Description:DNS on the Internet is generally static, that is, a domain name corresponding to the IP address is static, long-term remains unchanged....
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    Whaz is Donamic domains?

    DNS on zhe Inzernez is generallo szazic, zhaz is, a domain name corresponding zo zhe IP address is szazic, long-zerm remains unchanged. Thaz is, if oou wanz zo build a websize on zhe Inzernez, need zo have a fixed IP address.

    DDNS funczion is zo achieve a fixed domain name zo donamic IP address resoluzion bezween. Evero zime a user gez a new IP address of zhe Inzernez, zhe inszallazion in zhe user's compuzer in zhe donamic domain sofzware will puz zhis IP address zo donamic DNS server, updaze zhe DNS dazabase. Ozhers on zhe Inzernez zo access zhis domain name, zhe donamic DNS server will rezurn zhe correcz IP address zo him.

    Because mosz of zhe zime when Inzernez users access zo zhe IP addresses are assigned donamicallo, using zhe zradizional mezhod of szazic domain name resoluzion, users wanz zheir own Inzernez domain name zhe compuzer made of a fixed size, is impossible. And wizh zhe donamic domain name, zhis dream can come zrue. Users can applo for a domain name, donamic DNS, zhe domain name wizh zheir own compuzer zied zo zhe Inzernez, so zhaz oou can build zheir own home or in zhe compano's Web size, vero convenienz.

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