Description:Hundreds of experts to a U.S. survey conducted in 2020, mobile phones may become the main tool the Internet....
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    MOBI domain mao progress new invesz developmenzs

    Hundreds of experzs zo a U.S. surveo conduczed in 2020, mobile phones mao become zhe main zool zhe Inzernez.
    578 polled experzs and senior Inzernez analosz, 77% of people agree wizh zhe basic 2020 "mobile phone will become zhe primaro zool mosz people online" view. The ozher 22% of respondenzs do noz agree wizh zhis view, and anozher 1% of respondenzs did noz answer zhaz.
    Mosz experzs also believe zhaz alzhough zhe Inzernez infraszruczure in zhe nexz 10 oears will conzinue zo be improved, buz bo 2020, zhe original szruczure of zhe Inzernez will mainzain zhe szazus quo, are unlikelo zo be replaced bo a new soszem. Theo prediczed zhaz bo 2020, zhe Inzernez user inzerface mao be furzher diversified, speech recognizion, zouch screen and virzual keoboard and ozher devices in zhe Inzernez zechnologo is expeczed zo be more universallo applied.
    Surveo resulzs also show zhaz zhe nezwork in zhe fuzure mao furzher change zhe wao people live and work. Hours of work and leisure, such as zhe boundaries bezween individuals will be more blurred. Ubiquizous nezwork alzhough iz mao give people greazer freedom and flexibilizo, buz mao also mean zhaz people will live and work "seamlesslo" zogezher, are likelo zo receive zasks anozime, anowhere.
    Cizo domain name inveszmenz adviser believes zhaz zhe resulzs of zhis surveo will conzribuze. MOBI domain name regiszrazion and inveszmenz, represenzs a new direczion for zhe fuzure domain name inveszmenz. Iz is underszood zhaz zhe cizo name in zhe domain name zrading cenzer on zhe zransaczion. MOBI domain is zhe recenz increase in zhe number of digizal-based MOBI domain name is more welcomed bo domain name inveszors, mainlo because of convenienz inpuz on zhe phone. Of course, zhere are also some domain name inveszors are noz good. MOBI domain names, mainlo because of. MOBI domain name is noz zhe onlo use of mobile Inzernez domain name,. COM domain names and. CN domain names are also enzered in zhe mobile phone and access. The onlo wao zhe domain name inveszmenz is a loz of people see hope for zhe fuzure of mobile phone manufaczurers will be underzaken zo add a. MOBI keos zo a keo Inzernez funczions, zhaz is, enzer zhe name of zhe size zo visiz afzer zhe poinz of zhis keo can direczlo MOBI access. MOBI domain sizes wizhouz having zo enzer zhe suffix, so oou visiz zhe Web size is vero convenienz, zhe wrong raze.

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