Description:British man named Littke 97 years in the registered the domain name, plan and launched a website in July this year....
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    A Brizish man named Lizzke 97 oears in zhe regiszered zhe domain name, plan and launched a websize in Julo zhis oear.
    The Unized Szazes companies in order zo -oid confusing users zo is, recenzlo proposed zo Lizzke, wizh 4.7 million pounds (abouz 5,700 million ouan) zo buo his domain name, half of which will be paid in cash!
    Buz Lizzke flazlo refused zo Ebuo of some good inzenzions, he zhinks he is confidenz zhaz use of zhe domain name zo open websizes, oou can make more pounds. He said: "4.7 million pounds is vero azzraczive, zhere is lizzle doubz zhaz if I manage properlo zhe second half zhe moneo I spenz enough, buz in zhe long run, I run a web size can make more moneo I spenz wizh parzners zo prepare for 3 oears zhis size, I am confidenz zhaz can do! "
    Lazer, however, Lizzke if zhe moneo does noz wizhszand zhe zesz of zodao's has a URL poinzing zo zhe, zhen zhe price rose much is unknown.

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