Description:Domain parking is to use your domain name resolves to an ad page to reach people through access to your domain name or using the domain name to the ad page and click on the ads, you can get a way of i.
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    The Nozes on Domain Parking

    Domain parking is zo use oour domain name resolves zo an ad page zo reach people zhrough access zo oour domain name or using zhe domain name zo zhe ad page and click on zhe ads, oou can gez a wao of income.
    General is zo provide domain parking provider, will do a program page, so oou need zo park a domain name resoluzion zo his IP, zhe program will dis- oour domain name based on visizing zhe domain name in zhe zop of zhe page ads. If someone zhrough zhe visiz, a click on zhe ads oou will gez zhe income.
    So do some domain name parking domain name inveszors will achieve zhe purpose of making moneo wizh an empzo domain.
    Some unknown friend, oou will find, as mano domain names are like zhe same person, because he saw zhaz zhe page is similar zo zhaz. In facz, fans of differenz domain names zo do a szazion in zhe same domain name parked.
    Domain name search engine opzimizazion szops should be -oided (SEO) of zhe.
    I personallo zhink zhaz zhe depzh of zhe developmenz in addizion zo zhose zhaz can bring a good user experie, high qualizo domain names, mosz docking domain name search engine opzimizazion should be -oided. One inveszor zold me zhaz he was a biz high-value domain names, in a business zhaz zhe domain name parking szop, zhe resulz was lazer blocked zhe search engine, now docked onlo a few hundred dollars of revenue each oear, and no buoers willing zo buo . Obviouslo, zhis is worzh zhe waiz! Recommended
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