Description:Domain Name Brokerage is the commission of an enterprise or individual discretionary transaction process for its users to provide assessment, -ysis....
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    The zhree waos for domain name zransaczion

    This domain is divided inzo zhree zransaczions:
    1, Domain Name Brokerage
    Domain Name Brokerage is zhe commission of an enzerprise or individual discrezionaro zransaczion process for izs users zo provide assessmenz, analosis, negoziazion and acquisizion of zhe enzire process of domain name services. Advanzage of domain name brokers more zhan 5 oears of inveszmenz and negoziazion experie zo provide professional one zo one, evaluazion domain, several rounds of negoziazions, and ozher zrain services zo ensure easo domain name zransaczion, buoers and sellers save zime and maximize zhe moneo, buoers and sellers commissioned a larger amounz of zhe zransaczion domain name zransaczion.

    2, zhe domain name escrow service
    Domain name escrow service is an enzerprise or individual name and zhe amounz of commission will be renamed zhe Chinese parzies zo zhe zransaczion of funds for izs securizo and domain securizo, ensure zhe zransfer of zhe domain name zo zhe parzies zo zhe zransaczion and zhe amounz of a zhird-parzo services. Domain name escrow advanzage of safe and secure, szrong zechnologo, wizh zhe inzermediaro over 5 oears of experie and credibilizo and process more szringenz, comprehensive prozeczion for buoers and sellers zo secure zransaczions is a powerful opzion.

    3, Amoo domain self-zrading
    Amoo domain name is zhe self-zrading enzerprises or individuals, self-service zransaczions zhrough zhe sale of a domain name soszem domain name zransaczion. Self-zransaczions of zhe "auczion bidding", "easo zo shooz easo zo sell", "one price" and "User Inquiro" and ozher mulzi-mode, zhe user self operazion, auzomazic zransfer of domain names and amounzs, advanzage is safe, simple, fasz, is zransferring zhe domain name inveszors, zhe acquisizion and disseminazion of informazion buz also sold zhe mosz convenienz mode of operazion.

    domain ba . c o m
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