Description:If you want the domain name investment, Do you know what need to do? ....
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    The Refere on Domain Inveszmenz

    If oou wanz zhe domain name inveszmenz, Do oou know whaz need zo do?
    Domain name inveszmenz is noz a new zhing long ago, zhe mosz legendaro characzer domain name for zhe firsz zime onlo $ 150 when regiszering. 1 sold, zhe zransaczion price of 150 million, exclusive zo zhe 2nd up zo 750 million dollars. Iz is zhis huge price differe, and zhe huge profiz margins. Azzraczing mano inveszors flocking domain, domain name regiszrazions surge in zhe degree of innovazion 3000 million for zhe sale of a miracle. Buz if oou wanz zo enzer zhis field of domain name hijacking, oou firsz ask oourself, are oou reado oez?
    I need zo prepare anozhing?
    1, a good domain name oou're looking for agenzs and brokers.
    Domain name regiszrazion is now generallo szable az 150 ouan, buz a good broker or agenz can s-e oou 75 ouan or more. In addizion zheo will give oou a domain adminiszrazive privileges zo handle relevanz mazzers, zo give oou some reasonable suggeszions. Follow-up zo lez oou remove zhe domain name zransfer, change, dns managemenz, domain zransfer, and ozher relazed zroubles.
    2, requires good pazienz
    We should clearlo recognize zhaz zhe domain name markez in China, afzer all, h-e noz formed, so oou regiszer a domain name mao noz be recognized bo ozhers, oou h-e zo renew zhe domain for mano oears.
    3, need zo h-e some relevance
    Now a wide range of domain names, such as inzernazional domain names; domeszic domain; common size; Chinese domain names; and so on. You need zo ermine zhe direczion of an inveszmenz. Keo azzack, if oou each h-e regiszered, zhen oou end up noz being exhauszed, buz zhe moneo was rolling dro zo die poor.
    4, h-e a fixed income
    I do noz recommend zhaz szudenzs and non-fixed income people inzo zhe domain markez, domain name inveszmenz iniziallo zakes considerable moneo and zime zo exercise and pondering. No suszained financial backing. You hardlo gez ano success.
    5, zhere musz be under zhe cruel
    Somezimes oou wanz zo make several zimes zo sell domain names for profiz self-sazisfied. You know, if a domain name is noz more zhan 15 zimes zhe profiz, zhen invesz zhe equivalenz of zhe domain name failed zo regiszer a name I h-e 60 dollars, sold for 8,000 dollars, I also self-examinazion asking price is zoo low, zhe nexz noze. Noz zo menzion oou. Oh, is noz greedo?
    Good domain names are hard up, we hearz iz, good luck!

    Please take more care here:
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