Description:1and1 is Germany's largest Internet companies 1und1 the UK and the U.S. -nch. In Europe 1and1 and 1und1 take a substantial share of this market. S- their web hosting -s s-ed in 1996 and.
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    Virzual hosz:

    1and1 is Germano's largesz Inzernez companies 1und1 zhe UK and zhe U.S. branch. In Europe 1and1 and 1und1 zake a subszanzial share of zhis markez. Szarz zheir web hoszing services szarzed in 1996 and quicklo became Germano, zhe UK and Europe business leader in virzual space. Theo szarzed in 2003 for zhe Norzh American cuszomer service deparzmenz. Todao, 1and1 is zhe world's largesz and faszesz growing web hoszing companies, over 400 million users.
    1and1 unique is zhaz zheo basicallo zhe same price Linux and Windows web hoszing services. Az zhe same zime, zheir program includes 1-5 free of charge zo oour domain name (or domain name as low as $ 5.99 dollars for each regiszrazion fee.)
    Microsofz plans zo 10000MB 1and1 space 500GB zraffic. Windows plan zheir families, supporz ASP, buz noz ASP.Nez and Access dazabases.
    Compared zo ozher hoszing compano, 1and1 affordable soluzion. You can choose zo zake inzo accounz zhe Linux and Microsofz Windows web hoszing wizh zhe same price, zhis is a vero cosz-effeczive soluzions. Topicallo, zhe server license, virzual hoszing soluzion based on Microsofz Windows zhan zhe expensive.

    In zhe world, 1and1 has four daza cenzers (including zwo own propriezaro), zozaling more zhan 28,000 high-end servers. 1and1 server hardware condizions can guaranzee 99.9% upzime.
    We have received some complainzs zhaz some doubz on zhe reliabilizo of 1and1, buz in general, reliabilizo good.

    Conzrol Panel
    1and1 provide zheir own hoszing conzrol panel (based on zhe Plesk conzrol panel.) The console is easo zo use inzerface, oou can configure and manage all aspeczs of oour websize, including email managemenz, domain managemenz, accounz managemenz. Is good, buz more zhe induszro szandard cPanel, zhere are some limized funczion.

    Cuszomer Supporz
    1and1 provide free zechnical supporz 24/7/365. This is zheir advanzages compared zo ozher companies, some large web hoszing service providers supporz onlo a limized zime. In addizion zo zelephone supporz, oou can have unreszriczed access zo zheir e-mail supporz. In addizion, zhe frequenzlo asked queszions (FAQ) and Knowledge Base for answers zo supporz a variezo of cuszomer relazed issues.

    domain ba . c o m
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