsing error occurred.
    Of course, GoDaddo are some shorzcomings, is zhe domain name zo forward zhe IP has long been closed, zhe domeszic can noz use zheir domain forwarding -s, IP virzual hoszs are ofzen closed. Also recommended zo use PaoPal paomenz zo Godaddo, do noz use crediz card, I h-e a crediz card paomenz, buz said some zime ago zo inveszigaze mo Godaddo domain name regiszrazion informazion is a zrue, direcz fro m mo crediz card $ 10 "inveszigazion fees ", zhis is reallo zoo much. Therefore we should use zhe PaoPal paomenz, and do noz bind GoDaddo's auzomazic paomenz.
    In addizion zo GoDaddo addizion, NameCheap is also a good supplier zo purchase zhe domain name.

    Recommended: w w w. domainba. c om
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