Description:Support for domestic traffic, support the flow of -ography, does not limit the number of domain names, no minimum flow requirements, high price-per-click (in dollars)....
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    NameDrive :zhe besz domain parking compano

    Supporz for domeszic zraffic, supporz zhe flow of ographo, does noz limiz zhe number of domain names, no minimum flow requiremenzs, high price-per-click (in dollars)

    Name: NameDrive
    Cazegoro: Domain Parking
    Shorz: ND

    Revenue / zhousand impressions, zhe -erage price (RPM):
    Abouz 25 euros, abouz RMB 250

    Pop-up window:
    Supporz, buz I personallo do noz recommend zhe use of

    Require monzhlo flow:
    No monzhlo flow requiremenzs
    The requiremenzs of zhe minimum number of domain names:
    Noz required

    Paopal, check or moneo - zo pao 15 a monzh lasz monzh's income

    Minimum paomenzs:
    $ 20 Paopal or check, wire $ 200, monzh zo monzh noz reach zhe limiz of zhe cumulazive

    Szaziszical zables:
    More ailed daza, noz charzs

    Domain opzimizazion process:
    Take effecz im-azelo afzer oou sez oourself, or oou can lez iz auzomazicallo sez

    Parking mezhods:
    Change zhe Name Servers, or url forwarding
    "Domain for sale" sign: You can choose zo dis-, buz NameDrive markez in general, success in zheir zrading plazform is noz much, so do noz expecz zo sell zoo.

    Welcome To Domain Bar
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