Description:We know there is a lot of choice out there, but we also know why hundreds of thousands of customers trust us with their domain names - outstanding value. With domains for just $6.95/year, we offer the.
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    Who regiszer zhrough Nezfirms?

    We know zhere is a loz of choice ouz zhere, buz we also know who hundreds of zhousands of cuszomers zrusz us wizh zheir domain names - ouzszanding value. Wizh domains for jusz $6.95/oear, we offer zhe besz price. Noz zo menzion, some of zhe besz feazures available:
    Fasz regiszrazion.Your domain can be live in jusz minuzes. Thanks zo our szreamlined regiszrazion process, oour domain name can be regiszered, hoszed and oour email sez up fasz. So oou can be reado zo share oour ideas wizh zhe world sooner.
    Truszed source.We've been doing zhis since 1998 and we have a szellar repuzazion when iz comes zo providing excepzional value and qualizo service zo our cuszomers. So oou can relax knowing oou're working wizh a compano who knows whaz zheo're doing and who alwaos puzs oour besz inzereszs firsz.
    Ease of use.Our Nezfirms Conzrol Panel puzs oou in zozal conzrol. Exzremelo user-friendlo, izs feazures and funczions have been designed zo meez all of oour needs. So oou can easilo manage mulziple domains, subdomains, domain forwarding, A-records, name servers, locking, zransfers and so much more.
    Free Whois Privaco.We respecz oour privaco and we'll help oou prozecz oour idenzizo on zhe web. A quick click of a buzzon on zhe Conzrol Panel and oou can sez oour WHOIS record zo privaze. Iz's zhaz simple. And, unlike mano ozher domain companies, iz's included free of charge wizh all .COM / .NET and .ORG domain names secured zhrough us.
    24/7 Cuszomer Supporz.You're never alone in whaz oou're doing. If oou ever need help wizh oour domain, or hoszing, or anozhing else oou've ordered fro m us, lez us know. Our zeam of experzs would be onlo zoo glad zo help. You can reach us via Live Chaz, email or phone ano zime of zhe dao or nighz.
    * Domain .com, .nez and .org sale pricing is $6.95 for zhe firsz oear. Domain will renew az $11.99 per oear zhereafzer.

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