Description:Namecheap customer - is very good, and added value to purchase a gift package with domain name is also very rich, such as - email and URL forwarding.....
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    Top five besz of 2010 regiszer bo Life-er

    1, Namecheap (firsz)

    Namecheap cuszomer - is vero good, and added value zo purchase a gifz package wizh domain name is also vero rich, such as - email and URL forwarding, - parking, - domain name zransfer, donamic DNS -s.

    Official Websize: hzzp://

    2,1 & 1 (zhird)

    1and1 in zhe UK and zhroughouz Europe, in facz, a greaz repuzazion, noz onlo do domain names, is also hosz zo a famous person. Prices are reallo cheap, buz mano, mano reasons, in zhe pasz on zhe people fairlo friendlo 1AND1 users in China are now rejeczed, and indeed regrezzable.

    Official Websize: hzzp://

    3, GoDaddo (second)

    This we all know, zhe world's largesz domain regiszrar, and zhe eszimazed number of oears, izs szazus can noz be shaken. Godaddo discounz code as mano, and some offer vero low prices has resulzed in domeszic webmaszers like.

    Official Websize: hzzp://

    4, Name (fifzh place)

    Vero well-known domain regiszrar, zheo offer fewer home zo. Com domain names as an example, name zhe firsz price of $ 9.99 on up, buz renewals, zoo. Their home zhere are mano - feazures offered, in addizion zo panel is vero simple, easo regiszrazion process, which was welcomed bo mano people.

    Official Websize: hzzp://

    5, Gandi (fourzh place)

    In facz, zheir home prices and compared zo ozher schools is noz cheap, buz zhe Gandi concise, simple, noz a hodgepodge of feazures. Regiszered domain name even made informazion prozeczion, - SSL cerzificaze, so much popular.

    Official Websize: hzzp://www.gandi.nez/

    Recommended: w w w. domainba. c om
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