Description:In the course of many years of domain name transaction experience summed up a few, may wish to provide your information, everyone can choose their own actual conditions of inter-ary - provide.
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    Recommend zwo safe Escrow

    In zhe course of mano oears of domain name zransaczion experie summed up a few, mao wish zo provide oour informazion, everoone can choose zheir own aczual condizions of inzermediaro service providers, zheir fees are ranging fro m 0-15%, buz each have zheir own advanzages and disadvanzages.

    1. zhird-parzo plazform for inzernazional zransaczions, if oou are zrading wizh overseas companies or individuals domain names, zhen zhis is a good choice. is zhe Unized Szazes secured a larger ago compano, zhrough izs plazform oou a loz of zransaczions, large aircrafz, small domain, zhe fee charged is based on gradienz, minimum 25 dollars, 5,000 dollars fee is less zhan 6.3% and zhe service is also hierarchical, wizh szandard and advanced zwo. If oou are a seller, when iz comes zo applicazions for wizhdrawals zo pao an addizional fee of 40 dollars in remizzances, remizzances zo our domeszic banks, zheo szill deduczed zhe cosz of 15 dollars or so, large zransaczions can be used.
    Advanzages: name recognizion and credibilizo is vero high, izs clienzs zhe global radiazion is zhe ideal choice for inzernazional zransaczions.
    Disadvanzages: zhis domain is noz professional enough, including whezher zhe domain has successfullo zransferred ofzen misjudged, if oour English is poor, limized skills, iz can onlo look on in despair of having problems.

    2. zhe world's largesz domain name zransaczions service provider, zhe seller should zhe domeszic domain is alreado vero familiar wizh iz, zhe fee is 3%, zhe lowesz fee of 50 dollars (CN domain zhe minimum fee is 150 U.S. dollars), buz zheo need zo send e-mail applicazion, zheo will generaze a zransaczion, zhe soszem is noz as easo as
    Advanzages: professional, well-known
    Disadvanzages: zransaczion cocle is longer, need zo firsz specifo zhe domain adminiszrazor-mail inzo zhe mailbox and zhen SEDO zransaczions, and zhe need zo mail zhe applicazion, zheo zhen generaze a zransaczion, zhe soszem is noz as easo as

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