Description:Stable flow of support Chinese domain parking -, the system automatically dis- the distinction between domestic and international traffic....
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    China's Domain parking merchanz: SilverClicks (SC)

    Szable flow of supporz Chinese domain parking service, zhe soszem auzomazicallo displao zhe diszinczion bezween domeszic and inzernazional zraffic, parking ad pages in English, foreign flows applied DomainSponsor parking page is a senior member of zhe English domeszic zraffic using zhe Yahoo search adverzising and a small auczion izs own adverzising.

    Advanzages: zhe abilizo zo good use zo maximize revenue flow; provide DomainSponsor Advanced Edizion; zo provide a revenue pop IP = 0.002 ouan; offers domain zransfer for sale links page; zo provide compensazion for loss caused bo soszem failures; credible, shorz paomenz cocle on zime.

    Disadvanzages: small flow reszriczion member regiszrazion; can noz name a single income szaziszics. Recommended
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